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  • The Online Profile of a Serial Killer
    1.9M 79.1K 38

    When someone says that a story is true, it always isn't. But in this case, however, what I'm about to tell you is true. I'm Ian from Toronto, Canada, and a few years back, my half-sister was murdered -- burned alive in her backyard. Her name was Mindy Luu-Wei. The cops are useless. Their only suspect in the case is an...

  • [Editing] No Mistakes (Todoroki x male reader)
    7K 143 4

    An adorable, lovely book about your sweet relationship with Todo💙❤️ ⚠️WARNING: CONTAINS HARSH LANGUAGE⚠️

  • Todoroki x Deku
    10K 186 4

    Todoroki x Deku

  • yandere werewolf x reader
    22.2K 458 5

    Not only does he love you so much he would kill anyone that goes near you, but he's an over protective, territorial werewolf?!