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  • Cuphead X Bendy- say something (Finished)
    54.4K 1.5K 10

    bendy was cured of his illness but along with it he lost all memory. the gang tries to help, but it seems pointless. the bendy they knew was gone...right? This is 2018 version. The new remake is out for 2020. I suggest reading that one instead.

  • *+.Ani x Jack part 2, New Generation.+*
    143 0 1

    Soooo sorry I took so long to make another!!

  • Ani the Wight x Eyeless Jack (Lemon)
    1.2K 11 2

    If you don't know who Ani is I discovered her from a creepypasta comic kn YouTube that was from Wight and if you do know her then I wonder why nobody did her, TwT, but anyway you can google her! And what Ani does is she drains souls to survive otherwise she turns into a husk, a mindless zombie, but Ani and Jack are a...

  • Its me..Or is it you..? Molten Freddy x Lefty
    5.6K 86 4

    So this is going to be my new story! I hope it will be more interesting than my other one that i discontinued, anyway.. This is a Molten Freddy x Lefty story; when they first meet in a forest by a small pizzeria and continue living their lives as friends at the start but then they get together. And once life was star...