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  • Two Hearts one Soul
    88.3K 4.8K 22

    "Heaven and hell both lies between my baby sister's thick thighs." -Park Jimin [Incest Royal AU] -Cover by @iiSnowflake04ii [P. S. I don't support incest so read the book till the end before you decide to judge the book or call me a fucked up person because yes the book is on incest but it is just fiction. Don't conn...

  • + Positive + |PJM Fanfiction|
    594K 49.4K 114

    "Jimin...I have to tell you something." "What is it?" "I um...I'm p-pregnant..." His face suddenly contorts with both confusion and disgust as his head tilts to the side, his dark eyes beginning to swirl with deep agitation. "And that has anything to do with" "'re the father." "Wait....say what no...

  • Crooked | PJM
    272K 18.6K 48

    ❝Are you sure you've fallen for me?❞ [Re-writing] TRAILER IN THE FIRST PART _______________ Money, drugs, and ecstasy. Some people live for it. Not having a bigger purpose, not wanting to feel love, warmth, or any emotion, not even wanting happiness. Just lying numb on the bed until the effect of the drug washes off...

  • StepBrother | Park Jimin
    1.4K 139 15

    "You and your mom are just golddiggers" he spat, voice clearly filled with hatred. "I hate you and i'll make sure to make your life a living hell" he said with a devilish smirk. _ Lee y/n is a 17 y/o girl. She is a very simple girl who stays quiet most of the time and hates everyone around. She is very rude with every...

  • The Siren's Curse | pjm ✓
    715K 52.8K 57

    "Are you sure it's just empathy? Are you sure you're not feeling... attracted to me?" There was a shift in his voice as it became more silky, pleasing to listen to. I could feel my muscles relax in response to the soothing sound. "Don't you feel the need to get closer to me? To touch me?" he continued, his eyes darken...

  • Caught in a lie: Park Jimin x reader
    105K 5.8K 44

    [Rewriting] "Do I scare you this much? Why?" I look up at his broken words. "I'm only scared of losing you." Cover credits: @TheChristianChimChim

  • Just A Play [JiMin X Reader]
    540K 23K 95

    ~~~~~ You and Jimin? Not on very good terms. Terrible terms actually. But life brings it so that he needs your help. It's all surprises for both of you after that. ~~~~~ Park Jimin x Foreign! Reader ~~~~~ Genre: College AU, Love-Hate Relationship, Fluff, Slow Burn (extra crispy slow), Friends to Lovers AU Rating: PG-1...

  • Enigma 2 || Park Jimin ||
    391K 31.5K 21

    Will you believe it if I tell you that I fell in love with a ghost who I have no memory of? I don't believe it either. STARTED: 23rd July 2017 ENDED: 29th October 2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Illegirl | pjm ✓
    1.2M 3K 3

    teacher!au ➷ 𝕓 𝕠 𝕠 𝕜 𝟙 𝕠 𝕗 𝕝 𝕠 𝕧 𝕖 𝕪 𝕠 𝕦 𝕣 𝕤 𝕖 𝕝 𝕗 𝕥 𝕣 𝕚 𝕝 𝕠 𝕘 𝕪 - he can't stop thinking about you. your face, your laugh, god, even your handwriting - sometimes he just spends long minutes admiring your neat penmanship on your tests. he knows every single one of your writing quirks - h...

  • Hush //Jimin FF
    917K 39.9K 112

    Target:Park Jimin Mission: Steal the exam papers A nerd that has the hopes off her fellow classmates to fulfill. Will she succeed at taking the exam paper from her Professor! Or will she get herself in the most troubled situations of her life? #1 chimchim (06/02/2019) (i am still shocked don't ask me how) #1 hush (2...

  • invisible crush
    1.3M 82.3K 35

    You, a fan, are dead and haunt BTS. Being involved in an accidental hit-and-run by the boys' tour bus on your birthday wasn't how you planned on dying. But it happened. A confused ghost you were, failing to find its place, you did what you could do and followed them back. You don't know why, but you targeted your bia...

  • His Tutor Girl
    1M 44.4K 32

    "Still in denial?" You asked softly. "About what?" "Missing her," you piped quietly, heart knotting as you spoke. He sighed, his face almost buried into the book before him. "It's okay that you do..." He eyed you carefully, "What are you? My tutor or my shrink?" You licked your lips a bit, the pencil in your hand lam...

  • The Prisoner (BTS Jimin FF)
    414K 22.7K 48

    A pathetic treaty is all that's keeps demons and humans from an eternal war. However this treaty is not always followed and when that happens, hunters and huntresses are called in to either capture or destroy. You want to be one of those huntresses but before you can even think about joining the academy, you need more...

  • Enigma || Park Jimin ||
    613K 43K 26

    Never have I thought that a reoccurring dream could actually mean something. My dreams made me believe that something horrifying and unexplainable was really happening on the second floor of our large two story house. A spirit wondering around up there? It sounds ridiculous but I can't deny the fact that...

    Completed   Mature