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  • Ire of Silver (NaNoWriMo2019)
    748 57 7

    A half-human woman escapes her abusive life, stumbles upon corrupted magi and saves the world, all without magical powers. As a bastard daughter of a castle lord, Tavia's life is far from easy. She's nothing more than a slave. After her last beating, she escapes, stealing as she runs. Unfortunately, her victim is Ruvy...

    Completed   Mature
    1.5M 63.8K 52

    ***Optioned for film/TV by Komixx Media! More info coming soon!*** Selected by @Unfriended for the Best of Horror! A serial stalker is on the loose. When detectives find a single wolfsbane flower under Hadley Jasper's bed, they fear the worst. Will she be found in time? Or will her mutilated remains be all that's le...

  • My Lord
    308K 17.6K 43

    Gothic Horror // Historical // LGBTQ+ // Novel // Completed ~*~ Blood is not always red... ~ Tristanja, 1239 AD: Having lost her home and family in a raid, Meya flees east but is captured and abused by a slave trader before being sold to Lord Deminas, patron of the local lands. She's forced to work as his chamberma...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Appearing Of Burnfield Children
    6.2K 544 29

    During the 80s, seven children of Burnfield, London disappeared without any trace. A woman termed as witch was burned at the stake. And now, almost 30 years later, the children mysteriously appear, not one scratch or a flick of aging on them. As soon as they arrive a dark female shadow is hell bent on destroying the t...

  • Because, Brett... [ONC]
    1.2K 230 28

    • ONC 2019 Ambassador Pick • He was beautiful, gorgeous even. The first moment I saw him, I knew I could never let him go because he was the best thing in my life. He really was. Even though he didn't know it himself yet, Brett Howe was the love of my life... And I couldn't wait to meet him. Warning: There are some ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lup Tup Inc.
    254 69 13

    #Open Novella Contest Entry - Completed. Nat Jenkins is a realistic young man who has freshly set foot on Rhode Island for his first ever fancy job. He has no patience for people who make mountains out of moles. Especially rich people. His dreams are plain and simple. All he wants is to put up his feet at the end of t...

  • The Funnies
    97 5 21

    A tragic night leaves Dakota filled with guilt, and Luisa, her best friend, with memories she'll never recover from. After a not guilty verdict from the school's conduct board against Luisa's attacker, Dakota, aka Coco, takes matters into her own hands. Armed with nothing but her art supplies and her position as the c...

  • Road Trip To Nowhere (MxM) (ONC 2019 Entry)
    243 33 13

    [COMPLETED] (EDITING) Leaving the comfort of your own home is one thing, but travel around the state in just one week is another. William is the type of person to never go wild and follows every rule. He has never left his home city, until one night where he met a very odd stranger named Benji. Benji takes William on...

    3.9K 537 24

    |Won Best in Paranormal @thefictionawards 2019| The humans know it as the 1300's black plague, but the truth is so much more. It was a time where an evil entity emerged from the shadows; forged by man's deep hatred and lust for war. This evil corrupted the souls of all that was good. Put brother against brother, mothe...

  • Paint Me a Murder (Editing)
    9.3K 588 32

    Everyone has another personality they don't want anyone else to see. Syracuse is a town terrorized by gangs fighting for territory. These predacious monsters are normal people with a dark secret buried beneath their skin. They're forced to conceal their rebellious nature in order to evade pursuit from authorities. You...

  • Fly High | LGBT
    73.1K 5.4K 51

    Came here to die, only to be saved. One encounter on the rooftop and he's hooked, leaving Adrian constantly thinking about him. Like an open wound left unattended, his affection slowly festered into an obsession. {FEATURED ON WATTPAD LGBTQ+ OFFICIAL PROFILE}

  • ✔ Silent Hill: Angel | 🏆 LONGLISTED @OpenNovellaContest 2019
    5K 793 29

    🌟 FEATURED ON WATTPAD'S PARANORMAL, LGBTQ, & FRIGHT OFFICIAL PROFILES 🌟 MADE IT TO THE FINAL ROUND OF THE OPEN NOVELLA CONTEST 2019 Axel, Angel, and Averel Hellwick are on a dangerous journey to search for their parents whom they completely lost contact with more than a week ago. Now, they must go to the ghost town...

    Completed   Mature