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  • Game Or Love?|Larry
    17.4K 3.9K 25

    [ چه اتفاقي ميوفته،وقتي لويي تاملينسون مغرور توي نوجووني زخم عميقي روي قلب يه پسر بچه ي عاشق ايجاد ميكنه و ده سال بعد با همـون پسر روبرو ميشه؟! ] Mpreg ⚠️🔞

  • little rose
    8K 1.8K 18

    از جایی مینویسم که هری میتونه لگد های کوچیکی رو توی شکمش احساس کنه و دست های مهربونی که موهاش رو نوازش میکنن یا چشم هاش رو میبوسن و لبهای سرخی صداش میکنن: "هَزا..."

  • Forever And After [L.S|Mpreg]
    14K 3.8K 24

    جایی که لویی توی یه آموزشگاه موسیقی کودکان کار می‌کنه و هری یه تتو آرتیسته که همراه با گربه‌ـ‌ش اولی، یه زندگی آروم و بی سر و صدا داره. به علاوه ی این که هر دوتای اون ها برای تشکیل خانواده و داشتن بچه های کوچولو، یه کم زیادی اشتیاق نشون می‌دن. _______ " فهمیدم عشق یه عکس یادگاری نیست. عشق یه کالای مصرفیه، نه یه چیز پس...

  • Look After You // Larry Stylinson Hybrid + MPREG AU
    90.7K 4.6K 38

    The hybrid caretaker James Cordeen, led a very excited Louis Tomlinson into his hybrid facility saying how glad he is that someone was interested in caring for one of the hybrids. Looking around for a hybrid, "that's the one" Louis whispered when he saw a mop of brown curly hair with cat ears and a little tail sleepin...

  • My Big Strong Alpha
    98.6K 2.8K 37

    Louis is the head Alpha and he is search of his omega. Harry is an omega and his is in search of his alpha. Liam is Louis' beta or his second in command and he is helping Louis look for his omega. Niall is also Louis' friend and is also a beta. Harry was kicked out of his pack because his parents didn't want a lowly o...

  • I Found You (mpreg)
    92K 3.4K 44

    Louis finds a Distressed hybrid alone in an abandoned home with his young son who was just shot by his father's gang. What happens when Louis allows Harry and his little boy live with his young daughter and himself?

  • Kitten Love {Larry Mpreg} *Completed* Top!Louis
    590K 21.7K 40

    Louis owns 3 pets and he wants another, so he buys one. This new pet is something Louis never thought he would imagine owning. Not because of his species, Neko, but because he was gorgeous. Maybe enough to surpass his current Neko, Zayn? Harry Styles isn't sure what he's up for when he's put into auction but he's hop...

    Completed   Mature
  • Footie & Frames » stylinson
    404K 12.8K 24

    Footie team captain Louis Tomlinson might have a little thing for the Uni graduate nerd extraordinaire, otherwise known as Harry Styles, giant Frames starting above his eyebrows and ending in the middle of his cheeks, right above his dimples, bringing out the green irises behind the corrective glass. And. . . things h...

  • keep me » larry a.u.
    107K 5K 35

    Harry is pregnant. Louis has cancer. Louis thinks they're in pretty deep shit. Harry's trying to be optimistic. Sure they're still in school, and Louis' very weak, and Harry's mum is not super happy with him, but they'll get through it. At least, they hope so.

    Completed   Mature
  • made to love you » larry a.u.
    17.7K 1.2K 12

    Louis is in love with Harry. However, the fact that their fathers are rivals and basically hate each other really stands in the way of that. Everyone in their little town knows how much Mr. Tomlinson despises Mr. Styles, so Louis and Harry must sneak around in order to maintain their relationship. And then Harry fal...

  • Momma Teacher | l.s (AU) mpreg
    12.3K 171 8

    Harry is a 5th grade teacher and Louis is working on his office. They're married and having a baby WARNING: It contains Mpreg= Male Pregnancy RANKINGS (3/29/19) #16 mpreglarry #22 harrytomlinson #48 mpregharry #69 fanfictiononedirection #200 louisandharry #251 niam #367 cuteness #503 perrieedwards #539 littlemix (◕‿◕...

    5.7K 229 34

    Just some times where harry wants to get pregnant (cause obviously he wants too in real life but sadly he has penis) or some pics where he look like a mother

  • I Hope You Dance >Larry Stylinson<
    11.3K 255 12

    Louis and Harry have been struggling with infertility for over a year. After many failed attempts, they decide to seek a specialist, but they end up with more than they ever dreamed.

    Completed   Mature
  • For Always*one shot*l.s
    1.5K 209 1

    [completed] ⚠mpreg " دستم رو میگیری برای همیشه ؟ " لبخند زدم و دستش رو گرفتم" برای همیشه."

  • Sea & Sky [L.S|M.Preg](Persian Translation) !!Discontinued!!
    5.3K 1.1K 17

    !!Discontinued!! زندگی هارپی جوون و کم تجربه ، لویی تغییر میکنه وقتی پا به سرزمین سحرآمیزی که همه ی موجوداتش مثل خودش افسانه این میذاره... Written by: @SesameHazza Translated by: @saraw_ap_

  • Neglected [L.S|M.Preg](Persian Translation)
    14.4K 3.1K 10

    [Completed] "انقدر همه رو احمق فرض نکن. اون مال من نیست!" جایی که لویی، کسی که توی ارتش مشغول به کاره، به مدت یکسال و نیم مجبور میشه برای خدمت به کشور دیگه بره. و وقتی برمیگرده با یه سورپرایز بزرگ از طرف دوست پسر سابقش هری مواجه میشه. چیزی که به هیچ وجه نمیتونه قبولش کنه... Written by: @realtrishawrites Translated by...

    Completed   Mature