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  • Bounce bunny, bounce~Minjoon ✔
    642K 30.7K 27

    "Come on bunny, wanna see you bounce" Or Namjoon was always a little sadistic, he was constantly told not to play with his food. But he just couldn't resist. Cover by: @__nialsplacebo ❤ . . Also, I am aware of stories with the bunnyxwolf plot. Any similarities are mere COINCIDENCES.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cheater // Yoonmin
    72.7K 2.3K 24

    "I was just the dirty cheater that wronged you. I'm sorry for that..." ~ Book 2 of the Yoonmin series ~ Yoonmin ft. Yoonseok Short chapters like the first book

  • Change 2 // Yoonmin
    3.7K 178 8

    Book 2 of Change Everything seems perfect. Nothing can change their current life. At least it seems like this. ! This story contains: !smut! !male pregnancy! Highest ranks🏅: #696 in english (21/03/2020) Started: 07/03/2020 Ended: -

  • Change // Yoonmin ✔️
    90.6K 3.9K 56

    Park Jimin lives in a world where werewolves exist. He was abandoned by his pack without really understanding or knowing why. He couldn't know that one single occurrence could Change his life. Book 1 of Change. ! This story contains: !smut! !mentions of rape! !male pregnancy! 🏅Highest rankings: #31 in English (10/0...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unbelievable (bxb) (LBGT)
    368K 17.8K 25

    Gunner Madison is moving himself and his brother and sister back to the home his parents built. Weird things start happening and wolves become a very big deal. Logan Rivers is training for one of the most important thing in his life. He will have to fight and fight hard to get it. Or will the new kid take it all away?

  • My Mate[Yoongi x Male reader]✔
    43.4K 1.2K 29

    (Y/n) Is a wolf who doesn't know much about vampires. he was given the power to control ice in his human form and rip things to shreds in his wolf form. His parents are telling him that he needs to find a mate soon or else the elder wolves wil banish him. He had a bad encounter with the Vampire leader and ran Away in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lone Wolf Ranch (lgbt) (boyxboy) (mpreg)
    691K 27.2K 27

    Pig headed Colt could lose everything if he doesn't pull his head out of places the sun doesn't shine. Loner Shane is about to lose everything just because he is gay. What happens when fate steps in? Read and find out.

  • Cherry Blossoms & Rain | Jikook
    113K 6.6K 56

    "I do want to mate you" Jungkook yelled. Jimin was not about to cower like he always did, he wasn't a baby, "If you really wanted to mate me, you wouldn't have just picked up and left not thinking about how I felt. Mates are meant to care about each other and all I've ever done was show you how much I cared" Jimin ye...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolves || Jikook ✔
    70.1K 4.1K 13

    Jimin thought he could hide his nature to live with this human he fell in love with but the time came when he vanished into the woods... __________ heavily inspired by: Selena Gomez's "Wolves"

    Completed   Mature
  • ɴᴀɪᴠᴇ ᴏᴍᴇɢᴀ || ʏᴏᴏɴᴍɪɴ ✔
    131K 6.5K 87

    Jimin is naive and he has a crush on the Alpha, the playboy, Min Yoongi. "Why this mark hurts?" Started: 11/26/19 Rewritten: 1/13/20 ©KookieMonsterx1

    Completed   Mature
  • The Angelic wolf (Yoonmin) *Completed*
    1.6M 74K 168

    Jimin is a rare wolf that doesn't have a pack. He roams around in order not to get caught by humans. However, he goes on another packs territory and the head Alpha isn't happy about that... Or is he? Side ships Namjin Taekook Garren SeokSeok Contains Boyxboy Male pregnancy Mild language

  • Prestigious Institute For Alphas (JIKOOK) [COMPLETED]
    220K 15.6K 50

    Jimin and Jungkook meet for the very 1st time in the most popular institution for alphas... The PIFA .... however... their encounter is not so friendly... what will happen between these two alphas ... with totally opposite thinking and fierce attitude towards each other.... especially when one of them is hiding the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hear The War Cry
    14.4K 773 17

    Things don't always work out Jimin's expects them to. He lost his pack. He lost his family. He's lost everything. But he knows he's never going to let baby in his arms go. "Please. Go home. They'll need you there if something happens. You're one of the only omegas that can fight." Jimin gnaws on his tongue. He suppose...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ours (Bts ABO)
    86.7K 3K 22

    "I'm sorry for upsetting you," Jimin says. He presses himself closer to Jungkook, as if to offer himself up as an apology. Jungkook strokes Jimin's hair and neck gently. "You didn't upset me," Jungkook says. "I just don't like seeing my pack have a hard time." "Your pack?" Jimin looks up questionly. "Yeah. I think of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pure blood Alpha ♡Jikook♡
    122K 7.2K 21

    A new gang of students cause a stir at their new school. What will happen when the pure blood alpha finds his destined one there? • • • • • • • Beautiful cover by: @SiaRoseBunny Edited by: @amazing_alaska001