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  • After Alicization
    86.6K 1K 40

    It's my first fanfic, so please understand This story takes place after alicization. Kirito just woken up from alicization after 3 months inside that virtual world.

  • SAO
    7K 793 116

    Photos📷 • Insta: wolf_reterix15 • ~Sword art online~kawaii • °Wszystkie informacje° • ^Gry SAO^ • |Odcinki|

  • With you [ Kirito x Eugeo ]
    51.1K 1.7K 36

    Kirito meets a new boy that has joined his school, he goes by the name Eugeo. Do they become friends? And what is wrong with Eugeo? - CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE, PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE. Trigger warning!!

    Completed   Mature
  • The Swordsman in Black
    26.8K 343 27

    Aincrad is at war with the Demon King, who is commanding his armies from the 100th floor. Kirito is known as the Black Swordsman, one of the most powerful Solo Knights on the front lines, people who works alone. He has a tough time working with others, small or large groups. Though he has a reason to avoid working wit...

  • Hey That's My Body!
    3.9K 149 37

    This takes place after episode 51 of Evolution (Shu is still injured). Valt and Shu swap body's, with no idea how it happened. Can they find out how to switch back, or be stuck in each other's body's forever? Update schedule: Once a week. And at the end of every month there's going to be a one-shot released.

  • Beyblade Burst Fanfic ~3 Bladers 1 Love~ (Free and Lui x Shu)
    7.4K 368 12

    The World League has started and every owner from every ranking teams has scouted their bladers to reprecent their team. The number 1 blader Free de la hoya of BC Sol, Japan's best blader Lui Shirosagi of Flaming Dragons. Their rivalry are out of this world, no one has been able to stood against them.... except for on...

  • ~Beyblade Burst (Free x Shu)~ A Noble and the Rock Star
    2K 149 6

    Shu Kurenai, born in a rich family name Kurenai. Expected highly by his parents and ancestors to carry the name with greatness, but burden by their royal test. Isolated from society, no connection outside the walls of the mansion. Shu was a lonely child, family dedicated to groom him to be the next heir to represent t...

  • The girl with the red and pink eyes
    1.3K 26 5

    Ella Jojo The daughter of Blossick She seems normal right? Look at her eyes, they're two colors,not just one. She hides it often so one eye shows. This is the story of Ella! Enjoy minna!

  • 7boyz 7anime(hiatus)
    58 7 2

    Tujuh lelaki yang yang berbeza perangai..berbeza otak dan berbeza anime.Walaupun banyak perbezaannya namun mereka inilah yang sentiasa setia dan bersama as a friends! Namun apa yang akan terjadi apabila hadirnya orang tengah in a friendship?Mesti mereka akan jadi keliru and suatu group itu akan berpecah right? Hadirny...

  • 'My Feeling With You 2' FaYi & GoMa (Complete)
    19.9K 932 36

    Sambungan 'My Feeling With You' KELEMAHAN SESEORANG ITU BOLEH DIUBAH KEPADA KELEBIHAN. SEDALAM-DALAM KEBENCIAN ITU KEPADA SESEORANG BOLEH BERUBAH KE SEBALIKNYA. Terdapat sedikit dugaan dan pengembaraan yang mencabar persahabatan dan cinta mereka.

  • [AU] Her - Neko Kirito x Kimiko (Character x GenderBend) Book 1
    2.1K 37 6

    WingsOfGlory14 and I are writing this story and I will inform you as you get further in the story the characters do get a little out of character. BASED IN SAO #245 in kirito

  • 'My Feeling With You' Boboiboy X Yaya (Complete)
    23.8K 1K 29

    FanFic ini mengisahkan Boboiboy yang memendam perasan pada seorang perempuan iaitu Yaya.Adakah Boboiboy akan meluahkan isi hatinya??Adakah Yaya menerima Boboiboy??Atau sebalik nya?? FanFic ini juga untuk saya hilangkan stress sahaja. Malay Writer

  • A Concoction of Cat Ears and Aphrodisiac {Kirito x Eugeo Fanfiction}
    20.9K 390 5

    This happened during the 2 years when Eugeo and Kirito were still studying in the Sword Mastery Academy. Kirito and Eugeo were rooming together when a mysterious incident that involved both of them happened.... Mature content in Chapter 5

    Completed   Mature
  • New Game? *YES*
    9.5K 150 23

    As Kirito wakes up from the events of SAO, He realizes he's been moved to the States. Follow Kirito as he returns to Japan to reunite with Asuna and as they and the gang go through many various events involving the virtual and real worlds. This story also dwells deeper into stories of other characters with some deeper...

