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  • Keep Trying (I_Am_Wildcat x Reader)
    18K 793 12

    Sequel to Try Again I_Am_Wildcat x Reader (Y/N)

  • Try Again (I_Am_Wildcat x Reader)
    52.1K 1.8K 16

    I_Am_Wildcat x Reader (It's in 1st pov but it's meant to be you)

  • Stolas Goetia's Instagram
    770 64 10

    Via has this thing called Instagram and I thought why not try it myself So here I am

  • Flowers of flesh and blood. Alastor x reader. SEQUEL
    654 45 3

    SEQUEL TO "THE MAN WITH HALF A HEART" VERY SLOW UPDATES + HIATUS "Y/n! Get over this ridiculous nonsense! Your finally free." "How?! How can I possibly be free?!... if I'm still here with you.." • After the slaughter of the Magne Royals, Y/n and Alastor have decided to take over and rule hell. A continuation from a d...

    13.5K 265 9

    Book is on hold for a bit due to Mental health reasons and also my cringe meter broke God help me Warning much devils tango Warning much cringe Warning you'll want to die after reading this Also cover is not done by me (I have not abandoned this book there's just a lot of shit going on)

  • Easy | Banana Bus Crew X Reader
    230K 8.1K 92

    Y/n is a lone wolf; a girl on her own, doing what is needed to survive. The Banana Bus Crew is a gang; a family of criminals doing what is needed to stay on top. Los Santos is a setting; a city in California, swarmed with crime. No one visits and no one leaves, if they did, then things would be easy. • #1 in #bananab...

  • The Teacher - Vanoss x Reader
    15.2K 497 20

    •Completed• ~It's so wrong but so right at the same time~ You are a Senior, have a normal life with just yourself. Your science teacher quit and now you have a new teacher, but what if he catches feelings for you? Will you catch feelings for him too?

    Completed   Mature
  • Ex-Heroes
    113K 4.9K 65

    Who would've know that Call of Duty Zombies, YouTubers, and reality, don't mix well together. I figured this out as soon as the apocalypse hit. My names (Y/N). I'm a 21 year old girl that loved to play video games and make videos about it then and post it to YouTube, well I did before this hit. My YouTube name was Th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Smile ( H20 Delirious )
    9K 204 10

  • The Panther (a BBS Crew Fanfic)
    54.1K 2.2K 40

    Meet Freya (AKA: Jinx, AKA: The Panther). During the day, she's your typical drug dealer on the busy streets of Los Santos, trying hard to locate possible buyers. During the night, she's The Panther, a butt-kicking, crime-fighting hero. Her mission is to locate those who purchase her goods and shut them down for good...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pretty little psycho (Mark/Darkiplier x reader) [COMPLETED]
    171K 5.1K 155

    Looking for something different from the normal 'reader meets Mark and they fall in love' books? Then you've come to the right place! After Y/N loses her family, she gets help from a certain YouTuber that will change her life forever... Follow the story, and you'll find yourself fighting demons, surviving in your own...

  • Say Something [Completed✔] (H2O Delirious x Reader)
    2.7K 98 14

    -Cover by MidnightRosePax, a.k.a my best friend- (Don't read this. It's cringy as all hell.) ❝In a world where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing you can do is maintain your mystery.❞ ∴ ∵ ∵ ∴∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ ∵ ∴ Hollywood Undead Daughter! x H20 Delirious Y/N a 18 year old girl who leaves home to live in North Carolin...

  • H2OVanoss's True YouTube Shorts
    309K 16.2K 143

    over made by @Marissa13002 Highest ranking: #1 in h2odelirious #4 in h2ovanoss #4 in h20vanoss #2 in vanossxdelirious #1 in shorts #1 in vanlirious #7 in bbs #2 in Vanoss #4 in vanossgaming E n j o y ~

  • Evan x BBS One Shots
    64.3K 1.9K 39

    Just a bunch of weird and sad one shots.

  • Reader X H2O Delirious
    103K 3.4K 33

    Read the title.

  • Insane | H2O Delirious
    34.3K 948 22

    A Psychopathic killer name Delirious also known as 'Jonathan' loves to murder Strippers. But soon later on, he falls in love with a Pole Dancer. (Warning) Gore and smut is included in this book [Completed Book] Art is by my favorite artist @Nathalyryder on Tumblr

    Completed   Mature
  • Mischievous Red (H2OVanoss Fanfic)
    8.2K 368 15

    "Oh... What did that boy get himself into this time?" - "He's playing with fire that one... Hopefully he figures everything out soon.." - "Hush! He knows what he's doing... Does he?" - Jonathan is a very sweet, shy boy. Who lives with his childhood friend Luke, and is a student in high school. He lives a pretty averag...

