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  • Baby Freemans
    37.8K 1.2K 80

    One Jamaican party can ruin 9 months of a Freeman's life. As Jada, Cindy, and Jazmine go through life being pregnant, how will the boys cope with being new parents? Sequel to A Heart After All

  • Boondocks ~ Teens
    92.2K 3.7K 71

    They all thought it would be a normal year...but fate had something else is store for the Freemans.. Enjoy! NOTE: I DO NOT own the fanart nor do I own the characters.

  • Boondocks~~Teens No More
    5.2K 234 16

    ~•~ No. They aren't teenagers anymore. They're big girls and boys now. New missions. New enemies. New relationships. Has a lot changed since their adolescent stage? Has anyone broke up? Only one way to find out. ;-) Join Huey (24) and Riley (22) as they multitask with the agency and their personal lives. Meet their gr...

  • The "Boondock" Kids
    15.9K 636 30

    <~Shout out to Ebbzdances for literally finding me all these pictures! ***** Jazmine and Huey had finally gotten kids, no matter how much Huey hesitated. Read how these 'children' effect their lives in their teen years and how Huey deals with them. Huey and his family go to visit their family at their home town; Chic...

  • Dating The Freemans
    45K 1.3K 22

    Last time you read my first book, Huey and Jazmine FINALLY got together and Cindy told Riley she was in love with him. Read how their lives have changed ever since they said those three...little...words. "I love you." NOTE: I DO NOT own the fanart nor do I own the characters.

    Completed   Mature
  • Dating The Freemans 2
    27.7K 966 27

    Its been two years. Riley(18) and Cindy(18) finally got there gangster images. Huey(20) and Jazmine(20) go their separate ways to college. During spring break, Jazzy gets to see everyone again. Read how these two couples express their love. And read how their lives have changed.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boondocks (FanFic)
    28.8K 678 46

    Some wild things has been happening with the Freeman boys when they encounter the sisters. Find out more! {Authors Note: Warning parts of this have very explicit moments and may trigger some so please read at your own risk🔞} {Also! I do not own The Boondocks! Thank you!}

  • A Boondocks Love Story
    98.6K 2.9K 59

    {COMPLETED} Huey and Jazmine DuBois have been best friends since age 10. Huey...being a domestic terrorist is convinced that love won't appear in his life. Is he wrong? Will one girl from across the street change his life? Riley and Cindy have always clicked from the first time they played against each other in baske...

  • Boondocks One Shots
    5.3K 166 12

    Huey&Jasmine Riley&Cindy Hiro&Ming Caesar&Ming Caesar&OC I'm back 😆

  • The Boondocks Life
    11.3K 431 26

    It's the end of summer 16 and A new girl moves in the neighborhood of Woodcrest (the suburbs). Depressed 17 year old Jasmine has a whole new lifestyle coming for her ... 17 + (sex , drugs & abuse) please !! This story is NOTHING like the Tv show , I mixed names & added people my OWN way. Sorry if I make mistakes or...

  • A Boondocks Love Story (All Grown Up!)
    18.9K 797 31

    Sequel to A Boondocks Love Story! Follow Huey, Jazmine, Riley, Cindy, Caesar, Nala, Julia, and Koda on a journey after High School. College, adulthood, and children❣tears, laughter, drama and so much more Come on this journey with me and I hope you enjoy reading this book as you did the last one ❤️ ~FanaticXoXoXo Ow...

  • The Boondocks: You Like Me Or Nah? {ON HOLD}
    20K 805 24

    ***** Ok. This is ALMOST my last boondocks story. I'm like a cray cray Juey fan soo I just HAD to write more! And of course I didn't forget Riley and Cindy! Huey&Jazmine {14+} Rildy&Cindy{12+} Enjoy.!! ***** ★☆♥♡XolS♡♥☆★ *For once I will tell a whole story from the narrator's point of view* ★Dedicated to CindyandJazz...

