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  • Salvatoria - Grand Finale Winner Black Cat Awards - Ambassadors' Pick ONC 2019
    5.4K 954 47

    Four strangers spend a week in an old, abandoned house in search of ghosts. What they find lurking within the dilapidated walls are their own demons and unforgivable sins. When their crimes are brought to life, they find themselves trapped in a game of death. (The Haunting of Hill House meets Flatliners.) COMPLETE D...

  • The Vaundega Files: The Westwind Mall Murders and Supply Closet B-115
    317 8 20

    Thirteen locks and one demented janitor weren't enough to keep Brandon from opening Supply Closet B-115. Dumped on the overnight watch shift in the Westwind Mall, Brandon was only warned about one thing; don't look inside. One night, when Brandon sees a green smoke pouring through the cracks of the supply closet, he d...

    Completed   Mature
  • Game Boy
    22.3K 1.3K 31

    Kenneth Dekker lives trapped in the hospital undergoing robotic lung treatment. He regularly escapes to the VR world Atlas Quest--his safe haven. There he befriends another player, a girl named Byrd. Over time, he takes comfort in having another human being to talk to as his health takes a turn for the worse. His lun...

    Completed   Mature