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  • My Familiar
    154 26 10

    My name is Dannica Hernandez, an ordinary girl who loves to read books and have an ordinary life. While in the class reading a book, I've stumbled upon the word 'Familiar' at first I thought it was absurd until... He came and I thought that the 'Familiar' thingy... Is true...after all.

  • Celestial Academy: Silver Eyed
    1.6M 45.6K 51

    Athena Godwin is the daughter of two prominent Mage. Her mother was a Deity--- a title bestowed upon the selected 12 strongest mage in their time. Her father was also a renowned mage for displaying skills and talent incomparable to many, at a young age. Thus, he was branded a prodigy. However, those titles never reall...

  • Crewd Academy: Malediction of Prophecy
    6.8M 177K 56

    BOOK 1 OF CREWD ACADEMY DUOLOGY ♔Wattys 2016 Winner: Writer's Debut.♔ Her name is Selendria. She's very kind and innocent. Her life was simple but it changed when she found out the truth about her self. Because of her mother, she was forced to move to another school named Crewd Academy, along with her friends. "Crewd...

  • Elixion Maige Academy #Wattys2015 (Re-edit)
    394K 8.5K 38

    Isang paaralang naiiba sa lahat..... Isang paaralang hindi normal kundi extraordinary ang mga estudyante... Isang pagkatao ang maaring mabunyag.. isasakripisyo ang sariling buhay para sa kaligtasan ng nakararami... Ipaparamdam na hindi ka nagiisa.. Handa kana bang sumama o sumali??? Elixion Miage Aca...

  • Euthanasia [COMPLETED]
    25.1K 1K 35

    [HR: #8 in medical ✨] This story is about the man who dies repeatedly. Having a deal with the devil is bad. Having a deal with your doctor is worse. Why? Because one damn word can change the whole game. Euthanasia. A story by Royalty # 1 (unedited)

  • Himitsu Academy
    4.6M 117K 78

    Have you ever heard about Himitsu Academy before? Of course you haven't heard it yet, unless you are one of the Mitsus and one of the inheritors of its secrets. In the academy that full of secrets and mystery. In the academy that normal people are not allowed. How can you escape your fate, if you are destined to be on...

  • I am the Lost Princess
    1M 29.3K 51

    BOOK 1 Kinilala kong kaibigan ay mabuti, Pagkakaibigan ay susubukin, May tunay at nagtraydor para mailigtas ang minamahal Pero sa pagdating ng araw Mangyayari ang mangyayari Kung kailan ako'y nagmahal Doon pa nalalapit ang aking katapusan... Sa huli'y hindi aakalaing himala'y lalapit.. kaya't sana inyong subaybayan it...

  • Lost Academy
    11.5M 288K 116

    Exle Asper Rij is a 17-year old straight A student in her high school. Her grades and attitude towards studying allowed her to be accepted in an international school for her Senior High. Having the acceptance letter at hand, she plotted her dreams in the future. However, things changed when the supposed international...

  • Luminous Academy: The Intellectual
    3.4M 115K 80

    Lucy Cardova's not an ordinary girl, that's what she thought she was. With her knowledge and intellect, neither did she knew she's beyond that. One incident changed her life and brought her to the other side of the world. The world of magic and deep wisdom. Traditional and is sophisticated. The world of Immortals and...

  • Mage Academy
    2.2M 50.8K 57

    [COMPLETED] Mage /māj/ A skilled magic user who, unlike wizards and sorcerors, needs no staff as an outlet of his magic, but instead uses his hands. Highest rank achieved : Rank 1 in Fantasy

  • Magthonous Academy : The Enchanters Academy
    734K 14.2K 53

    Does magic really exists? Yes. No or Maybe. No one knows not until Celestia Morgan accidentally saw a man manipulating rocks. Fantastic isn't it? She's left with no choice but to go with that strange creature. "Enter our world or die." She chooses the inaugural. But then is it really worth taking the risks if entering...

  • Oh My Ice Goddess (Erityian Tribes, #3)
    21.3M 663K 60

    Erityian Tribes Series #3 || Cover the world with frost and action. ( completed )

  • The Mystique Kingdom
    8.3M 32.7K 8

    This is my first story. Don't expect too much. Marami pong grammatical error at mga typo. Salamat. 😊 *** Highest ranking achieved: #1 in Fantasy By: imdixiepixie

  • Seventh Sense (Erityian Tribes, #2)
    27M 845K 68

    Erityian Tribes Series #2 || A story of forbidden love and friendship, betrayals and sacrifices (Tantei High prequel). ( completed )

  • Song of The Rebellion
    5.3M 225K 84

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #04 ◢ Promise of the Twelve - End of the rebellion as prophecied by the titan goddess, Mnemosyne. It seems like fighting a titan is not enough. From the ends of the world, our heroes will each have to use their unique abilities to stop the rebellion and prevent Cronus' awakening. The Alphas are...

