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  • The Jokers lil Weapon
    15.6K 338 10

    Thea is a 16 year old girl who has her eye on the Prince Of Crime who also seems to be interested in her...

  • SHE was once MINE
    28.3K 818 5

    Y/N L/N also known as WildCard was once the Joker's favorite partner to have before he had met Harley in Arkham. Both of them was also known as the King and Queens in Gotham, nothing can stop them from their doings even Batman. She wasn't just a partner to him, even on how much cold blooded murderer the Joker was...

  • Luna
    215K 8.7K 34

    Not thinking twice, I ran to Josh and pulled his head into my lap. Taking the silver, I began to burn the venom from his cuts as I cried. He didn't respond, not a cry or a scream, nothing. My heart ached, he was dying. His heart beat once more and then stopped. Everyone in the clearing froze, waiting for the next beat...

  • Kidnapped Alpha Mate(Sorry Slow Updates)
    456K 14.3K 60

    He is Handsome. She is Beautiful. He is Possessive. She is Protective. He is the Alpha of One of the Biggest Packs in the U.S. She was just a stubborn human. So what happens when their two worlds collide? When they both find out that they are destined for great things, but at a cost...

    731 70 18

    Ruby No one wants you. That's the only line she was said from the day of her accident. That's true. No one wants her. Her uncle and aunt never wanted the burden of taking care of her. And she didn't have anyone else in the world. So she didn't have any choices.. that's her life. It's a story about a tweeny-two year o...