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  • Fall Into Me
    38 11 3

    Life is a spectator sport for Anastasia until one winter night when the glittering lights of the season and the skaters below her window draw her from her apartment. With a little bit of courage and her mother's skates, she finds herself stumbling across the ice and straight into a boy with stars in his eyes.

    5.3K 607 44

    TWO WORLDS. ONE NEVER-ENDING CYCLE. The year is 396 of the Ninth Era. The Twenty Year War has ended, giving rise to a new age of fear, oppression, and doubt. The survivors of this devastating conflict seek to make sense of an uncertain future... whether it be by going along with the system, or rejecting it entirely a...

  • Divine Hearts Among the Sky
    2.9K 1.1K 47

    "I need you to come with me, in my car," he said calmly. I looked at him with wide eyes "I beg your pardon?" "I meant to say, uhh I have heard that this neighborhood has a fair share of murders and killings" he stuttered. I gave him an eerie look. "You could be that person behind those murders and killings. Why do you...

  • Love Texts
    7.2K 496 46

    A collection of short and lovely messages❤️ Cover by @elineverhees

  • Ruins : Ongoing
    446 92 11

    Let's just say nothing ever truly goes as planned. - Ideira Leven is just another Crownian princess. Another set to rule...with a set of unfortunate line of events and a few too many enemies. Royals were never supposed to find out about the jewel that laid in the land of Crownia. It held too many dark s...

  • Fallen Angels
    581 170 24

    Silence can not be broken, but only tamed. Ranked 2nd place in the poétique awards under the category poetic praises.

  • (CLOSED) The Rosie Awards 2020
    8.4K 393 25

    Do you spend your whole day writing? Your hours wasting away? But for the amount of recognition your getting you may as well not be writing at all? Well this is the award for you! Enter here to find out how you can improve and get the recognition you deserve! Open (✖️) Closed (✔️) Judging (✔️) Stickers made by @Michel...

  • ENTER HERE! - The Red Feather Award
    23.7K 1.6K 22

    #1 in StoryContest (2019-03-01) The Red Feather Award aims to shine a light on the amazing authors of the Wattpad community. See inside for details and current contests!

  • Lumina
    33 4 1

    When Eliana discovers clues as to how her father died two years ago, she swore she'd find answers. Unfortunately, her journey took a series of unexpected events that propelled her into a world unknown to her and she realises it wouldn't be so easy. Book Cover by yours truly.

  • Deep Waters
    490 91 12

    The water is deeper here The waves more violent It's too bad I was never That strong of a swimmer

  • The Wattpad Nobel Prize (CLOSED)
    2.8K 261 14

    Closed [√] Judging [√] Think you've got what it takes to win a Nobel Prize even as an unpublished writer? Well, then show us that inner fire in you. Fill a form. Get accepted. Try not to get eliminated. Hold your ground. Bring that exclusive plot to the limelight. Remain until the end of the game. Then, grab your pri...

  • Blood Spilled
    199 62 8

    Slowly and cautiously, Camilla crept into the girl's bathroom. In the reflection of the mirrors, she could see Amanda swinging open a stall door. As she was scanning the stall, Camilla called, "Amanda?" Amanda's pixie-cut, brown hair whipped around to face Camilla. "Oh, it's you," she commented, immediately returning...

  • Pursuit
    514 124 7

    What is poetry, but the pursuit of one's own heart? A collection of poetry on love, loss, pain, and the many emotions of the human spirit

  • graphic art
    1.3K 267 55

    "If one does not understand a person, one tends to regard him as a fool." - Carl Jung

    Completed   Mature
  • The Blood Drinkers Show
    42K 3K 51

    When Jonathan Macbeth is sent to live with his distant cousins in Transylvania, he doesn't expect his life to take an unexpected turn - but it does. Now Jonathan has to learn how he can cope with his new condition, with the unhelpful aid of Mira, a young strong-willed woman, Ronnie, a wild mannered child and Macbeth...

  • Sweet Dreams [COMPLETED]
    1.1K 323 29

    "Our lives, our sweet dreams." This is my collection of short poems and prose about the story of life and dreams. Cover made by: "Book Cover Maker" @Amber_H97

  • Dancing with Your Ghost
    71 24 4

    Scarlet Harrington is a successful and famous writer. All the novels she wrote are brilliant and so unexpected. All that she got to come from her "too high" imagination. But, behind it all, Scarlet has maladaptive daydreaming - a psychological condition where she can spend hours in the world of her imagination. So, sh...

  • Yours
    72 23 5

    Arya Ports, a young journalist who has a myriad of achievements accompanied by her reckless nature by trying to dismantle the identity of a psychopathic killer in which British society is made uneasy by his tense murderous actions. During the investigation of the case, Arya finally manages to find a document in which...

  • The Shy Girl ✔
    73.4K 3.8K 38

    Emma Jefferson, a normal name for a girl that never even says what's on her mind but rather gets lost in her own thoughts. Emma completely forgot about the boy with green eyes that she used to have until freshman year in her class. She never actually paid attention to him, but now he's back, after two years. He start...