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  • You're Such An Idiot
    3.3K 325 18

    This She-Ra fanfiction takes place just after the end of the last episode. I want to explore the relationship between Catra and Adora, how they'll learn to deal with each other and with themselves. It alternates between Catra's and Adora's points of view. It's quite emotionally powerful, not just fluff and erotic. I'm...

  • Dancing With Death
    14 3 1

    Being an assassin is fucking hard, to say the least. Everyone turns to you to get their dirty work done but you have nobody to turn to. You never know who's the "good guy" really, nor does it matter. Combined with the fact you're running from the police, your victims' families, and even some crooked clients, makes it...

    448 84 7

    ((Cover made by @john_1290)) Thank you, Skipper_019, for this plot! *light swearing* Melody Summers doesn't live up to her name. Ever since she was in the 8th grade, when her voice cracked during a singing performance in front of the whole school, she's insisted never singing in public out of embarrassment and...

  • Campfires & Rainbows
    35.9K 1.7K 62

    Devin Chase is being forced by her parents to go to a gay camp. This camp is supposed to "correct" Devin's lesbianism. But this camp is actually a disguised safe haven for all LGBTQ+ members.

  • Not Without You {Steve/Bucky Fic} COMPLETED
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    Bucky has feelings for Steve. And that's to say the least. He's hopelessly in love with his best friend. And his best friend is hopelessly in love with Sharon Carter. Bucky tries to live a normal life. Well, as normal as he can get, for being best friend's with Captain America and previously being an assassin hi...

  • Peter Parker One Shots
    8.7K 229 13

    Probably all going to be irondad and spiderson, some other superfamily relationships. (And by relationships I mean FAMILY. I will not write starker or anything of that sort.) Situations like field trips, peter being kidnapped, re-dos of scenes from movies ect. I mostly write angst. Like LOTS of angst. Get your tissues...

  • Revolution
    1.6K 109 31

    When we took the 'human' out of 'superhuman,' we made them something worse. . . Paige is one of 20 superpowered mutants being held in a Dynagenesis facility, kept secret from the public and the government. They've never seen the sun or the ocean or had a breath of fresh air. But when Paige begins to realize something...

  • Day After Day
    336K 10.6K 34

    Each day she wakes up in a different body, not knowing who she is, and each night that body dies. She is the Reaper Syndrome, and she's desperate to know why. ***** She doesn't know what's happening. Each day she wakes up in a new body, not knowing...

  • I'm Here | ✓
    86.9K 3.7K 65

    It's post CA:CW. The Avengers have split, a mysterious organization is hunting down Bucky Barnes, and Team Cap is struggling with their loss of the fight. Instead of going to Wakanda, Bucky decides to stay with Steve for protection. Although everyone is struggling with how to move forward, Steve and Bucky are trying t...