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  • Amnesia 》hood
    1.1M 44.8K 24

    Where a naive boy falls in love with a girl who has a habit of leaving

  • 7:15.
    25.6M 554K 49

    "7:15, that's our time."

    Completed   Mature
  • best fanfics // 5SOS
    1.7K 9 12

    all my favorite 5sos fanfics in one book

  • 5SOS Sickfics
    58.4K 751 17

    They might suck but I try! I am taking requests now so leave some and I am currently working on new sickfics as often as I can! So far I have 3 currently being worked on! Make sure to leave a request if you would like a story!!!!!

  • 5SOS SickFics
    11.2K 161 7

    Collection of sickfics for the 5SOS boys.

  • □• 5SOS One-Shots •□
    8.1K 332 43

    5sos one shots by yours truly. All the feels, all the hots, all the seconds of summer. [😝REQUESTS OPEN💚] [HIGHEST RANKING: #4 IN #5secondsofsummeroneshot]

  • Baby Don't Cut 🔪 L.H
    52.3K 1.2K 14

    There is alot of triggering scenes in this story, if you are not into that please do not read the book and give it hate. This was inspired by the song 'Baby Don't Cut' by BMike

  • Scars [Ashton Irwin]
    309K 10.4K 37

    "Show me your scars." He whispered. "But why?" I asked. "Because I want to see how many times you needed me, and I wasn't there."

  • Becoming Bad Again
    22.1K 614 9

    Everyone knows the story about how Ashton Irwin used to cut before his band mates befriended him and helped him to stop, right? Well, what happens when he starts to fall again, but this time no one is there to catch him? Can he get better on his own or will he just fall deeper than before?

  • 5SOS Sickfics
    14.4K 304 18

    No smut or y/n Just them probably based in the past Also I do take requests Yes I know about the grammar mistakes I make

  • 5SOS Sickfics
    151K 2.4K 85

    Welcome to the wonderful 5 Seconds Of Summer book written by the amazing MichaelTheMicrophone. This book is full of amazing sickfics all written by the awesome Michale about the cute, funny and absolutely ridiculous lads we all know as the band 5 Seconds Of Summer. Completed sometime in March 2018. Top Ranking- #1 in...

  • Big Book of 5SOS imagines
    741K 10.1K 75

    welcome to my 5sos imagine(s) book! ALL of these imagines are from tumblr. ALL authors get full credit! enjoy :)

  • 5SOS Imagines
    220K 2.6K 52

    - Just a bunch of 5sos preferences, guaranteed to make you have the feels - I don't own these, they're from tumblr - [note that 32 chapters in this book are luke imagines due to this used to being a luke book, if you want the other boys read till the last chapters] | ranked #3 in #5sosim...

  • Why?😢
    1.1K 27 11

    Hiro has lost the most important person in his life... And no matter what no one can replace him... No one can take away the pain... No one can fill the void in Hiro's heart... Why? Is a short story told by Hiro, where he describes his own personal experiences about the day his brother died. Written by him in his j...

  • Mission X
    15K 626 7

    After the events of "welcome Home" Peter stars to live life as Tony's son. But when a mission goes horribly wrong what will Tony do to get his son back. And if he does will Peter ever be the same again?

  • The Girl in White
    195 12 2

    Running, running until Jesse stopped in-front of a sinkhole. "Emily!!" Jesse start's yelling "Where did yo-" Shoved, he fell down, falling, falling.

  • Rise of The Conquest
    11.8K 6K 14

    Spark proves to be an unnaturally strong and gifted child. He takes to his training well, and advances from an early age. He excels at fighting and defense, and becomes abnormally strong, fast, and agile almost immediately. Then one night, as the two are practicing under the stars, they notice a bright light explode i...

  • 2014 teenage mutant ninja turtles one shots
    5.2K 155 20

    Hey! I accidentally deleted my first book, so I'm doing my own one shots!

  • Do not read this book, you'll die of laughter
    6.1M 285K 81

    This is a compilation of jokes I have found online & offline. Credits goes to the many humorous authors.

  • A Book Of Inspirational Words
    2.7K 197 166

    A book of inspiring things. All credit to the people who made these.

  • Months Later- Spiderman- Avengers
    89.2K 3.2K 33

    On a mission Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman is taken.

  • Sad quotes
    28.7K 968 201

    *trigger warning* These are going to be quotes about depression , suicide , suicidal thoughts , cutting and more cause I have a dark soul :) and also some of my cringey and dumb quotes (Also life talk) -lulu/@yyuunno

  • Crash
    1.1M 25.8K 21

    Alex Jenkins, ex-motorcyclist and heir to billions, fakes his engagement to Evie Cooper to claim his fortune. But with a single kiss, everything changes. ***** Alex Jenkins was once a competitive motorcycle racer, but now he's grown up and aims to t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claiming Sebastian (Thursdays)
    11.8K 632 16

    (THE BILLIONAIRE'S SERIES BOOK THREE) "You are mine! And nothing will change that, not even the past" - SEBASTIAN SNOW ******************* Sebastian Snow is well known in the business world as a 'womanizer' but you can't blame him. Women comes to him willingly and easily. Just one gaze at his appearan...