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  • "I've fallen for a parasite"(error x fresh fanfic)ON HOLD
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    Warning this story may contain lemons and sexual content YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

  • Incorrect DreamSwap
    43.7K 2K 32

    I had too. Incorrect Quotes are ruining my life. Note: when I say "Nightmare" or any of the others I'm talking about The Dreamswap versions.

    23.5K 1.1K 25

    THIS STORY CONTAINS: CUSSING SELF HARM ABUSE SUICIDAL THOUGHTS SUICID ATTEMPTS GUY X GUY (GAY) MAGOR BLOOD HEARTBREAKING BITCHY DREAM ------------ YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ✥------- † -------✥ "WHat dID yOU dO?..." "IS thiS fOR mE?..." "No silly it's for someone else... of course it's for you!" "T-ThAnK YoU" ✥------- †...

  • Why love?
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    "This feeling...It was exactly what he was afraid of. Exactly what he felt last time he took that vial. Love, then heartbreak. Painful, enormous heartbreak. Right now, Ink just wished he could go back to being numb, empty. Then he wouldn't have to feel anything at all, instead of feeling broken... Instead of feeling...

  • Breathe || Max X Reader - Camp Camp
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    BEST RANKING: 1 in #max (against 10.4K other stories, 9.1.20), 1 in #nikki, 1 in #maxxreader, & 20 in #campcamp (out of over 1,000 other stories in that tag) [PSA] This is written in actual novel format, as in, I'm trying to give it a real plot with character arcs and actual substance. It's not meant to be a fluff sto...

  • Saiibo ( Kiibo x Shuichi ) One-shots
    4.8K 127 6

    So uh this is basically my comfort ship and lately I've been extremely stressed with school so I'm going to write some wholesome one-shots to distract my mind ^^ I'll also take requests but I absolutely r e f u s e to write smut or lemon or whatever you call it I can do fluff and angst though I'm absolutely horrible a...

  • Memes
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    Memes Also I will be changing this story to a meme story that is not just camp camp, but don't worry not much will be changes mostly just some chapter will be of other shows. Ps Stan bts

  • Drama Club [MaxPres]
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    I plan on changing the name soon. Anyways, Max has been going in a nice town. His life is pretty peaceful until he finds out the Preston Goodplay from Camp is moving and going to the sane high school. Max thought he hated this man until he found himself in love with him. Max went to the point to join the Drama club fo...

  • eyes [maxpres highschool au]
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    TW: an ab*sive relationship (it doesn't last long) Eyes say a lot about someone. Eyes are a gateway to the soul. Eyes can tell you what a person is like. Eyes can tell you if a person is good or bad. Eyes can beg for help. will include mentions of neison, nernik, and danvid

  • ErrorFresh oneshots
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    fanfics regarding to a hecking cute ship. feel free to request!

  • Grapebowl One-Shots
    16.4K 525 15

    A story of different one shots for Mineta ships. none of them are connected unless stated otherwise. I take ship requests.

  • Sancest One-Shots #2
    260K 4.1K 63

    The second book. The other one already had 112 parts, so yeah... Wonder how far this one will make it...?

  • Ask the Huxley twins!
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    Any art in this book is mine.

  • Sanscest ships
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    This will contain lots of ships including errorink hatemare cream crossmare drink and idk what else hatemare is my fav tho. Might do sin if people want.

    167K 7.5K 70

    The title says it all

  • Don't trust my feelings | Sanders Sides Deceit | ANGST
    54K 2.8K 48

    TRIGGER WARNING: THIS STORY CONTAINS THEMES OF SELF HARM AND SUICIDE, PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK None of the light sides had ever liked Deceit. To sugar coat it would be selfish, they just didn't like him. Deceit was fine with that, he hated himself to. Little does he know some sides are willing to help him, for the...

  • (RusAme) ~ Roommates ~ (CountryHumans)
    367K 10.6K 34

    Russia finds out that he's having to share a dorm room with the one and only America, a country that's too loud, too excited, and too touchy for Russia's taste. However, America isn't as happy as he always seems, but Russia doesn't want to play therapist for the other country as he deals with issues of his own. Can th...

  • Grey
    20.5K 1K 11

    Almost immediately after Selfishness v. Selflessness, Deceit is suddenly very very alone and has to learn how to cope with it. (So far this fanfic has been a hit on ao3 and tumblr, so I figured I'd post it here as well. Plus I can better show off the cover art ) Edit: now has a new and improved cover! I redrew it afte...