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  • Undertale Halloween Night
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    After the barrier is destroyed and Frisk SAVED all of the underground including the six souls, the consequences is the result of their own live in order to revive or save them. Meaning not saving Chara. After 10 years of being an ambassador she tried to find a way to save Chara, but once she enter into the Mansion she...

    Completed   Mature
  • SSB x Reader (Stopped)
    17.4K 216 15

    This is the second book of the first ssb x reader, but also ill put the remake version of the failed one i made. -u- Update: This book is now moved into SSBU X Reader book that I made for your request, meaning this book is stopped.

  • Ssb x reader - fairytale edition - Discontinued
    1.8K 24 5

    A collabed story or collbed rp of ssb x reader by me and Swirlix13 so we both are doing the rp of ssb x reader. Story idea - Swirlix13 Rp for the story - jenmirai184 and Swirlix13 Characters from the SSB - Nintendo Update: This book will be move to my buddy Swirlix13 (she/he changed their pfp name) but who know it...

  • South Park (TSOT) x Reader (Not Updating)
    18.3K 377 9

    This fan fiction only contains The Stick of Truth characters x Reader only. This book is not available for you to request, I'm so sorry. Someday when i am in the mood, I'll make an updated

  • Assassination Classroom x Reader One-shots
    4K 59 8

    Since I'm also a fan of that anime, why not make a one-shots of it! XD If your interested to read more, please request me to write the request for you. ^^ And plus I hope you had a good time!

  • Ness x Reader
    5.6K 97 13

    This book is where I place my CRINGY writings here, so bear with me

  • Lucas x Reader
    7.1K 140 12

    Okay just to be sure Lucas is from Mother 3 but to be sure I will be typing more stories like this and my other one. So enjoy!

  • Boyfriend Senarios (Loz version)
    1.1K 36 5

    In this book, it only shows Link x Reader only. And also if any ideas if you guys want me to do, let me know! Oh and one more thing, I do NOT own those pictures. These pictures belongs to the artist who had done VERY well on the artwork, including the game. And plus this was inspired by someone I read his/her's book a...

  • AU Sans x Reader - One-shots
    291 4 2

    Again I don't own the characters and the pictures, they all belong to their respective owners.

  • Persona x Reader - One Shots
    7.5K 68 5

    The requests are open, but it will take a while thanks to the problems about making ideas. So if anyone is interested go right ahead! It's also possible for a senarios for the boy characters as well. Also there will be persona 3 and 4 in here because I made too much books, so please request the other characters as w...

  • Danganronpa x Reader - one-shots
    15.5K 202 15

    Various one-shots for those who wants something new to read. Plus this is Danganronpa series, as in Danganronpa 1, 2, and 3. There is some Danganronpa games I haven't visited so be aware. Warning: I don't own Danganronpa, the pictures, and the character. It belongs to the respective owner who made and game and the art...

  • DeltaRune x Reader Oneshot Requests Open
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    Cover made by me, but someone one else owns the art. Plus DeltaRune belongs to Toby Fox who is the same creator if Undertale. Be warned that there will be major spoiler for those who don't know what DeltaRune is.

  • Binding of Isaac X Reader - One Shots -
    3.2K 35 6

    This needs more x readers, but I just made it to be more interesting since I played this game for about how many hours. XD I don't own this game, characters, and the pictures

  • My Hero Academia x Reader
    258K 5.3K 37

    It's a various one-shot of the male and female characters from the anime series! OuO And also I don't own the anime series and the images.

  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate x Reader Oneshots
    11.7K 174 21

    Finally here it is, Super Smash Bros Ultimate. The most popular game in peoples opinion with their almost all favorite characters in the game along with DLCs. Story Oneshot Request: OPEN Available for the request: OC, Lemon, and Events Warnings for request (aka characters doing the bad things): Cheater and Yanderes I...

  • Ssb x Reader (First Book)
    93.9K 1.4K 78

    Okay for the very first time!! XD But for the first timers, please be sure you read other ssb x readers. There great! Update: I'll be refixing my CRINGY writings since I really don't call myself a writer / artist XD Update #2: This book will change into a one-shot & scenario book from here on out so that this book wil...

  • Monster Prom x Reader
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    You got yourself into this mess of a high school, you evenly don't know what type of monster you are but then again you know what to request. Disclaimer: I don't own Monster Prom it belongs to their respective owner along with the characters, the stories I provide in this book belongs to me. Warning: Swearing, Violen...