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  • Badass Softie {KiriBaku/BakuShima}
    3K 177 11

    Bakugou Katsuki, a quiet, smart, and angry boy who doesn't like people but is surprisingly popular. He doesn't have many friends, only one true friend. But that friend almost committed suicide because of bullying, but was stopped by the bully, Bakugou. He's hated bullies ever since then and swore to himself he wouldn'...

    Completed   Mature
  • {Kiribaku} Smile
    46.3K 1.4K 32

    Kirishima hides everything with his smile the smile that captivates the smile that no one would dare to question. Only someone who loves you unconditionally can see through the mask of the smile But who loves Kirishima? Warning I don't own any of the characters or pictures in this fanfiction I only own the idea and st...

  • Dog park [kiribaku]
    5.4K 298 20

    Kiribaku love story. no quirks, cafe Au. all characters are over 18. Kirishima moves towns hoping for a fresh start, but one day when hes walking his dog Loki. he meets a hothead blonde. cover art-drax_5567 (if someone can help me with descriptions, I will give you my soul)

  • Kiribaku Oneshots
    113K 2.8K 34

    EDITED I have so many ideas. COVER BY: @Imbelcilic-Idiot !!! thank you so much!! ❤️ =DISCONTINUED=

  • 🌸Together Forever🌺 |KRBK Oneshots|
    107K 4.1K 158

    !WARNING! IF YOU READ THIS, YOU WILL END UP CRYING SOMEWHERE! 99℅ OF MY CHAPTERS ARE FREAKING SAD AS HELL! Really emotional stuff my dudes 🥺🌺 Thank you all for the love and support! Enjoy the book~ ~Try to update at least once or twice a week~ Requests are: I will take the requests, if I like the idea, and I feel...

  • Kiribaku/Bakushima Smutshots and Oneshots
    5.7K 51 5

    I take requests, mostly cuz I have no inspiration ;-; hopefully you guys like it Uh it's my first smut book so don't expect anything amazing. ALSO: this book may contain multiple different ships

  • Kiribaku Bully Au
    102 10 2

    •bakugo has always been a bully but when a new kid transfers it might just change his ideals•

  • Ten more minutes.. [KIRIBAKU- YOUTUBER AU]
    8 1 1

    This is a very epic story. Yes, you can read it. There is alot of 🍇flert🍇 in there. If you want to be 👌kül👌 you need to read this. EPIC EPIC writing skillz. Dont show yo motha, she gon hav heart attac.

  • BNHA Youtuber AU || Memories || KiriBaku
    1K 56 7

    Kirishima and Bakugou were two pretty big youtubers. Kirishima was a gaming youtuber who would do some videos with his friend\fellow youtubers. Bakugou was a drama and gaming youtuber who would do most of his videos alone but some had fellow youtubers in them. Kirishima and Bakugous fans were requesting that they did...

  • Kiribaku Pride Month
    3.6K 302 36

    One shots through the month of June

  • Your Beautiful Eyes ~Kiribaku~
    118K 4K 18

    In this world, every one has two different colored eyes. One eye is their natural color, the other eye is the color of their soul mates hair. the only people who have two eyes of the same color are, people who've already found their soulmate and . . . Katsuki Bakugo. Bakugo was born with two red eyes. He was constantl...

  • Show Me {kiribaku angst}
    67.5K 2K 33

    A lot of sad mess. Kirishima is depressed and bakugo tries to help him.

  • A Flower's Affection (KiriBaku Flower Shop AU)
    81.4K 5.3K 44

    Flower Shop AU: (UA is a college for "pro heroes", however, no one knows everyone else is a hero. Quirks are not nearly as common and most keep them secret.) Kirishima owns a flower shop in UA college town, where he spends most of his time when he's not running around being a vigilante and crushing on Ground Z...

  • Cheer The Jock Up! 《KiriBaku》
    83.6K 4.6K 59

    Kirishima x Bakugou My Hero Academia ⚠️Strong Language-Offensive Language⚠️ Cheerleading AU where Kirishima Eijirou, along with his best friends Kaminari Denki and Sero Hanta persuade their highschool principal to open a boys' cheerleading team. They would cheer on the boys' sports team whenever they had a game- And "...

  • In The Club~| A Bakushima Short Story (COMPLETED)
    3.4K 91 2

    (COMPLETED!) Bakugou's friends drag him to a night club to get him outta his house and his depression. From the moment he got there, he knew this was gonna be a long, boring night. until something catches his eyes, or someone. he spots a cute dancing red head across the bar and immediately forgets his depressing life...

