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  • The Ravaging
    143K 9.5K 43

    Something has been happening on the outside of the United States for months now, and that something is terrifying. Nobody knows what the virus is that spread all around the globe, and listening to their government, Americans weren't worried about it coming to their own country. But they were wrong, and now it has quic...

  • Lockwood Academy Rivals
    846K 30K 27

    [BoyxBoy Romance] Freshman, sophomore, and junior year. Those are the years that Evan and Christian have known each other. Those are the years that they have hated each other. Or maybe not. ~ ~ ~ Evan Reed expects his senior year to be like a...

  • Two Birds, One Stone
    271K 14.9K 33

    It's hard to believe that a boy who didn't believe in love and a boy who didn't believe he could love himself would have much to learn from each other. But it would turn out that way, of course; with everything to gain and even more to lose. As it turned out, both Liam and Jamie needed to learn not to trust the dim...

  • The Fisherman's Greatest Catch (BoyxBoy) Book 2
    27K 2.1K 14

    *BOOK 2 OF THE DEVIL'S SANCTUARY SERIES. READ DEMON FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING!* Peter Fischer is an average fisherman in his old, poor town. For years he's been supporting his family, following the same routine to keep the four of them alive. Wake up, spend all day out at sea, then sell the fish for money or brought ho...

  • 𝙇𝙚𝙩 𝙈𝙚 𝙄𝙣.
    256K 10.1K 43

    West Rickert is an asshole. He's a crackhead, and he's a drunk. At least that's what everyone says about him.

  • Bangers and Mash
    6.4K 431 6

    Lucas and Aaron There once was a boy, who used his fists in times of rage- he didn't know how to communicate with people of his age. His parents couldn't understand- they wouldn't even try- and pumped him full of medicine until he'd learned to cry. This boy has just moved out- 18 and living free- but suddenly there's...

  • When Best Friends Kiss
    8.4M 255K 46

    Alex and Liam have been best friends their whole lives until a drunken kiss leads them down separate paths. As time passes, they must face truths they never expected. ***** Alex Camejo and Liam Santos have been thick as thieves since they met at age...

  • Imperfectly perfect
    99.1K 4.7K 20

    Cornelius & Matthias Cornelius Tapio Wood, better known as 'Tao', is an albino that suffers from OCD and countless anxiety problems due to his rocky past. Matthias is an Architect, who is desperate for some sort of connection. Everyone he has dated seems to have grown tired of him and left- leaving a broken soul in...

  • When Lust & Envy Meet
    226K 11K 32

    Isaac Harley is Eton's devilish delinquent, and Josiah Beckett's the pretentious prefect. At least, that's what the two have always presumed of each other, their true selves buried under a facade and hidden like a sin. Neither one would've ever guessed that all it took was one fateful night, one of hazy minds and abso...

  • The Pajama Kid
    518K 18.9K 27

    Chronic fatigue syndrome is a state of profound fatigue that is not improved by bed rest and that may get worse with physical or mental activity. This fatigue significantly interferes with daily activities and work. I have that syndrome. My name is William Elijah Brookes and I haven't left the house in over two month...

    205K 13.1K 38

    Corey is searching for the meaning of beauty. Dorian finds it in everything. [Posted: May 2019]

    Completed   Mature
  • Oakleaf Academy For Boys [BxB]
    1.9M 107K 47

    Treat them like prisoners and they'll behave like prisoners. Oakleaf Academy was a prison. No matter how you described it, no one would believe it was a boarding school. The kids were running wild, fighting, dealing and screwing their life's up beyond repair. It was for the roughest and toughest boys in the country, c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Inferí [boyxboy]
    3.2M 148K 25

    [Book 1] In an attempt to escape the police after killing his parents, Adrian finds himself in a world worse than his own. It's definitely not Narnia or Wonderland, he soon realizes as he faces the laws and demons of this new world. A new world called Inferi... [Warning: Contains graphic adult themes and offensive con...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Skinny Boy Tales (boyxboy) - Completed-
    252K 11.5K 21

    Max, diagnosed with anorexic and bulimic tendencies, is just beyond excited to finally leave the clutches of his overbearing, overly religious mother and her hateful ways; however, Max isn't given any time to rejoice in his new freedom because he has done little more than trade one prison for another. "Welcome to the...