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  • The Bad Boy's Girl
    968K 23.6K 101

    *COMPLETED* She is a beautiful, high school girl who lives in Lansing, Michigan, with great grades and amazing athleticism. The one and only, Kaytlyn Flores. But when she comes face to face with the schools bad boy, how will she react? Another question, how will he react? *This book with only be in Kaytlyns POV* **I d...

  • Roommates + Matthew Espinosa
    47K 1.4K 53

    [ ONGOING: FEBRUARY 2018 - DISCONTINUED] ••• "I promise falling for me won't be a mistake, princess." He had the typical fuckboi smirk plastered on his lips while staring deeply into my eyes and probably undressing me with eyes like what he always does when it comes to girls. "That's what you told me last time, douch...

  • Stolen & Sold
    34.9K 254 11

    She was 13 he was 17 his dad was associated in sex trafficking and so was he

    Completed   Mature
  • The love triangle **[ONGOING]**
    7.6K 3.5K 22

    "Shove your offer up your ass." "I would rather shove something else up princess" I stared wide-eyed at him while he just smirked with amusement clear in his eyes. ----------------------------------------------- Athena, a broken girl with alcoholic and junkie parents. Losing her best friend is the last straw for her...

  • The geek and the bad boy(COMPLETED BUT UNEDITED)
    300K 10K 55

    Astrid Conner. Tall, beautiful, confident. Almost perfect. She was everything a girl wanted to be. But her life was a mess. Her parents died and she has to live on her own, next to mom's best friend and her smoking hot son. How will this work out for her. Meet Kai Walker. The totally hot, mysterious, hunk that no one...

  • Pretend Girlfriend
    340K 10.1K 36

    It all started with seven words. It wasn't a question or much of a choice, but a statement. "I need you to be my girlfriend." Ryan Gonzalez didn't think she'd have a boyfriend at all her senior year, and she sure as hell didn't think it would be Xavier Hale, Illinois High Schools rich bad boy. But then Xavier decides...

  • the suicide hotline | ✔️
    123K 3.5K 38

    when a girl seeks help, and calls to a hotline. she asks to speak to the same person, maybe he's the reason she's still alive.

  • Coffee & Criminals
    3.6M 175K 44

    18 year old Florence Remy has three things that mean the world to her: Twizzlers, her best friends Ade and Clancy, and her parents' coffee shop the Espresso House in downtown Brooklyn, New York. As a small business amongst huge corporations, Florence and her parents struggle to make ends meet. However, they remain opt...

    Completed   Mature
  • bully | matt espinosa
    696K 15.2K 58

    Alyssa is a sixteen year old girl who gets bullied by a guy who used to be her best friend. Will Alyssa forgive Matt or will things just get worse for her?

  • Taken Away
    144K 1.7K 13

    Sixteen year old Lola walks home from school every day and makes it home safely but one day on her way home she isn't so lucky

  • His Game
    2.3M 124K 35

    Author of Silently Falling, Fight For Her, and Love, Anonymous ---- *told from the males POV* To be considered a player, you have to create your game. It must be played by your own rules and on your own terms. The most important part; you can't lose. His game was easy to play. Until she came along. -- REVIEWS: "I'm s...

  • Opposites attract
    612K 18.1K 73

    "You're so bad for me". "And you love that". I gulped as he lent in closer, trapping me between his body and the wall behind me. The worst part of the situation was how right he was and how badly I wanted to kiss him. What happens when you mix an uptight, straight A student who's never been drunk, to a party or in a...

  • Criminally Insane
    56K 2K 66

    Kidnapped from her home, 19-year-old, Scarlett Keating, meets the darkness she didn't know existed; Rowan Hanse.

    Completed   Mature
  • The words I will never say
    1K 27 6

    My 2am poems. Click. Read and Relate

  • 4522 {The Number Series}
    788K 44.7K 60

    A Wattpad Featured Story Highest ranking: #1 in Adventure The Number Series (A Dystopian Society) 4522. Both a name and a number that had labeled many. Within a society of the alive, yet not living, 4522 struggles to conform. She finds herself lost while surrounded by strict rules of direction. Deep inside, she kn...

  • Why He Jumped
    3.2M 166K 33

    My friend Adam jumped to his death.

  • The Slut's Guide to Chess
    103K 9.2K 30

    Blackwell Boarding School is swarmed with cameras that prey on the students in order to film for the reality TV show that shows an exclusive inside to an elite school. Zora McQueen avoids the glistening TV screen when her nudes are spread around campus, instead taking comfort with the only other person who keeps secre...

  • Don't give up on me ✓
    811K 76.3K 71

    When a road trip goes wrong, Georgia finds herself trapped inside Maythorne Manor with four hot boys and a secret. She knows they're dangerous but will that stop her from falling in love? And when they tell her she is one of them, is it too late to run? A house of sexy boys. She starts to see past their appearances...