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  • Reagan: The Alpha Female Of Rogues
    41.6K 1.3K 27

    Reagan never thought she'd meet her mate, ngunit sa di inaasahang pagkakataon ay nagkita sila sa di kaaya-ayang sitwasyon. Inakusahan si Reagan bilang isang mamatay tao, ayon sa kanyang mate ay siya raw ang pumatay sa kapatid nito. Gusto mang humingi ng tawad ni Reagan sa kanyang mate ay hindi niya magawa, lalo na kun...

  • My Innocent Boyfriend [PUBLISHED ON DREAME]
    289K 1.4K 9

    [COMPLETED PART 1] All Rights Reserved (2019) Dela vega SERIES 3 BETA- 2nd Organizations ☆He is Liam Travis Grey Parker. An innocent man I made a puppet boyfriend to cover up my ego. Upang isangkalang sa sakit na idinulot sa akin ng ex-boyfriend kong si Howard Belmont who is also the boyfriend of the whole campus. Up...

    Completed   Mature
  • THE BILLIONAIRE: First Love (BOOK 1)
    1.2M 4.3K 7

    Ali Storm Dayn is a Fighter Pilot of a private organization called Angels Organization. Ang buhay niya ay umiikot lamang sa kanyang trabaho kaya naman ni minsan, hindi pa niya naranasang magmahal. Nakakahiya mang aminin, NBSB (No boyfriend Since Birth) siya sa edad na 30. Isa sa mga nakasaad sa kanyang kontrata bilang...

  • TDBS1: Darkest Touch - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    21.2M 473K 23

    SYNOPSIS: KUNG may katawang tao ang tsismis, ang magiging pangalan niyon ay Jan Irish. She was a gossip eater and spreader. It's her job and nobody could stop her. Kaya nga pinili ni Jan Irish na maging Journalist para legal na makapag-tsismis sa iba ng mga alam niyang sekreto. She loved her job more than anything...

    Completed   Mature
  • TDBS2: Wicked Encounter - COMPLETED (PUBLISHED under Precious Pages: LIB Bare)
    19.8M 442K 24

    SYNOPSIS: Nykyrel Guzmano was like a phantom. He hides away from the shadows and control people from the dark corner of his huge mansion. He's the owner of Guzmano Corporation yet nobody had seen him, not even his shadow. Some believed that he was a man near to the grave, a man who's ugly and scared to be mocked. He w...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 21: Knight Velasquez
    129M 3.5M 137

    Knight Velasquez would willingly and silently sacrifice himself in order to protect the people he cared the most about, even if it meant endless trouble and deceit. But his life soon took a quick turn when he fell for the woman who saved him from his world of pain. ****** To ensure the safety of his beloved brother...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 20: Andrius Salazar
    51.6M 1M 39

    All his life, Andrius Salazar only wanted three things. A peaceful life that he plans to live to the fullest, he wanted to be left alone by his family to do things his way and he wanted his mother not messing with his life. But he learned in a hard way that those three things were not easy to have. Especially when his...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 19: Beckett Furrer
    50.8M 1M 38

    Beckett Furrer. Groom. Bachelor's Party. Drunk. Desire. Lust. And mistakes. Three years later, what happened that day still haunted his sleep and waking hours. Not because the wedding was cut off, but because of the woman who gave him the sexiest and erotic night of his life. But the thing was... He didn't see her f...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 18: Pierce Rios Muller
    47.2M 940K 30

    WARNING: SPG | R-18 | Mature Content Mabibilang ni Gladz kung ilan na ang mga naging boyfriend niya mula ng mamulat siya sa mundo, at lahat ay niloko siya at pinagpalit sa iba. Kaya sa edad na bente-otso, siya na yata ang pinaka-numero unong fan ng sikat na kasabihang 'walang forever'. In her twenty-eight years of exi...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 17: Hunt Baltazar
    46.2M 948K 30

