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  • Wattpad Death Battle season 2
    6.1K 358 112

    The second year of my custom Death Battles

  • What if battles 2
    33.8K 1K 104

    Like my first what if battles book? This book is a sequel to the first book where Toomi, Megumi and Sachi will analyse and research on characters to determine the winner of the matchup. Feel free to request in this remastered version of what if battles.

  • My Book of Randomness 2
    1K 135 68

    just a book which gives you random stuff and previews and trailers of new stories I'll write sooner or later.

  • Justice Is Absolute: Cheater RWBY X Male Reader
    210K 2.9K 22

    You were a huntsman-in-training and went to the infamous Beacon Academy. You were strong on your own, and you led a strong team with teammates who could handle themselves. Unfortunately for you however, you never discovered your semblance yet. All you could do in a fight was rely on tactics and battle on with a sword...

  • A Fairy Warrior
    33.3K 502 13

    Goku Male Reader X Erza Scarlet Fairy Tail

  • New Covers and Art
    2.7K 171 46

    I'm going to show you guys some of my new covers I made.

  • RWBY: Markiplier
    26.8K 221 8

    Snippets of the cast of RWBY either reacting to Markiplier videos, getting themselves in Markiplier situations, or perhaps even Markiplier himself will make an appearance! Who knows! All that is known is that much fun is to be had. Rated T for language as well as all that comes with Markiplier. A/N keep in mind I don...