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  • The Sound of a Siren's Call
    632 97 27

    When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused. Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father's pirates all fluent in sign, she only ever felt the split of the underwater world of her mother and the pirating one of her father. With the divide only...

  • As the Crow Flies (Book One)
    46.1K 5K 52

    *Winner of 2019 Watty in Historical Fiction* In New York City, in the enigmatic year of 1903, lived two very different boys. Abner was satisfied with his life, deep in the libraries of the university. Crow was content with translating languages in his spare time. They were fine with admiring each other from afar. The...

  • Influence
    256 29 2

    Millions believe she's a murderer. One man believes she's innocent. The Internet would see her hang for a crime she didn't commit, but Tam Martin isn't going down without a fight... When Tam, the assistant of a popular social media influencer is pinned for the influencer's murder, the seemingly unscrupulous man who'd...

  • Kickflip | bxb
    51.4K 4.5K 22

    Sixteen-year-old Matteo is a simple dude. He would rather spend the summer of 2003 filming his skateboard video than worrying about his best friend Logan's obsession with gay jokes. When cute emo boy Quinn applies to work at the skate shop with Matt, life gets more complicated. Being friends with clever, flirty Quinn...

  • O2
    3K 543 22

    The Earth is dying, yet humanity survives. Pollution and radiation run rampant on the surface. The government rations food and clean air for everyone. The glass domes provide some sense of security, but they are only for the rich who can afford the astronomical price of providing precious clean air to a whole city. N...

  • Cloud Chasers
    1K 180 40

    Joyce Blackbird is a bored aspiring writer who just entered her adult years. The world around her frustrates her and disrupts her inspiration to write. Chase Journey, musician, is the first person she's interested in. Through the clouds of his constant vaping, he too longs to escape reality. Together, they find a di...

  • What You Can't Teach Me
    2K 285 22

    Grace Turner writes songs. Her mom wins lawsuits. And her dad coaches her high school's football team but he, unfortunately, doesn't win much of anything. Until Grace recruits the shy sophomore boy who sits behind her in French class, Finn Ames.