  • Rynx's Delirious Fan
    7.6K 264 8

    Jonathan decides to do a surprise face reveal by going to Evan's concert and meeting face to face. |Ranks| #1 in rynx

  • Lifefull (Sequel to Lifeless) (H2O Delirious x Reader)
    1.9K 138 13

    Sequel to Lifeless. Check that book out first before reading this one. Delirious and (Y/N) finally have a calm life with a wonderful family. Half of the BBS has quit the gang life. Mostly everyone has a normal life now. Though something lurks within the shadows. The past will always come back. It can come back in a g...

  • Lifeless (H2O Delirious x Reader) (Completed)
    43K 1.3K 38

    Sequel is out! Heyo! My name is (Y/N) and this is my story! I just transferred schools after the 'accident' and was not excited about my new school. John Heights High School is home to the Vanoss crew. They bully everyone and don't care who they hurt or so I thought.... Read to find out what happens when you transfer...

  • Darkness in the Neon Lights (H2OVanoss)
    66.7K 3.6K 53

    At a young age, Evan learned that the world was very cruel. Darkness destroyed his home, and swallowed his parents with it. With no way out, he was forced to leave, and was taken into a world decorated with neon lights. A world he would love so much, he would turn a blind eye to the darkness in the corners of it. For...

    Completed   Mature
  • Violet (Vanoss Crew FanFiction)
    48.2K 1.7K 32

    (Ranking in Top Ten - Vanoss Crew Fanfiction) I am not a normal person. I was born with a very dangerous, yet special ability. My eyes explain everything. [This story takes place in the GTA V Verse] .:◇Self Made Cover◇:.

  • The hero and the villain (merome) (completed)
    8.7K 459 32

    And the city is save again, now just trying to get home before Jerome and hiding my suit. ~~~ One day I'll get that stupid Hero, but right now I need to go home to Mitch.

  • My Little Bro (Merome fanfic)
    11.6K 473 23

    Jerome is called to Mitch's house by Vikk. He finds, him tied up in Christmas lights and Mitch beside him. Mitch looked different, he looked like a CHILD! Jerome doesn't know how this happened.

  • Textbook Love (Merome)
    34.3K 2.2K 49

    Mitchell Hughes has always loved math. The objective nature of the subject, and the rules that leave no room for error. Nothing can go wrong when you know what you're doing. It's so much different when figuring out love. For Mitch, he's in his senior year, with everything going for him. Good grades, football captain...

  • Bbs x Child!reader
    9.8K 358 11

    You were born different than others. Your mind was a heck of a lot more mature than your body was. Your parents sold you to an asylum when you were younger. Since they didn't know what to do with you, they threw you in one of the cells. They put a metal thing over your mouth and had you in one of those straight jacket...

  • Nameless (BBS x Reader) *Book 1*
    28.7K 801 24

    Y/N, aka Unknown! Most wanted criminal.. No one knew her real name. Not even her friends. That's why she is called Unknown! Wanted for: Kidnappings Murders Robberys Assasinations She was feared by everyone in Los Angeles, even the police. But they never gave up on bringing her to justice. She was in a group called t...

  • Unclaimed (BBS x Reader) *Book 2*
    8.9K 338 25

    If you haven't yet, read the first book to understand what is happening!> Nameless (BBS x Reader) *Book 1*

  • BasicallyIDoWrk x Reader // I Love You
    37.6K 1.4K 25

    Featuring all the friends of Basically (Marcel) and more! (y/n), aka. H2o Delrious's little sister (true fact, he has a sister) has started a channel. Within months word spread that you and Delirious were related, and your channel flew up in subs. Although you're related to Delirious, you two never played online much...

  • The Price of a Choice
    21.6K 910 15

    Sequal to Price of a Life. Don't need to read it to understand (i don't think), but it'll make more sense. Growing up with the boys, life got interesting. True to Delirious' words, you grew up to be part of the family; you became good at the trade. In Los Santos, if you're going to be apart of the best gang, you're g...

    Completed   Mature