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  • Pyro
    10.8K 1K 43

    Pyro destroys cities and ruins lives with a charming smile and a wink of an eye. His name brings fear just as his ability to manipulate, create, and wield fire brings destruction. Henry Jacobs, AKA Pyro, was just an upper-class teenager with a high-class power. He wanted nothing more than to confess to his crush, prep...

  • The League
    59.5K 3.7K 43

    Phoenix Anderson has been avoiding the League of Superheroes for one year. He's not sure why he's avoiding the good guys, but then again, there's a lot he doesn't know. Like the fact that his family history is a lot...stranger than he thought. 'Superhero' was never something he wanted to be, and that's what he tells t...