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  • Faceless
    3.7K 166 2

    Tantus flourishes as a vast and rich empire, built off of slavery and pillaging. In its heart, assassin Adelia Kiyoto has little knowledge of her life before she was stolen from her family. Gifted with the ability to shapeshift, she is enlisted by the palace to impersonate the Tantian princess, Laurelai Arlington, in...

  • To Christians Who Say Being Gay Is Okay
    4.8K 390 17

    Disclaimer; I'm not shoving my views down your throat. You came to me. If you don't like it, and can't be civil, don't read it. This isn't for you. There is a very popular series on Wattpad called 'Journey in Faith', which talks about the conflict between Christians and the LGBTQ agenda. In this series, it is claimed...

  • Bloodlines
    2.4K 578 46

    Thomas Rue was executed for treason by the King nearly six years ago, and Arthur will do anything to silence the Rue bloodline. But unknownst to him, there is one obstacle in his way, Thomas's son Nicolas. Nicolas grows up in the castle of his father's murderer, with no recollection of his father or what happened. Un...

  • 𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐉𝐎𝐔𝐑𝐒 𝐏𝐔𝐑 || Riddle era apply-fic
    5.8K 412 10

    ❝ Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it ❞ || Riddle-Era Harry Potter apply-fic || Closed ||

  • Vacation in the Otherworld- (Land of stories fanfiction)
    1K 39 3

    ***ON HOLD*** About two years have passed since the battle of New York, and now that peace has been restored, Alex, Conner, and a few of their friends decide to travel back to the otherworld for a two-week retreat. The year is 2019, and the twins realize just how much they have been missing out on.

  • Roses are Dead
    14 2 1

    [Slow updates] Skye is just a small-town business owner in Oakcreek, Colorado. She owns her own flower boutique and has a single daughter off at college. She loves her peaceful life, and wouldn't change it for the world. But when murder strikes the heart of town, Skye will have to decide. Stay back in the shadows as a...

  • The Worst PJO Fanfic Ever
    2.6K 279 13

    Hi, my name's Evangel Mary Sue Electra Ocean Lightning Otrera Skylar Melody Seminary, and I'm 14 years old. This is the story of how I became a demigod. (This is a crackfic, don't worry.)

  • LOD : The Return Of The Dark Father #1 (ONGOING)
    1K 92 31

    What happens when Fearian Grevalon, who's been a criminal and the black sheep, tries to rid his misbehaviour in order to be accepted by his strict society? He received their consent and stayed with his family who he had abandoned long ago, he tried to be as good as possible to them. Especially his father who he mistr...

  • Allice in Mysterious Land
    1.7K 437 33

    After a mass break-out of zoo animals raises suspicions, an illiterate boy uncovers a scheme to rid the city of all lower-class citizens... including him. *** In a city where discriminations are common and one-sided revolution is happening, nothing is as plain as the sunlight. Allice has been living with that princip...

  • TLOS Oneshots
    282 15 2

    All hail the Rosary chicken!!!!! ''''' Some friends of mine suggested that I make a Oneshot book for TLOS lol Enjoy!!

  • Young Guns: Fire and Steel
    3.3K 122 13

    Set in the late 1870's and early 1880's. John Tunstall and the Regulators come across an injured young woman, unknowing of her reputation. John takes her under his wing, helping nurse her back to health. When John gets murdered, she joins Billy H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, and the Regulators to get justic...

  • Of Slytherin Pride & Gryffindor Prejudice ✔️
    22.4K 777 1

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single boy of Slytherin must not be in love with a girl of Gryffindor. So what does one Blaise Zabini do when he falls madly in love with Hermione Granger? In an attempt to finally win over the heart of the love of his life, Blaise starts writing romantic letters. Hoping H...

  • Midnight Misadventures
    8.5K 709 29

    "Answer me one thing, Relapse. Please." He gives me a small nod, so I take a deep breath. "Why are you a villian?" I ask. He looks off at the city, the lights becoming fireflys in the darkness. Then he turns back to me staring at me silently, his mouth drawn in a straight line. "Why are you a villain?" I repeat...

  • Writer Things
    193 16 2

    A list of things you can probably relate to as a fiction writer.

