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  • My Best Friend?
    435 166 11

    [COMPLETED] Lucy Heartfilia, had to move out of the city she was born in , which meant leaving her friends and her childhood....after 10 years she was back there.... Lucy's best friend Natsu is really happy to have her back. Lucy always feels sad when she calls Natsu her best friend...... why?????- they start having...

  • Beauty And The Beast {COMPLETED}
    160K 4.1K 17

    Lucy Fullbuster, schools nerd and outcast Natsu Dragneel, the schools 'Mr.Perfect' Gray Fullbuster, overprotective older brother What will happen when you put them together!?

  • XOXO: ~Love In A Bottle~
    12.1K 337 14

    What happens when a bottle of love potion mixes with the nerves of the craziest, rowdiest, people? Something like: -Natsu claims Lucy as his fiancee; -Jellal decides to have his own family with Erza; -Gray calls Juvia as "Juvia-sama"; -Gajeel declares Levy as his girlfriend; -Laxus writes supposedly romantic and sweet...

  • She's My Momma *NaLu*
    1.6K 24 8

    It all started after the Dragon Cry arc, when they all met a dragon who goes crazy for power, when Natsu almost died on the job, when he said, they were a family. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, only the twisted plot. Hope you enjoy this book of mine, love ya all stay safe and healthy. Anghela out pea...

  • Fairy Tears (complete :))
    3.5K 77 19

    When Lucy "dies"the guild is struck with sadness as Erza wouldn't eat cake,None of the boys would fight,Mira wouldn't ship,Cana and master wouldn't drink,And worst of all Natsu wouldn't talk to anyone. Meanwhile Lucy is stuck in the dragons realm and try's to get out with the help of our most favorite dragon friends.W...

  • A Resort For Two?
    10.1K 507 10

    Aye minna this is my first fanfic! Three of our FairyTail mages go into a battle for cash and resort tickets, will they win and who will they take to an unforgettable week at an exclusive resort? Laugh, Cry and Fangirl with the FairyTail gang~ (I hate this one tbh)

  • My Childhood Best Friend is My Teacher?! (Complete)
    86.8K 2.1K 44

    Lucy and Natsu were childhood best friends until Lucy moved away. Natsu was heartbroken because he was planning on confessing to her but she left. Soon after 10 years Lucy came back and is here for finishing her Senior year of highschool and for Natsu. But the one thing she didnt know about is that Natsu got a job as...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fairy Tail: LEMONS '2020'
    108K 801 18

    Lemons about Fairy Tail, booyah!

  • Two Insane Yanderes {Complete}
    44.6K 1.2K 32

    Natsu's life used to be meaningless and dull until a new girl came to Fairytail High. When he fell for Lucy, anyone who got close he would kill and hide the body. What if he finds Lucy doing the same for him. Will they confess and start to date? And even so...will the authorities find the couple and place them in an a...

  • Forbidden Love | Nalu ✔️
    2.7K 72 21

    for·bid·den : not allowed; banned. Best Friends in love. That already sounds risky doesn't it? Lucy Heartfilia and Natsu Dragneel are exactly that and have been for quiet a while. Except that doesn't just get in their way many other things do too. The word they have decided to call themselves is forbidden. Will they...

  • The Fairy's Deadly Sin *ADOPTED BY JOIEBEAN*
    48K 837 12

    We all know Lucy Heartfilia, Fairy Tail's resident Celestial Mage and The Light of Fairy Tail but... what if Lucy had a secret about her past that either she doesn't know about, or just wants to forget. The Seven Deadly Sins, there are seven right? Gowther, the sin of lust, Ban, the sin of greed, King, the sin of slot...

  • Our Love Story ❤️ {NaLu}
    126K 3.1K 40

    Lucy Heartfillia. She transferred from CHS (Celestial High School) and now attends Fairy Tail academy due to her fathers complaining about how he can't focus on work. Will a girl with trust issues and a hard past be able to make true friends and maybe even find love? Read To Find...

  • Messed Up Love Story (NaLu)
    161K 2.8K 39

    Lucy Heartfilia is just a normal girl in high school. She is just like any other girl in this school, but her life is over the top crazy. She has a HUGE crush on the most hottest guy in school. Natsu Dragneel. Lucy says her chance with him is one in a MILLION, but what if he has feelings for her. Will either of them t...

  • Burning Summer {NaLu}. {Completed}
    177K 4.9K 33

    ~ undergoing editing ~ The guild is about to have a war against Zeref. Something strange is going on with Natsu, he hides it from everyone till the day Lucy finds out. Through out the most of the battle Lucy loses the one she loves. Will she ever get him back? Guess you'll have to read to find out ;) Aug 18 - Dec 24...

  • A True Love (Natsu X Lucy)
    14.1K 332 48

    Hi! This is a fanfiction about two members from Fairy Tail, Natsu and Lucy. I ship them! Warning-I don't consider myself great at writing stores and I am just doing this for fun! I hope it's good, because I have no idea what I'm doing lol! Also, I own nothing, I'm just writing this fan fiction about the anime Fairy Ta...

