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  • Shiloh Beltré: Orange is the New Black
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    I like orange is the new black.

  • strings ➳ oitnb
    44.1K 898 11

    ❝no strings attached, alright?❞ [orange is the new black] [season 3]

  • Dangerous Woman | Nicky Nichols | ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
    7.4K 257 14

    in which, a girl lives for danger, because she's a dangerous woman. Orange is the New Black Nicky Nichols x fem!OC Season 1 - Season ??? Published - 06/09/19 Completed - ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

  • 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐛𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐝|m.r
    37.3K 1.6K 26

    ❝ I AINT ONE OF THOSE LEZZYS BUT YOU KINDA CUTE. ❞ ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* maritza ramos knew. she knew y/n's darkest secrets. { COMPLET...

    Completed   Mature
  • A new life, a new family.
    5.1K 133 7

    Amelia McCallum of the infamous crime family, the McCallums. Twenty years old and serving 25 years in Litchfield. With Red, Mendoza and Vee out to play how will she handle running with the big girls from day one? Set in season 2. Mentions of Spanking. Read and review.

  • The Dogma of the Prison ➵ OITNB [Slow Updates]
    4K 76 10

    Rita Abarca tried all she could to not wined up in this place, but she managed to just fall right back here after all attempts. But it wasn't as bad. She met some nice people, some she'd call friends. (//Slow Updates//)

    29.9K 477 12

    I'm Olivia. I'm new to prison. New to crime. It was all just one misunderstanding. Now I'm fresh meat in a prison full of lions. {CONTAINS: Swearing, Sex, Adult Humour, Violence}

  • Missing Nobody 〰️ (OITNB) [Finished]
    16.9K 359 38

    When Danica Beverly, a young 22 year old, commits a crime and doesn't get away with it, she was sent to Litchfield Women's Correctional Facility, where she has to do 11 years in-prison. She, inside, finds love- hate- enemies and a lot more. Will you follow her on her journey? (Slow updates)

    Completed   Mature
  • sarcasm • joel luschek (Orange Is The New Black , OITNB)
    38.3K 676 31

    "we already fucked, might as well get attached.", i shrugged pacing the workshop. ive been here not even a month yet, and I already found someone I care about- and no, not just because we fucked. Thank you @spacebuns- for the cover, love!!!!

  • Home (OITNB Poussey Washington Fanfiction) formely Broken
    25.9K 778 14

    A story where a young new inmate, Leah Kendrick finds her self in Litchfield, woman's fideral prison, located upstate New York. Lonely and heartbroken, she meets Poussey Washington. Poussey seemed to make Leah's day in prison easier. Despite being different in so many ways, they still found comfort within one another...

  • The one I want
    202K 5.1K 32

    "I've never wanted someone as much as I want you" "Then don't let me go" Book#1

  • Orange Is The New Black Quotes
    30.9K 942 111

    This is just a bunch of memorable quotes from one of the greatest shows ever (in my opinion anyways) Orange Is The New Black. And by the way I think that Alex and Stella are super hot. But I prefer Alex way more. She's hotter in my opinion. I don't know Ruby is hot too so i have a hard time deciding. But I'm pretty su...

  • Criminals [OITNB Maritza Ramos]
    20.4K 524 21

    Valentina Rossi is back from another visit from the SCHU, only this time it's different.

  • Degenerate | Orange is the New Black
    7.4K 95 16

    Get drunk, do some illegal shit, and then get caught? That's pretty much how it worked out for Finley Clarke, and now she's paying the price. One minute she's living her life in New York, and the next she's behind bars at Litchfield Penitentiary. But hey, there's always getting out early for good behavior. | Orange is...

    28.9K 392 14

    These imagines aren't mine! I don't really see many Orange is the new black stories and imagines on here so i thought I'd try and make an imagine book! I'm not the best writer but if yu have an suggestions I might try to write one!x

  • Daddy x reader
    116K 2K 24

    She grabs my chin and looks up at me with a soft smirk. "Lets see how you use that pretty mouth of yours Mama." _______________________________________________ When a new face catches the attention of a certain D Block inmate.

  • Suckers & Smokes (OITNB Young Carol/You)
    16.3K 462 15

    You didn't have a lot of first...and it's all her fault