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  • Cardinal Blood
    29 7 2

    Karma Tellai lives a life of isolation, his brother and his herbs are all he knows. Mysteriously, his brother Levithan falls ill and Karma will do anything do ensure his health is restored. He must travel to the remaining communities of The Oasis to collect herbs to heal Levithan. The only problem? He's never left...

  • A Lifetime of Orchids [Revised]
    108 25 4

    There are rules, just as there is to any ritual. 1. The stronger the confession, the stronger the bond. 2. Never tell a lie. And possibly, the most detrimental rule of all, 3. Know what you're going to say when the witches are ready to listen. Eli and Sunrise know the rules very well. It's only to be expected, as they...

  • Monday Night Sessions
    1.1K 329 4

    [FEATURED on @WattpadPoetry 's "Positive Vibrations" Reading List]-1/10/2020 [FEATURED on @IAmStrong- 's "And I'll rise up, I'll rise like the day" Reading List]-1/01/2020 Live Performance Poems. Each piece reveals bits of my story. This is an attempt to reach out to people who have gone through similar experiences...

  • The Bloodied Rose
    20 3 1

    In the kingdom of Arcanum, where magic and technology meet, where the bloodied hand of tyrants has the city in a vice grip, every commoner's life is as meaningless as the next, yet somehow people still carve a legacy for themselves. But when these people present too much of a threat to the throne they end up missing...

  • The Ink Plague
    1.3K 252 13

    "Tonight, we are teenagers." Life has become a dystopia. The environment is slowly dying, human rights are nearly nonexistent, and what was once known as 'North America'- the only remaining inhabitable land on earth -is ruled over by a corrupt monarchy. Now, in 2083, there are only seven left who are brave enough to...

  • paper cuts [poetry]
    1.4K 446 56

    all the pain that a million paper cuts can leave, and all the memories that a million stitches can heal. - - - - - !trigger warning: suicide, self harm, abuse, mental illnesses, eating disorders, some mature language!

  • hard pills to swallow
    1.1K 402 41

    a list of life's hardest pills to swallow.

  • How The Red Eye Bleeds
    177 28 6

    In the far flung future the world is ever changing. While the normal people of the world fight everyday to make ends meet, working 16 hour days just to get their daily bread, while store owners have to sell things at ludicrous prices to pay for rent, while your average joe needs to turn to crime just to live another d...

  • A Collection of Tales and Stories
    144 25 11

    A collection of the short stories I've written over the course of my life. Some of this will be drab I wrote in elementary school since I have yet to separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. Please do enjoy

  • rose petals [poetry]✔️
    5.4K 1.5K 132

    petals, thorns, and buds. [the love, the pain, and the healing] ♡ completed. ♡ cover art is not mine. if anyone knows the artist, please let me know so that i can credit them properly.