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  • The Magic in Your Song(Trixya)
    10.2K 656 38

    A trixya love story Beatrice aka Trixie owns a multimillion dollar company along with a lost/broken dream. Yekaterina aka Katya owns a creative soul and lost hope. Both have baggage. They both also hold the key to the other's happiness in the form of a shoulder to cry on, motivation, cheesy texts, bad jokes, pints of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Miss Perfect ✔~ trixya
    6.3K 547 34

    Straight hair. Straight A's. Straight forward. Straight girl. Little Miss Perfect. That's Trixie Mattel... A/N: This story is based on the song Little Miss Perfect by Joriah Kwamé

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Behavior - Trixya
    1.7K 141 12

    Katya is a bad girl movie star known for being a womanizer. She gets what she wants whenever she wants it and is not used to being told "no." Practically every woman wants her or wants to be her. She is constantly getting chased down by adoring fans and the paparazzi. Trixie is a talented makeup artist and is looking...

  • ❀The leaf ❀ Crygi
    577 62 7

    Paris, 1790. Crystal Elizabeth fights for freedom. Genevieve Goode fights for the law. Their points of view could not be more different. But they both are craving for the same thing: the love they never had... (French revolution AU /Lesbian AU)

  • babysitting ; trixya
    13.5K 797 30

    where trixie, 18, gets a job as a babysitter during the summer. what she doesn't expect though is to get a crush on a beautiful 29 years old married woman.

  • Lettre à l'équipe (Fiction Finie)
    1K 159 5

    Petite série d'OS où les Avengers originaux découvrent tous une lettre écrite par Natasha. Spoiler Endgame Chap 1 Steve Chap 2 Clint Chap 3 Tony Chap 4 Bruce Chap 5 Thor

  • Seule(s)
    380 60 4

    SPOILER POST ENDGAME !!!! Natasha dans une ville vide. Quelques part qui n'est pas le néant, qui n'est pas la mort, qui n'est pas la vie. Quelques choses entre tout. Seule. Évidemment, seule. Tant de choses, tant de morts sur sa route. Elle n'attendait pas une place là haut. Ne l'avait jamais attendu. Puis arriva A...