  • Where.
    3.9K 94 5

    He left me. He took my childhood. And he left his child. The only question I had, Was where was he.... •Has nothing to do with my previous story, A Boondocks Baby•

  • This is for you, Granddad
    3.5K 146 14

    The new generation of Freemans have arrived and it's soon time for them to shine. But before they get old enough; Huey, Riley, and Jada want to leave marks and give their kids a high bar to jump. Embark on the last journey the Freemans take before they let their children take their place. Book 3 of 3 to the Boondock...

  • His girl (boondocks)
    8.4K 189 11

    The Freeman's have new neighbors. But what they didn't expect were two beautiful sister kai and Amelia to move in with there friend Bria. Immediately the girls caught the boys eye. Riley new as soon as he saw kai she had to be his. Read and find out there love story along with Huey,Cindy, jasmine, and my oc's kai, A...

  • (Jaylen x Huey)
    1.1K 18 11

    Jasmine Dubois's cousin comes to town. Lets see how that goes..... _________________________________________

  • Crew//Riley Freeman☾
    2.1K 57 4

    Riley freeman has a full ride basketball scholarship waiting for him at the end of his senior year. His ideal senior year consist of his friends, basketball, and parties. He tends to stay away from relationships to avoid a potential gold digger that only sees him as a money opportunity but things don't always go as pl...

  • Hey Boondocks Family!
    10K 347 47

    This a is Hey Arnold, The Proud family & The Boondocks mashup fan-fiction, with appearances from other cartoons & they're all grown up, in their college years.❤️ Please read it & I hope you like it, ENJOY.😘

  • The Suite Life of Willow Kelly
    915 20 16

    Hey Arnold,Proud Family,and The Boondocks are all grown up they are good friends with each other and think College is going to be a breeze that is until they realize everybody is not what they seem and to top it all Willow Kelly daughter if the one and only Wizard is keeping them busy but is she what she says she is r...

  • Guns and Briefcases [A Boondocks Fanfiction]
    408 16 2

    [RileyxOC] Vanessa is an intelligent and accomplished young woman with her eyes set on becoming the best lawyer in Woodcrest. Growing up in a single-parent household as an only child, expectations for her were set ridiculously high; she only ever did good deeds, and had never been in trouble for anything remotely bad...

  • Me in the Boondocks
    17.2K 621 23

    Shaquala Jones, moved from Florida because all the things me and my sister Nikki destroyed. Daunté didn't do anything but he still had to go. Shaquala 12, Daunté is 11 and Nikki is 10. My grandma told me to say hi to everyone, starting with the one across the street. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••...

  • Just the Way You Are (Huey Love story)
    52.4K 1.3K 40

    "No one loves me,so why bother,Huey?" "Cause unlike those stereotypical idiots,I see you...for you." I had to run away.I couldn't take my dad being no longer my dad.So I ran to Woodcrest and started a life that should've been.Took learning in my own hands as I went to school.I built a hard exterior to protect myself a...

  • Riley x Reader
    11.5K 366 6

    You're a normal college student and college has finally bit you in the ass being late was never your thing and it finally has come to get you back. And this man is angry, like I always say don't step on a gangbangers shoes. Let's see how this turns out *I'm bad at descriptions anyways just give it a try and check out...

  • Boondocks plus s
    14.1K 424 22

    I guess I'm in the boondocks now... FINALLY!!!

  • Falling into temptation
    2.8K 82 8

    In this story Jazmine has a twin brother Jordan. He's very protective of his twin sister but what will he do when Huey Freeman comes along. Also theres other couples in this story too.

  • Abuse And The Blues; The Boondocks
    4K 130 7

    The Freemans seem like a normal family, but if you were part of the household you'd beg to differ.

  • metanoia.
    1.6K 156 24

    /ˌmedəˈnoiə/ noun the journey of changing one's mind, heart, self or way of life. when three girls almost like sisters find their way into three of Chicago's hottest trending topics hearts. Will they fold under pressure or keep it cool and collected ? what they thought was gonna be a regular high school experience, t...