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  • Time after Time
    817 90 9

    After discovering a love note in the margins of a book, Lula must choose between the plans she's made for herself, and the love of a mysterious stranger. Note: A short Time Travel Romance.

  • Order of the Gears
    13.7K 367 18

    Imagine a steampunk world in the Victorian era in modern ages. That's where Syl is. Syl, eighteen, has spent her entire life in the Gear Hall as an Engineer, a top ranking job in the world of Varse, or for as long as she can remember. Her last memory was her when she was four years old, being taken by her guardian Mar...

  • The Way Out
    87 15 1

    It has been said time heals all wounds, or in this case, time prevents them from ever happening. In the bleak future of a century long cybernetic war, a young soldier must rescue his true love from his own clan and escape to a time before the conflict even started. Took second place in the Wattpunk Punk Romance Chall...

  • Mechanical anima [Short Story]
    37 4 1

    Animus Dresden was a human indeed. Yet you would doubt it when you see what he made and sold in his cozy little workshop. Clocks and horologes, little watches on chains, music boxes and clockwork toys inhabited the shelves and window sills of Mr. Dresden's shop. Visitors were sure that hardly have you even turn your h...

  • The Grid Runner
    3.8K 297 13

    *Winner of @theCRYPTIC_'s Herculean challenge* In a dead world, machines have kept civilization alive for centuries. But when those machines suddenly stop working, a young boy is thrust into a dangerous game of survival. Hunted by demonic assassins, he has to uncover...