    She met him in the club. She liked him even before she met him. They got drunk, they dance to the rhythm of dirty music, talk some nonsense and then they end up in a hotel room. She happily gave him her precious virginity but when morning came... She was forgotten. Pagkalipas ng ilang linggo, nakita niya ulit ang lal...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 16: Titus Morgan
    50.2M 998K 32

    Titus Morgan had only three important things in his life. His friends, his mother and the wealth that he was trying so hard to own. Worried by his friend's welfare, pressured by his father's constant reminder of the well-being of his mother and not to mention the dispute between him and his arrogant half-brother...he...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 15: Phoenix Martinez
    42.6M 856K 33

    Phoenix would rather stay rooted in Baguio and work his ass off rather than experienced the buzzing life in the center city. He would rather bury himself with work in his kingdom rather than to go out and have some dirty fun like his lunatic friends. He would rather feel the cold damp weather than to feel the heat in...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 8: Shun Kim
    43.4M 900K 27

    Shun Kim had wide range connection when it comes to getting information. He would know ones deepest and darkest secret in just a snapped of his finger. He was the kind of man that someone never dreamt of lying because he'll know even before you spoke a lie. But his vast connection was put to a test when he meets the s...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 9: Lash Coleman
    37.3M 777K 27

    With his amethyst eyes, to die for smile and gorgeous body, Lash Coleman was a very handsome male specimen. Girls fall at his feet, but he never catches any of them. His eyes were trained to only one woman. Nez Fernandez. A woman he shouldn't have feelings for. He was not supposed to like her as a woman. He was not su...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 11: Valerian Volkzki
    78M 1.4M 43

    LUSTING over Grace Oquendo was not good for Valerian Volkzki's health. He should be working his ass off and firing his employees who go against his will. Dapat ay nagpapayaman siya imbes na ini-stalk si Grace Oquendo. Lahat ng ginagawa niya ay kabaliktaran sa dapat gawin ng isang Valerian Volkzki. Why was he being lik...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 12: Cali Sudalga
    47.5M 911K 29

    Cali Sudalga got everything. Limited edition luxury cars. Wealth. Money. Yachts. And a very huge mansion that anyone would dream of. Women will do everything to get his attention or even just a minute of his precious time. But no woman had ever succeeded in doing so. He's aloof and he keeps to himself. Wala siyang pin...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 10: Lath Coleman
    44.3M 864K 28

    Lath Coleman was way too wicked and tricky for his own good. He would blackmail, threaten and pay someone to get what he wants. And he wants Haze Tito - the woman who hates him from Earth to the moon and back. At mas gugustuhin pa nitong ilibing siya ng buhay kaysa ang makita ang kaguwapuhan niya araw-araw. But Lath...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 14: Lysander Callahan
    58.5M 1M 28

    She was his secretary and he was her boss. Plain and simple. No complications. No problem. Nothing. That was Lysander's life before he started desiring his secretary in ways that he couldn't even explain. Siya ang tipo ng tao na walang masyadong pakiaam sa iba, pero pagdating sa sekretarya niyang palaging dahilan ng...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 7: Ymar Stroam
    50.4M 985K 26

    There are three words to describe the famous Dr. Ymar Stroam who owns the very successful and well known YS Pharmaceutical. Serious. Intimidating. And snob. While Czarina Salem is jolly, energetic and secretly green minded. Oh. And she loves eating banana. Magkaibang-magkaiba ang dalawa at alam na alam 'yon ni kupido...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 6: Dark Montero
    55.6M 1.1M 27

    One word to describe Anniza Gonzales: voluptuous. And because of her voluptuous body, her fiancé cheated on her and the woman he cheated with called her an ugly fat duckling. Hindi lang puso niya ang nasaktan kundi pati ang pride niya bilang isang babae. Kaya ng gabing nalaman niya na niloloko lang siya ng kaniyang f...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 3: Train Wolkzbin
    51.7M 951K 25