  • Star Magic Academy
    841K 29.2K 54

    Isang babae na hindi nainiwala sa magic ay naging tao na may magic, magulo ba? Sya si Trina Mae Smith. Isang ordinaryo na naging immortal May makikilala syang MABAIT, meron ring MASAMA Meron ring magtataksil Al rights reserved. Plagiarism is a crime. ^_^

  • Sylum Academy of Skill Exertion (Completed)
    226K 5.2K 54

    Evintiem Race Series #1 [Book 1] Sylum Academy of Skill Exertion [Book 2] Yves of the Outskirts of Kanda -- If people were emotions she was emotionless. She's a danger, but for others she's indeed a savior. She is Seathryn Blackburn. Pronounced as: \'sā-th-rin\ or \'sey-th-rin\ Highest Rank # 2 skills - 06/05/19 #1 sk...

  • The Legendary Princess
    918K 19.1K 57

    Highest rank #18 on Fantasy Highest rank #1 on Fairytale Highest rank #12 on Mystery Highest rank #7 on Random She's cold but sweet. She's strong but afraid. She's calm but reckless. She's quiet but smart. She's beautiful but deadly. Her name is Cassandra Icea Morriz Samonte and she's the Legendary Princess of Maje...

  • The Last Elysian Oracle
    6.2M 227K 75

    ◤ SEMIDEUS SAGA #02 ◢ Elysian Oracle - the oracle of Elysium, the highest oracle of the realms. The Alphas know it isn't over. The Gods are constantly up on their sleeves, giving them missions, perhaps proving the Alphas' loyalty to their deities. What is it with the deities lately? The mortal realm is in...

  • The Last Legendary Ice Princess
    553K 15.3K 38

    Sabrinah Sandoval? Cold, walang paki, at manhid. May simpleng pamumuhay, pero akala niya lang pala. She doesn't even know her past, even her parents, she only knew her name. But her life will turn upside down when they enter the Winter Academy and when she feel the thing they called Love..

  • The Hidden God
    2.9M 64.2K 56

    [SOON TO BE PUBLISHED] (This is an unedited version. Printed version will be edited.) Gaia Moraitis is a human that have the ability but doesn't like to have one. For her, having a power had a big responsibility to its holder, and the big factor of that is the world's changing hierarchy that made the world chaotic. Pe...

  • The Long Lost Elemental Princess [Completed]
    3.4M 100K 74

    Athena Aphrodite Scarlet, a 'Not-so-ordinary' girl that will discovered her real identity ... Her journey will start if you find out her past and memories Highest Rank - #1 in fantasy Date Started : August 25,2015 Date Ended : February 4,2016

    Completed   Mature
  • The Long Lost Goddess Princess (COMPLETED)
    1.6M 27.5K 85

    #Wattys2020 TLLGP 2: Return of the Legendary (COMPLETED) I'am Winter Eliza The so-called freak The only nerd And the bullied one inside and out of school Who Turned Into A Goddess The Long Lost Goddess Princess Highest Rank Achieved: #5 in Fantasy #1 in Mystery #1 in Princess #1 in Fictional #2 in Friendship

  • The Long Lost Powerful Princess✔
    302K 5.6K 56

    "You are The Long Lost Powerful Princess" In a world of Human being she is a gangster princess but She is the Long Lost Princess in the World of Mystica The world full magical powers and elements Si Leani ann mendez (lea/CY) na nakatira sa mundo ng tao ay isa siyang gangster at alam niyang may kapangyarihan siya at...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Long Lost Powerful Storm Princess (EDITED)
    517K 11.3K 53

    COLD EMOTIONLESS HEARTLESS Messed up with her and you'll die. Ranking 1.#1 in World 2.#8 in Warriors 3.#5 in Action

  • The Merciless Goddess
    611K 13.3K 54

    The daughter of the most Powerful God and Goddess. Will take her destiny at the Land of Human being.

  • Willston Academy: The First Days [ON-HOLD]
    10.2K 116 18

    BOOK 2 OF THE WILLSTON ACADEMY Hello readers! Yes we are back to another chapter of the story of this iconic academy ever! And this time we will look how everything was started! How the academy was built and foremost the untold secrets of Erthalia! And the true power that lies within. Do really God & Goddess existed t...

  • Willston Academy: The Lost Mage [DREAME EXCLUSIVE]
    606K 12.7K 73

    In a world of impossible a 18 year old lady find her way to the magical world of Erthalia where she found love, identity and purpose. Peak: #14 in Fantasy

  • Wonderland Magical Academy: Escaping Darkness
    4M 119K 46

    (BOOK TWO OF WONDERLAND MAGICAL ACADEMY: TOUCH OF FIRE) (FINISHED) Xyra Buenafuerte thought it was already a happy ending but she was totally wrong. Marami pa palang mangyayari. May mga bagay pa pala silang dapat ipaglaban at harapin. Will they win this fight or will they lose in the darkness? Date Started: March 2014...

  • Wonderland Magical Academy: Touch of Fire (Cloak PopFiction)
    11.8M 291K 50

    [Date Started: March 2013 Date Finished: August 2013] Date Published: June 4, 2015 This is a fantasy, Action, Teen and Romance Story XD An academy full of magical powers. This was about a girl who's discovering her own magical power. What would she do in an academy full of magics? All Rights Reserved 2013 [NO SOFTCOPI...