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  • The Chasing of Moons
    30.4K 2.5K 36

    The biggest dilemma in all of this is that Frank slept with his future husband. Now Frank's just got to make sure that the future with him stays intact, but it's not so easy when present day Gerard seems to hate his guts.

    Completed   Mature
  • For the Love of Writing
    1.8K 107 1

    • Commissioned by Hulu for their Looking for Alaska campaign •

  • that guy || josh dun x reader
    42K 792 24

    "my father wants me to wear them." "and you should always do as your daddy says, right, sweet cheeks?" • contains smut, but i'll put that at the beginning of the chapter

  • Celebrate [a Joshler story]
    100K 4.7K 60

    Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses his family. His crew tries anything to make it better, but no one can help him. That is until one day, a guy asks him if he's alright, when he finds hi...

  • A Deadly Trip
    884K 45.6K 37

    NOTE: I recommend reading The Subway before reading this book to avoid any confusion. After the subway incident all Gemma wanted to do was put the past where it belongs. Behind her. It's been five months since Gemma literally had to fight for her life alongside her now boyfriend Archer Daniels on a NewYork subway tra...

  • careless // joshler
    26.5K 833 54

    josh had been watching the brown-haired boy for a while, and he was certain he wasn't okay. // tyler knew a boy with obnoxiously purple hair had been watching him, and he was getting annoyed.

  • hopeful window ; joshler
    3.6K 113 8

    "I don't think that's what lovesick means, Josh." this whole book is a trigger warning.

  • Merry Emo Christmas!☆Many Ships Included
    3K 298 26

    Like an advent calendar. One cute one shot for 24 days till Christmas, will include Ryden, Peterick, Joshler and Frerard☆ <3

  • ,,,Sweaty ☏ ••multiship (finished)
    24.3K 1K 46

    Tyler and Josh meet online, and develop crushes on each other. Not everything always goes as planned, though. Especially the group chat that is created.. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Suicidal stuff and anorexia I wrote this two years ago and published it last year it's really bad

  • Kik Group chat Joshler Ryden Meshley Ferard Petrick and Brallon
    1.5K 55 18

    This has Brendon Urie, Josh Dun, Tyler Joseph, Melanie Martinez, Gerard Way, Frank Iero, Ryan Ross, Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, Dallon Weekes, and Ashley (Halsey)

  • Kik [Joshler, Ryden, Jalex, Frerard, Peterick, Zian]
    117K 5.9K 52

    A bunch of losers on kik

  • You drive me crazy (a short Joshler story)
    1.3K 61 2

    Tyler was going to one of the best, if not the best, and most expensive creative university in the country - maybe even in the world. He spent more time on classes and studying than his social life. He'd never been the most social person anyways, or the most popular. Tyler had hoped that he and his roommate would end...

  • rich & sad ↣ joshler ✓
    118K 6.1K 41

    Josh is a business man. A very, very wealthy business man. He thought he had it all. Money, good looks, power. But the one thing he craved? Love. He's thirty two and pathetically single. He wants to change that. Time's ticking. Tyler is a brat. A nasty, slutty, obnoxious, selfish brat. He gets what he wants when he w...

  • the dorm // joshler
    185K 6.5K 36

    this is my first fic but im a pro at reading them so yolo and chapters will be kinda short; college joshler from josh's pov :) ily stay alive <3 FUTURE KB HERE YES HELLO THIS FIC HAS NO PLOT WHATSOEVER EXCEPT THE END KINDA HAS A PLOTLINE TO IT

  • band camp ⚣ ⌜joshler⌟
    405K 17.2K 31

    from june to august, a camp was held for teens ages 14 to 17. it was a camp created for aspiring musicians. it was divided into two, vocals and instruments. first fanfiction rip? trigger warnings***