    Train Wolkzbin eluded marriage for eight years. Hindi siya magpapakasal kahit pa mamatay lahat ng kaibigan niya. Kahit pa magunaw ang mundo, hinding-hindi siya magpapatali sa isang babae. He was enjoying his bachelorhood. Pero mukhang magkaiba ang isip nila nila ni Krisz Romero. Walong taon na ang nakalipas pero pi...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 2: Iuhence Vergara
    51.6M 945K 25

    Eight years ago, Iuhence met Mhelanie Tschauder at his mother's birthday party. She was the most stunning and ravishing woman his eyes ever laid on. In just one night, she managed to awaken emotions that only a man who had a heart could feel-apparently, he had none. Eight years later, they met again. The feeling was s...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 5: Calyx Vargaz
    55.2M 1M 31

    Calyx Vargaz was a self-proclaim playboy, self-centered and charismatic. He was downright handsome with his beguiling pitch-black eyes and set of dimples. According to a bachelor magazine, he was worth billions and that made women swoon over him... But not all women. Not Etheyl. Etheyl had sex with Calyx. A one-night...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 4: Lander Storm
    42.9M 799K 27

    Lander Storm hated the color red. Pinapaalala kasi ng kulay na iyon ang pagkawala ng mga magulang niya. He saw his love one's blood scattered on the pavement and he couldn't erase it from his memories. And then he met the beautiful lady in red dress, Vienna Sugon. Pinigilan niya pero nahulog ang puso niya para sa dal...

    Completed   Mature
  • POSSESSIVE 1: Tyron Zapanta
    65.2M 1.1M 23

    Tyron Zapanta was a one-woman-man kind of guy. He doesn't do cheating and flings. He believes that a man should only love one woman. The longest relationship he had was three years and still going strong. But, his belief about love was challenged by cupid when Raine Lynn Dizon crashed into his life. Literally. When h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiger 7: Victor James (COMPLETED)
    567K 13.1K 20

    WARNING: SPG R-18 NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND CLOSE MINDED READERS Cover by: denimchild Para sa isang Victor James, ang salitang 'Love' ay nakakasuka, nakakabakla at lahat na yata ng nakaka na pweding sabihin. Basta, ayaw niyang mainlove sabi nga niya 'Mahirap humawak ng babae kaya ayoko mag girlfriend'. Pinangako niy...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiger 6: Daniel Gail Naga (COMPLETED)
    519K 12.1K 18

    WARNING: SPG R-18 NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND CLOSE MINDED READERS Cover by: denimchild Daniel Gail Naga, a serious type but sweet and caring man. Sabihin na nating sweet siya, pero makaraan ang ilang minuto iba na naman ang ugali. Bipolar? iyan ang the best na pweding idescribe sa kanya. Si Aimee Joy Pelembergo nam...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiger 5: William Dutch (COMPLETED)
    596K 14K 18

    WARNING: SPG R-18 NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND CLOSE MINDED READERS Cover by: denimchild Para sa isang police ay tungkulin nilang mag ligtas ng kapwa, tumulong sa mga nangangaylaingan at higit sa lahat, nang huhuli sila ng mga taong may sala. Shaina Saguid, siya iyong tipo ng pulis na akala mo biro lang lahat ng kilos...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiger 4: Jin Lee (COMPLETED)
    495K 12.1K 18

    WARNING: SPG R-18 NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND CLOSE MINDED READERS Cover by: denimchild Crush is pag hanga, kapag hindi nawala pag ibig na yata. Hindi naniniwala si Fyonna Marie Casanova sa walang kwentang kasabihan na yan. eh ano naman kung may crush siyang lalaki simula high school pa lang? Masusukat ba doon kung ma...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tiger 3: Dylan Smith (Editing)
    685K 16.8K 17

    WARNING: SPG R-18 NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG AND CLOSE MINDED READERS Cover by: denimchild Micaella DeAsis, babaeng mahilig mag tago sa lahat. Marunong mag laro ng tagoan sa mga taong ayaw niya masali sa pahina ng buhay niya. Makakapagtago pa kaya siya at makakatakbo kung ang nag iisang Dylan Smith ang darating sa buhay...

    Completed   Mature