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  • Knights in Shining Armor
    12 2 2

    in a world of swords and chivalry, knights serve there lords with ultimate loyalty. but is there honor sound? is there armor really shining?

  • Tin Man: A Destiny story
    12 5 6

    A couple of short stories from my Guardian in Destiny 2 (I do not own Destiny 2 or any proper names in the story, all i own is the character)

  • File//Agent-Arizona
    15 1 1

    Agent Arizona's official Freelancer file and records. (Collection of short stories, OC info, and roleplays, if I feel like it.)

  • UNSC Retirement Gang
    8 2 1

    Just a weird assortment of roleplaying ping things for me and friends that like Halo and Roleplaying.

  • Just a random oc book
    162 14 15

    My oc's for roleplays, stories, etc. Hell, you can use these oc's if ya ask me I don't care, just credit me.

  • Multiverse RP
    15.7K 159 28

    An RP where multiverses collide and conjoin! Be anyone from Marvel, DC, Anime, you name it! This is a story where anything can happen in this colossal event.

  • My Wattpad Friends
    31 5 1

    Here's some of the friends I've made during my time on Wattpad. Who knows you might be on this list.

  • Titanfall 2: The Lost But Not Forgotten Pilots (RWBY x Titanfall)
    36.5K 494 59

    Milo and his squad were on The MCS Cooper. Named after Jack Cooper for his heroic actions in destroying the Ark Fold Weapon. How will they cope in this new world? Will one of them go insane? Read and find out.

  • (Titanfall) The Black Arrows: An I.M.C x RWBY story
    453 26 4

    Join Commander Tyler Morgan as he enlists some new pilots into his elite squad, The Black Arrows but what will happen when himself and 7 other pilots when his ships Jump-Drive erupts and launches them onto a strange new world, will they cope without been on The Frontier? Read and find out. (To join the story fill o...

  • Cadets job (Intro)
    24 2 2

    The government issues at that determines what school you shall go to. The school that is chosen is your life. Between the Academy(Military), University(Science and tech), College(Business), Vocation(Vocations). The Academy is the hardest of all. It is just the intro to the book. I wold like criticism and advice. Firs...

  • Halo Rp
    92 1 3

    Self explanatory

  • Your no good to me dead(Boba Fett X RWBY)
    766 19 2

    I don't own either Star Wars, Boba Fett, or RWBY. All I'm doing is writing a crossover fanfiction. I also don't own the cover.

  • War of the Worlds(Multi-universe RP!)
    846 8 7

    Halo, RWBY, Star Wars, Titanfall, Starship troopers, Battlefield, Call of Duty, Azur Lane, Gundam, Aldnoah.Zero, Valvrave, Destiny, and so forth.

  • Emile's Insta
    6.8K 274 101

    I wanted to make myself an Instagram. Apparently showing bloodied aliens is against the rules and I got banned. Oh well, you all accept me.

  • Big book of OC's
    20 4 4

    A thicc book of my OC's

  • Halo: Shadow Rising
    5.5K 121 9

    After a string of militia attacks on UNSC military garrisons, Spartan squad Viper One are brought in to stop the uprising on home soil before it escalates into all out war. During the chaos, a mysterious virus is taking hold of civilians on Earth and the symptoms are that of Flood hosts. When the two begin to link tog...

  • Halo: 56th Squad (Halo Fanfiction)
    20.3K 424 19

    Halo fanfiction Taking place after Halo 4: a man by the name of Alex joins the UNSC after his home planet was attacked by a rouge Covenant Squad.

  • Huntresses and Headhunters
    1.4K 42 5

    This is a different version of my "Is That a Gun?! HALO X RWBY" story. I was just standing on Sigma-IV, ready for an eventual Covenant attack. When it finally happened, all hell broke loose. At the end of the fight though, a weird thing happened and suddenly there were four girls standing in the middle of it all. "I d...

  • Is That a Gun?! RWBY X HALO
    41.1K 428 16

    I, Hunter-B001, was somehow sent to an island named Patch on a planet called Remnant. How? I don't know, but I do know Remnant sure as hell ain't a planet in UNSC space! But at least I got these kids to back me up!

  • Samurai RP
    636 4 6

    An rp, where you can go down any path you choose, be it one of honor, or one of dishonor, the choice is yours, be wary in this world full of warriors

  • Samurai Style Tokyo Drift(A crackfic)
    5 1 1

    Tokyo Drift...Samurai style.

  • Arizona's photo album
    498 12 7

    These are pictures I took from when I was still in Freelancer, and some came after.

  • My OC's
    289 12 11

    Yeah booiiii I don't own the artwork or any of the fandoms

  • RVB Roleplay! (with my OC's and many more!)
    219 3 6

    I'm gonna give this attention, for once.

  • Orochi/Ryan Winters Instagram
    109 40 16


  • The legends of forgotten time
    180 13 7

    For all of the people I was close with. And the people who have become legends to me.

  • Senpai ~(Yandere OC rp)
    142 11 5

    I'll be using all of my OC's, but in a more high school setting. So you got my badass knife guy trying to kill everyone else for your love. Sounds fun, right?

  • The legend of Rokko No Shi
    9 2 1

    Rokko No Shi, motherfucker.

  • The Heretic Crusader
    14 3 1

    (I don't own the cover, it belongs to Vidal The King. Inspired by Highschool DXD.) He carried out Gods will and yet was branded a heretic. He betrayed his faith for the life of another. And now...He is a demon, the very thing he had sworn to destroy.

    969 16 9

    Lololol I don't own RWBY