  • My sisters teacher (Nalu)
    30.5K 1.1K 25

    Natsu Dragneel is the older brother of 11 year old wendy dragneel. Wendy is going into 5th grade. What happens when natsu meets the teacher? Lucy heartfilia is a 5th grade teacher what happens when she meets one of the students brother? Will they fall for each other? Or will someone get in the way?

  • Lost Heiress ♡ NaLu
    168K 8.3K 37

    Islas Dragones The island of Lost Love. The pink haired entrepreneur would only roll his eyes upon hearing it's self proclaimed title. After all, it was the place where his father fell in love with his mother and it was also the place where his brother and his sister- in- law started all over again. He never truly un...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Celestail Games (NaLu)
    93.6K 3.1K 22

    Once every 10 years a set of games play out for young wizards to appease the Celestail Gods. The games used to be a place for fun and joy until the ruler of the Celestail Gods child got murdered in the human world along with her husband. Even his grandchild went missing. Since then the games have gotten deadly. Lucy H...

  • Chance
    19.3K 653 19

    Introducing a NaLu Fanfiction: Will Lucy give love another chance? (Author's note: It is completed)

  • Beyond the Clouds ♢Book:4♢ (New Dawn Series)
    10.3K 475 26

    Indeed Lucy was returned to her family whom she loves so much but what happens when a familiar face returns to ruin her life? Book 4 has been released. I do not own Fairy Tail ♡.

  • Counting Stars ☆Book:3★(New Dawn Series)
    14.8K 570 22

    Lucy and ︎Natsu now are married and have a child. But on this child's 16 birthday, she will be the cause of either everyone's happiness or the cause of everyone's end. How will the new parents feel? Will the child be targeted? Probably. Enjoy!

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixed At Zero ◆Book:2◆(New Dawn Series)
    25.7K 974 25

    (Lmao this book is a messsss) Lucy is beaten by her guild and she knows it involves black magic. She heads home to find answers but my have a chance to meet her father. Along the way she is in an alliance with a familiar man. Will he steal Lucy's heart? Or Will Natsu be able to break the spell and reconcile with Lucy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Be My Guardian Angel (New Dawn Series) ♣︎Book:1♧
    116K 3.7K 32

    One day Lucy couldn't handle feeling like she wasn't accepted(no this isn't a story were Lisanna is evil and lucy goes to get a thousand powers) she goes on a job by herself and found an amazing discovery about her past. Rank #1 Fairytailau 01/03/19

  • Illegal Love (Editing)
    188K 7.5K 34

    Demons and Angels, are creatures which humans know exist and are above all. -.-.-.-.-.-.- A marriage, being held between the demon prince and angel princess has finally arrived, to unite the two different kingdoms. Lissana Heartfilia, was finally getting married to the man she has fallen in love for years. On the ot...

  • ✔️He Dared Me! - NaLu -✔️
    45.9K 1K 24

    Life is normal in Fairy Tail High until a new student transfers. Lucy Heartfilia, the rich nerd who has a handful of friends and thousands of enemies. When she meets Natsu Dragneel, his crazy personality flips her world upside-down - until one dare changes everything. The deal - date Lucy for a month and then rip her...

  • Dragon Princess!? (NaLu fanfic) EDITING in progress~~~
    136K 2.5K 27

    A fanfiction about Natsu and Lucy (NaLu) Its how Natsu regretted his actions towards Lucy.. He will realize something important he shouldnt have let go... He will realize how important her existence is.. Lets hope it will lead into a good ending than a bad ending.. (Sorry i suck at summarizing XP) (Editing the wrong...

  • I'm in love with the girl,who I hated (nalu fanfic)
    93.1K 2.6K 15

    Natsu the typical hot jock at school And then u have lucy the popular pretty blonde Natsu hates lucy Lucy hates natsu They don't care about each other But when lucy gets told to tutor nasty Will a friendship bloom Or will feelings bloom? Natsu and lucy hangout one day and lucy realizes she has feelings for natsu...

  • l Love You But Do You? (Nalu Fanfiction)
    256K 6.8K 52

    Lucy Heartfillia is your average teenage girl that wants to go to Fairy Tail, one of the best schools in magnolia, with an average life until her mother dies and her father starts to ignore her blaming her for her mother's death. Natsu Dragneel is an average teenage boy that attends Fairy Tail High and life couldn't b...

  • [Fairy Tail] Prisoner In the Shadows
    193K 6.8K 19

    '' Then we're are we going?'' Natsu asked. ''We are going to the Heartfilia Mansion.'' Everyone gasped. '' You mean the heartfilia's that suddenly disappeard a few years ago?'' Mirajane gasped. Makarov sighned. '' Yes . The Heartfilia's that disappeard.'' He said. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wh...

  • Just tell him the truth
    1.2K 41 6

    When lucy try's to hide her SECERT that only GRAY knows and she has to use them what happens with her and NATSU? Nalu fanfiction