  • I'm pregnant?
    4.2K 102 12

    eugeo I'm so sorry but I had to leave. Love kirito Start time December 7 2019 End time June 27 2020

  • Creepy House
    119 1 9

    Asuna, kirito dan Suguha adalah adik beradik. Mereka mempunyai ramai kawan.Suatu hari, ibu dan ayahnya hendak berpindah.Asuna, Kirito dan Suguha terkejut tapi terpaksa terima hakikat. Pada malam pertama mereka di situ masih tenang tapi pada malam kedua...... Jikalau nak tahu lebih lanjut, jom kita sama-sama membaca ce...

  • Beyblade burst × Reader lemon (REQUEST OPEN)
    495 17 1

    Feel free to request any character lemon :D Note: If you don't like this kind of content (sexual) then please do move along and stay away from creating drama. I have no time for that. Thanks!

  • Beyblade Burst Shika: Love Will Never End...
    6.8K 285 25

    Nika is a eight year old girl who always love 11 year old Shu. Ever since we met him, she loved him. But there's one obstacle, her own big brother, Valt. Can Nika get Shu or will love fail her?

  • 𝐀 𝐏𝐑𝐈𝐍𝐂𝐄'𝐒 𝐒𝐓𝐀𝐓𝐔𝐒 ᵖʳⁱⁿᶜᵉ ˢᵉʳⁱᵉˢ
    5.6K 281 14

    [ on-going ] gempakstraz prince series fanfic STATUS ; the relative social, professional , or other standing of someone or something . no matter who you are or what status you have ... love will always find its way . disclaimer: i own nothing from the original prince series comic. i only own m...

  • Mon Amour ❅ Prince Series X Reader
    4K 155 7

    ❝ Say, will I ever be able to find someone that's special to me one day? ❞ He's a Prince, while you're a normal girl. ❝ So what if I'm of a higher status than you? You're the one I love and that's that! ❞ You were stuck in this guilty romance... Or is it really guilty? ❝ You don't have to bear any awful feelings of g...

  • Twinkle, Twinkle (Beyblade Burst)
    1.4K 106 11

    As Valt and his fellow bladers planned to have a fun and wonderful vacation together to have a get-along with each other, also to lessen the depressing feeling they all feel for a certain blader had passed away. But their planned vacation turns into a bloody one as blader by blader gets killed in miscellaneous, cruel...

  • Eugeo Finds Out!
    9.5K 171 11

    I got curious about what would happen if Eugeo found out that Kirito has a wife, And a kid. I mean, imagine his face right? So this will be a book of different one shot scenarios in which Eugeo finds out about asuna, yui, and sometimes even Kirito's whole ridiculous harem of followers. Disclaimer: I do not own Sword...

  • Blue and Black Rose [KiritoxEugeo]
    5.2K 83 8

    2 years after the SAO incident, Kirito and the others met the new students known as Alice and Eugeo who moved from another town. They got along with eachother and play the same game as time passes, but then.. Eugeo had a weird feeling for Kirito after months knowing him, will Eugeo be able to confess it to him? or he...

  • Love is love [Kirito x Eugeo]
    30.9K 752 14

    After asking for a weeks leave from there quest, Eugeo starts to feel a weird emotion towards Kirito. Could this be the end? Or a new beginning? -- POSSIBLE SPOILERS COULD BE IN THIS BOOK. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS, PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE.

  • Remember [KiritoxEugeo] (ON HOLD)
    4K 114 9

    A new life was waiting for Eugeo. One without loneliness or worries in his past life. But will he run into a familiar face in the new town he is going to live in? A tale of struggle, love and the fight to remember.

  • Tokonatsu x reader
    1.3K 76 3

    Sorry if this story is gonna be bad , but I hope you'll still enjoy it ^^

  • A Love With A Future Like No Other
    11.8K 207 25

    This story is basically their future after getting married and how they live their lives. This is my first kirisuna fan fiction... And my first story EVER. I have no experience in writing but I'll learn along the way, so please bear with me for the first few chapters. I don't own any chracters from the Sao series but...

  • •|| If Dreams Don't Exist ||• A Tokonatsu Aoi Romance (beyblade fanfiction)
    223 29 3

    Look at me in the eyes, and answer me loud and clear, Do dreams come true? or are they only lost in one's imagination? Someone Once told me..that dreams hold the world together, so tell me..What If dreams don't exist? ~~~ Azumi Yamazaki, or most known as Azumi De La Hoya, the adopted younger sister of the one and only...

  • The Prince of Aincrad - Beginnings
    17.8K 528 19

    AU of Sword Art Online! Ever since the announcement of the first born son of the King of Aincrad, no one has ever seen him. Fourteen years later, a mysterious boy appeared with extraordinary skills with two blades. But as two years passed, a danger approaches. The mystery boy disappears and the prince finally reveals...