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  • The Boy With the Diamond Earrings (bxb)
    75 12 4

    --Based in South Korea-- It's senior year of high school for River Jung. His plain and ordinary life gets disrupted as two foreign exchange students from America transfer to his school. One of the duo piques his interest, and he decides to dig a bit deeper into the reason why. - A story of friendship, romance, and the...

  • Crystal Clear - Treasure Chest Reviews & Graphics [Hiring/Open]
    7.3K 326 73

    This is a review book for those who want an honest judgment of their work and grow as a writer. We aim to help writers improve and want to support them on their way to mainstream recognition. We are always trying to find hidden gems within the endless ocean of Wattpad stories. If your book manages to blow our minds wi...

  • The Nightmare || Book One of the Immortal Desires Series
    2.6K 354 15

    ❝The Beast 𝖈𝖔𝖓𝖘𝖚𝖒𝖊𝖉 Her.❞ One night. That's all it took to turn Belle Treddington's life into a downward spiral. Tristan Lunestar, a man who was more than just a vampire, took Belle's life in his hands and became the puppeteer of her success and edged her towards a normal life. The nightly beast soon fell for...

  • The Bringer of Death
    55 8 2

    Tyson Jackson is the type of man you don't want to cross even on a good day. He has a strong sense of justice and a strict moral compass that if you stray out of bounds ... he will find you. And once he does, he will introduce you to the one thing that most humans on planet Earth fear the most - Death!

    Completed   Mature
  • Winter: The Divine Awakening
    837 137 11

    A high school student is rather intelligent, easily keeping up with grades and schoolwork. However, he's also the punching bag and money source for a few bullies. What happens when his physical abilities suddenly are enhanced, and he unlocks control over the cryogenic? And what will he do when he is pulled into an unk...

  • Do you dream of me in the next life?
    473 133 6

    It only takes a second. One second for dreams to be torn. One second for a heart to stop beating and a second for it to be born anew. Kalah and Joseph are the best of friends, but what happens when an accident rips them apart? Take a journey of discovery, where nightmares are the monsters of reality and dreams are not...

  • Annual New Years Starter Awards
    4.3K 314 20

    The Annual New Years Starter Awards are just around the corner. You have recently started publishing a new novel or short story and strive for recognition within the ocean of Wattpad stories? You want to receive a fair as well as constructive critique and would like to engage with other like-minded new story authors? ...

  • The Last Philosopher
    31.4K 3.3K 101

    Before everything, it's assumed there was nothing, but what if there was no real difference between the two? Just two extreme philosophies from the original conflict. The planet Huom has been under observation for longer than should technically be possible. The primary watcher, a bitter black-hole, is excited to see t...

  • Fabricated Dreams (Complete)
    975 40 14

    It started with simple games, but it ended with him selling his soul. Dayton Coral dreams of becoming a professional gamer, but he never quite makes it. To pay the bills he sells his brain's processing power to a corporate data farm, sleeping his days away. When people start to follow him, Dayton worries what his body...

  • Children of The Underground
    1.9K 170 19

    Magic is a force of nature. And in the country of Mednagora, it can be studied, understood, and even harnessed into strange and wondrous technology. But every new advancement comes at a price: magic must be harvested as "artifacts" from The Zone: one of many hotspots of wild magic, where fireballs and lightning bolts...

  • Nova Terra: Titan
    905K 51.9K 158

    Highest Rank: ⭐️ Fantasy #1 ⭐️ SciFi #1 ⭐️ Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desires of those who dare plunge into its mysterious depths. Nova Terra, your dreams, your world. Jump into the world of Nova Terra with Thorn, a giant y...