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  • Ethereal
    366 49 6

    Kylo Ren x Reader You are the best cartographer in the First Order, working behind the scenes to supply the best course of action for each attack on the Resistance. Not only do you make the maps, you are extremely knowledgeable of every aspect of each location. When Kylo Ren finds out who you are, he deems you extreme...

  • Kylo Ren/Adam Driver One-Shot Collection
    24.9K 468 20

    **READ WARNINGS** A collection of my one-shots that include the following characters: - Kylo Ren/Ben Solo (AU's & SW) - The Knights of Ren - Charlie Barber - Flip Zimmerman Open for requests ✓ Tumblr: barberzbunnyˎˊ-

  • The Little Things | A. Sackler.
    287 29 3

    "Is love suppose to hurt?" "It wouldn't be love if there wasn't pain or agony." [Reader x Adam Sackler] You've moved to New York in hopes of finding an acting job, having that be your main focus and priority. Until you met a rowdy, chaotic man who will bring a burning electricity into your life and everything th...

  • Pressed Into the Page
    5.2K 142 4

    Professor Kylo Ren is tasked with stopping an elusive campus group known only as "The Resistance". After setting a well-laid trap, his new student, Bel Holden, is caught. Since she will not give the names of anyone else involved, Kylo resolves to make her semester as difficult as possible. However, Bel proves to be a...

  • collision | kylo ren
    2.1K 138 6

    modern au boss kylo ren x secretary reader. Ever since moving to new york finding a stable job has been almost impossible for you. After being fired from multiple jobs and constantly being rejected from each and every interview you are finally accepted into a new job as a secretary at the first order. The first order...

  • Gone Rogue
    188 17 2

    3 years. It had been 3 years since you left, since you ran. You're sent to make another big hit, but what happens when that someone was your previous best friend? You don't do it, you couldn't kill him, you could never hurt him. You couldn't handle it so you dropped everything and ran. Trying to turn a blind eye to yo...

  • Devotion |Kylo Ren x Reader|AU|
    48.1K 1.8K 29

    As one of the deadliest and most notorious assassins in the world, Kylo Ren has become cold and desensitized to everything around him. Money no longer interests him since he's practically swimming in it and the only thing keeping him going is the thrill of the chase. Not once in his life has he hesitated to pull the t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Samaritan | Kylo Ren
    1.2K 83 4

    A continuation of Dangerous Affection | "Are you ready to finish what I started, Tesoro?" You dominated every aspect of glory he had shed in the wake of his arrest- persevering through the flames of treachery that Kylo Ren had been the daunting fuel to all those months ago. When he resurfaces, he retaliates with a nee...

  • Somebody That You Used To Know | Kylo Ren Mafia AU
    7.4K 422 10

    You vowed to love Ben Solo for as long as you both lived; but a cruel twist of fate stole him from you, leaving behind only the darkest parts of the man you loved who now calls himself Kylo Ren. Determined to help him remember who he used to be, you follow him down a path neither of you may ever return from. dark rom...

  • Bonded | Kylo Ren x Reader |
    414K 10.4K 48

    Read Warnings: Ever since Luke Skywalker took you to train at his Jedi Temple, you have become close to a particular young man by the name of Ben Solo. One night, tragedy strikes and you are thrown into an unknown world all alone. That is, until the Force bonds you to a masked stranger. Warnings: Language Heavy/Inten...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deadly Sins
    5.1K 152 7

    | kylo ren modern mafia au | you work in the mafia, for you father, as an assisin. you were sent out to kill Vicrul, but things go wrong and you get caught up with Kylo Ren (his boss) And now he wants to meet you for business , is this a new beginning or a tragic end?

  • Dangerous Affection | Kylo Ren
    26.5K 1.1K 24

    Kylo Ren was cruel. Poisonous and diabolical. You were the assassin hired to fulfill the task of obliterating the anarchic man. Cutting the loose ends he had wired with your commuting "employers" the Resistance. Only instead of cutting those ties, Kylo Ren enraptures you with the rope of his deception, embracing you w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Money Power Glory [Mafia Kylo Ren AU]
    498K 12.9K 48

    You are dating Armitage Hux, the mob boss (Snoke)'s right hand man. But when Kylo Ren, the underboss of the mafia, returns from his time away, you soon become a pawn in their game of money, power, and glory. "You talk lots about God Freedom comes from the call But that's not what this bitch wants Not what I want at...