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  • my creations
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    well...this is FULL of my pictures that I made. hope you like it 😁

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    Okay, I'm gonna talk about random things in here YAY

  • Between Two Worlds-Luxsoka
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    After being betrayed by the Jedi Order, Ahsoka Tano lives in the slums of Coruscant, until waking up severely injured on a freight ship en route to Onderon. Reluctantly, she accepts the aid of Lux Bonteri, a once close friend. But what happens when a certain closeness begins to bloom? And what happens when her mora...

  • Art Book
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    No idea why I am torturing my self confidence even more -but oh well! Imma post fan art and other art! I will take requests as well.

  • Chaotic Neutral's Art Book
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    What the title says, a book of my drawings. It will mostly be Wings of Fire and Star Wars, With a few random things. Like Warriors. Or slightly disturbing doodles... I DO take requests, however based on my abilities I may not be able to do all of the requests.

  • Searching • Book Two of the Across the Stars series
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    Padmé. Padmé is hunted by the Empire. A mass target. Anakin. Anakin struggles with the pain of the confusion.

  • The Difference Between the Jedi and the Sith; A Star Wars Fanfiction
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    Kirajj Ari's mother never survived Order 66. Xzinova Ari broke the Jedi Code and lived in bitterness forever afterward. The last words her mother ever said stuck with her; There is no difference between the Jedi and the Sith. Now Kirajj has lived in a world where she is not a Jedi or a Sith. Kirajj is a mercenary dedi...

  • Star Wars: The End of Time
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    I don't know what to put here. The book stars: Anakin Ahsoka Rex With: Obi-Wan Cody Yoda Mace Windu

  • Not Just Your Cupid (on-going)
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    When it comes to romantic relationship, Alani has nothing to offer. But, what if one day when she wakes up she will see herself as cupid, How will she handle this kind of situation? At papaano kung maling tao ang natamaan ng kanyang palaso? Anong gagawin niya para mapigilan na mahulog sa isa't isa ang dalawang taong...

  • You, Me, and this Balcony (Completed)
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    No one can ever find love. Love finds us... even in the most unexpected circumstances. Director Lance Princely is back in the Philippines to work on his new project. But little that he knows, his stay in the Philippines will lead him to a beautiful stranger that will forever change his life. Karimae's You, Me, and t...

  • Zodiac Signs 3
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    Book 3 of Zodiac Signs Contains: - fun facts - zodiac squads - personality traits - zodiac relationships & many more!! (IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR SIGN, DM ME.) (I DO LOVE COMPATIBILITY's, DM ME FOR YOURS.)

  • Love Can Conquer
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    Achievements: #2 in 12thcentury! For years, The kingdoms of Adrylian and Haelan were at peace. But, on one fateful night, their peace broke, and the war between the two lands began.... Isabella is the daughter of the King of Adrylian's most trusted knight. She is betrothed to Prince Jaren, the prince. They marry, and...

  • Memes
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    Get your daily dose of memes ;)

  • Survivors
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    "You and I are the same, we're survivors." In which part of the Mandalorian's bounty turns out to be a jedi

  • Homebound → Fortnite [COMPLETED]
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    ✔️COMPLETED: September 27th, 2018✔️ "Give me until Season Five is over, I'll try my best to make sure you both get back home to earth." You were sucked into Fortnite from the world's colliding, being as you were completely oblivious to everything, Raptor decided to bring you to the HQ where he would teach you the rop...

    Completed   Mature