  • The Cursorium
    280 87 3

    In the futuristic world of 2045, a young boy called Ryan discovers an extraordinary human-like intelligent Cursor, known as Chris the Cursor, in his computer. Raised by his single mother, Ryan aims to become an artist while searching for his long lost father. His dreams are shattered when he is caught by the law in a...

  • Why Slytherins are Awesome
    71.8K 3.7K 30

    Why does Slytherin always get the bad record? After all a Slytherin will only stab you in the back when you do it first... **Companion to "Why Hufflepuffs are Awesome"** (completed)

  • lionobsession's Logline Laboratory
    2.1K 165 15

    Welcome to my Logline Laboratory! This is the place for anyone who: a) wants to discover what a logline is b) wants to create a logline c) wants to improve a logline d) wants to gain advice on a logline e) wants to read example loglines f) wants to discover new stories by reading loglines If you identify with one of t...

  • Project 142
    5.1K 121 2

    A short, mystery story inspired by the TV series 'DIG'

  • What if?
    68 5 2

    Ever wondered what would the world be like if certain things didn't happen? each chapter covers different events, discoveries and more that will offer you insight into what could of been or what could of happened instead.

  • Project Immorta
    24 2 2

    In a world where fear is constant, danger is real, and safety is a lie, Tesha runs from the Lost. Nearly a decade ago, scientists created the Immorta serum, their 'Project Immorta'. But when tested, the serum was a failure. Years later, most of the population had been infected by the serum. With the world falling to s...

  • Support for the 2020 Watties
    532 54 8

    Hey, so you want to enter the 2020 Watties, but you find loglines, pitches, audiences etc hard to handle? Well, you've come to the right place. I'll help you with tackling some of the submission challenges. Just check out the introduction for more details. I'm a double Watty Winner, WP featured author, Paid Author a...

  • Picture Imperfect
    61 14 5

    I'm trash at these things...if someone could help that would be great Nathan and Emma are the main characters pls at least try it. I do not own any of the pictures.

    2.7K 414 28

    On an icy mountain, hundreds of miles from home, a runaway plans her life; A life away from the shining city, a life away from family, a life away from her destiny. But on that peak, she sees that it wasn't her who had plans for her fate- it was fate that had plans for her. Will she meet the expectations of the emp...

  • Five Kingdoms Alternate Ending
    161 6 1

    An alternate ending to a great series as I was dissatisfied with the ending i do not own the cover page**

  • Miraculous Ladybug - Remember Me
    249 24 4

    "You won't forget about me, right?" "How can I forget about my only best friend?" "Just promise me that you'll remember me." "I promise. As long as you remember me too." Two best friends made a promise to each other when they were still young and innocent. They didn't promise to stay best friends. They only promised t...

  • Fall of the Redcloaks
    187 25 4

    Faithful writhed on the ground, white hot pain burning behind her eyes. The Redcloaks, her friends and teammates, watched in dismay. Faithful was just another Redcloak who had to go through this nightmare. The first to go was Stead, leaving everyone confused and frightened. Then it had happened to more Redcloaks until...

  • The Hare
    341 37 7

    When Antonia Williams vanishes a few days after her thirteenth birthday, then later turns up unconscious, her life is turned upside down. ***** Toni has spent her years being normal - gliding through life, all smooth sailing. So she's not expecting to hit a rock when she is 'discovered' by a secret organisation and co...

  • The Celestials of Tomorrow
    563 54 16

    If a man who looked like Indiana Jones walked up to you, claimed he was from the future, and said he needed your help, what would you do? Well, personally I would run. But this isn't my story, now is it? Anna Roderick, the stealthy vigilante. Christian Wood, the tech genius. Ace Smith, the runaway thief. Oliver Fields...

  • Pyre Season One (screenplay)
    251 18 4

    In the year 2033, a new virus appears, either killing or asymptomatically infecting the vast majority of the world's population. Then there are the Variants, people mutated by the Advent Virus, made stronger, given abilities previously called fiction. Three years later, and Alex Westsmith is attending a prestigious bo...

  • All The Stars
    418 56 20

    Adriana "Riana" Hathaway has just received an invitation to attend Northridge High, a school for excessively talented kids. But when she is paired with the unbelievably beautiful and smart Diana Ross as a study mentor so she can catch up with the rest of the class before finals, Riana finds herself falling for her par...