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  • I Missed You (Bucky x Reader)
    304K 8.7K 70

    You're a 25-year-old girl living in Brooklyn along with your childhood best friends Steve and Bucky, and you're working at the SSR with your cousin Peggy Carter. However, you wanted to be more than just a friend to Bucky, and what you didn't know was that he felt the same... You and Steve become America's golden duo a...

  • We Saved Each Other (Bucky Barnes x Reader)
    93 7 7

    ⚠️WARNING⚠️ There is physical and mental abuse involved with this story so if that triggers you please don't read and spoilers for Tfatws Y/n is in a abusive relationship with John Walker, The new Captain America, She is the third living Maximoff and hasn't talked to her sister Wanda since the blip. When y/n begs to...

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me (Carl x Reader)
    169K 4.3K 23

    Carl grimes X reader (y/n) your name (e/c) eye color (h/c) hair colour Edit: You know, if youd like, you can follow me on instagram. You dont have to, i barley use it. Seriously. But its Ms.Momojojo just an fyi. God i sound like im begging for followers. Edit-edit:: You look a way for a reason. I kinda just realized t...

  • My Sunshine (A Daryl Dixon X Reader) Sequel to The Odd One Out
    39.8K 1.7K 20

    Here's the sequel to The Odd One Out! Finally, finally the group has managed to get away from the building, Daryl's father, and the place they had been imprisoned. They're still troubled, though. Will Craig Dixon come back? What do they do now? They picked up a four year old boy that no one knows the past of, and He...

  • The Odd One Out ~A Daryl Dixon X Reader~
    446K 17.4K 68

    #31 in Zombies September/3/2018 The world has come to an end. Zombies roam the earth and every day is a challenge of survival of the fittest. You are a part of a group who has managed to stay alive for quite a a while. Your group includes; Carol Carl Grimes Rick Grimes Glenn Daryl Dixon Michone and Andrea T-dog Dale ...

  • New Job (Jensen X Reader)
    85K 1.9K 54

    I finally got the job that I have been dreaming of since I was a child. But I couldn't admit it to my parents because they don't like actors. I was going to auditions in secret, despite the fact that I'm 28. I got the role of a demon who is demon Dean's 'girlfriend' and I have to say that I'm going to enjoy it a lot b...

  • The Better Winchester
    23.2K 563 26

    I manage to get a normal life, away from hunting. I got a job and I can afford my needs. My dad actually helped me into getting a normal life which I didn't really expect for him to do. But my life will forever change when I'll meet those two FBI Agents.

    Completed   Mature
  • Buy Me Dinner First [Dean Winchester x Reader]
    73.4K 2.2K 41

    ~COMPLETED~ As a hunter with a colourful past, (y/n) is trying desperately to track down and neutralise the monster that ruined her childhood whilst maintaining her elusive and solitary nature. When a hunt almost goes wrong due to an unnecessary distraction in the form of Dean Winchester, (y/n) is thrown into their co...

  • Friends after all - Dean Winchester x Reader
    247K 8.6K 34

    AU. Dean Winchester. Neighbor. Best friend. Single father. And fake boyfriend? You babysit his daughter. You've known him for years and you've been really close. Everything will be put to test thought when your sisters wedding approaches and he has the briliant idea of pretending to be your boyfriend. Nobody would hav...

  • Saved~ Dean x Reader
    286K 8K 39

  • Still the Same Kind of Business - a Dean Winchester (X Reader)
    2.2K 69 12

    BOOK 2 (read The Same Kind of Business first!) Dean Winchester (X reader) You meet a muscular, dirty blonde, green eyed man at your uncles place, but he's not alone. He is accompanied by he's little brother, Dean and Sam. You were 24 years old when you fell in love with a Winchester, but sometimes falling in love ca...

  • Serendipity ✰ Noah Schnapp
    132K 6K 46

    "It's just a coincidence." // "I'm starting think it's more than that." . Noah Schnapp x reader . First book of the ✩STAR SERIES ✩

  • The Same Kind of Business a Dean Winchester (X reader)
    43.5K 884 23

    Dean Winchester (X reader) You meet a muscular, dirty blonde, green eyed man at your uncles place, but he's not alone. He is accompanied by he's little brother, Dean and Sam. Your an only child, demons killed your father when you were 12 right in front of you. After that day you dedicated your life to kill any demons...

  • Lose Somebody ( Jack Kline x Reader )
    8.7K 243 20

    A terrible tragedy has left you angry with yourself and naturally, Chuck. Thinking back on everything that's happened, you know there's a lot you would change. But like everything in Supernatural, with the bad comes a little good, and vice versa. Somewhat of an AU. Jack was never soulless like in the show, I don't ke...

  • Accidental Unofficial Member ( Peter Parker x Reader )
    18.9K 846 22

    Life hasn't been easy for you, even with awesome friends like Peter and Ned, but after meeting Tony Stark and getting to know some Avengers, things start to look up.

  • White Flag ( Dean Winchester x Reader )
    95.2K 2.7K 55

    You're a solo hunter who's used to doing things a certain way. When you meet the Winchesters, compromises are made, arguments are had, friendships grow, and maybe something else with the one you thought you despised the most. This is sort of an AU (I don't keep people dead)

    Completed   Mature
  • I'm a Winchester ( Jack Kline x Reader )
    31.8K 1K 35

    You first meet Jack at school and it snowballs from there while the relationship between the two of you becomes more than just friends. Sort of an AU - I don't keep people dead! ~I don't own anything from Supernatural~