  • I Ain't Scared of Living (KIRIBAKU)
    24.5K 1.2K 11

    Kirishima always wanted to help people at a young age. He couldn't get a job before, so he resulted to using YouTube. He began his video generalized. He talked about how to deal with a loss of motivation, how to be happier, and his videos were later like Q&As where people asked him to help them with a situation, and h...

  • {Kiribaku} Catch Me
    362K 9K 9

    Bakugo used to be a nice, sweet boy until he got rejected by his crush. He started to bully people, be mean, get angry for no reason. He never loved anyone until..

  • lady like
    17.2K 589 21

    female kirishima au! this might be a short or long story i haven't decided on my moods yet so hope you enjoy! also on one note, I do not own any of these artworks, unless said so.

  • Early Mornings - KiriBaku
    27.8K 1.6K 16

    It's a coffee shop au. It's KiriBaku. They're older, no longer in school, and have no quirks. I don't know how many other characters I'll bring in, but hopefully you'll still enjoy it. Anyway, I don't own the characters!!! Also don't own the cover art!!! Language warning!!! I swear like a sailor, and I'm doing my b...

  • Nothing Short Of A Hero
    68.1K 3.1K 20

    "Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad." - Ann Geddes Katsuki Bakugo has been a single dad since he was twenty two years old. He is currently twenty seven with two kids to take care of on his own. He was left by his fiancé shortly after his youngest...

  • Little Red Riot
    22K 410 8

    Kirishima and Bakugou are roommates, living the average new pro-hero life but Kirishima's sexuality is driving Bakugou crazy. Are they really just bros or is there something deeper between the two? If so, will Kirishima's kinks be too much for the hot-headed blonde? Read on to find out!

  • Wouldn't It Be Nice (kiribaku/bakushima)
    2.8K 198 10

    At age 21, Bakugou is a single dad trying to get through college and working to support himself and his daughter as best he can. He takes his classes while Cara is at morning kindergarten and works after he drops her off at daycare to be taken care of until he gets off work at the diner. He does miss the freedom to do...

  • what do you call this? ( kiribaku )
    2.9K 131 10

    (COMPLETED) kirishima is just an ordinary boy, or so everyone thought. To be honest kirishima was very depressed, he felt unloved and useless. Until that is, he met a very hot headed ash blonde boy. After that, everything seemed to change. Btw I'm planning on using swears. Sorry, but it's Bakugou, I'm officially comfy...

    Completed   Mature
  • "It's Not Fair" (Kiribaku)
    1.8K 99 7

    this story takes place in kirishima's second year, he has built a even better relationship with an ash blonde boy, kirishima has always known he like the boy but when Bakugo got into a relationship, Kirishima's true emotions came out, he wants to be happy for his best friend but he can't help but hurt (Author note) we...

  • Bug Bites | Kiribaku
    756 81 7

    In which the Bakusquad goes on a roadtrip planning to get their two close friends and fellow squad members together. Cover Characters Drawn by: Ikimaru (tumblr) BEST RANKINGS: #649 in kiribaku #336 in roadtrip #1 in krbk OTHER RANKINGS: #420 in minaashido (7/16/19) #420 in bakushima (7/20/19) #169 in eijiro (9/8/19) ...

  • [KiriBaku] The Heartbreak Challenge
    66.2K 3.5K 23

    It was just a small challenge. Two weeks of not seeing each other. No communication between them. But that changed- and change isn't always a good thing. "You can't go around thinking like that, you're not a damn quitter!" "You're a man! And you accepted a challenge! If you stop then you'll never live it down!" If yo...

  • Forever? YouTube AU /ended/finished
    1.3K 82 30

    its a YouTube au deal with it

    Completed   Mature
  • 『BNHA』 All The Help I Needed 《kiribaku/bakushima》
    17.4K 489 4

    《rewrite in progress》 Bakugo Katsuki, a Freshman at UA, a prestigious school of many majors. He was like any normal fifteen year old, rude, loud and rather just keep to himself, but there's one thing that separated him from everyone else. He was deaf. And had been since birth. His life was mostly filled with his inse...

  • just to make him happy I gave you up
    59.3K 2K 43

    (bakushima) soooooooo I got this really good idea at 1:00 AM so right now~ to make this one shot because it's sad and that's what I'm good at so read the god damn thing Kirishima has depression and leaves bakugou alone just so midoriya can get closer to katsuki Bec he likes him and kirishima being the person he is sa...

  • Inarticulate || Kiribaku AU
    26.5K 1.4K 7

    Bakugou isn't the best at articulating his feelings, by anyone's standards. After one drunken night of not being able to hold himself back, he sends a long and detailed text to his best friend that accidentally reveals a lot more than he initially meant to let out. > No quirks. > Lots of swearing. -- I do not own b...