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  • Mr. Perfect || Vmin
    2.7K 313 16

    Gangs and brawls is not something the class president should get involved with, but that's exactly what happens when Jimin starts thirsting after Taehyung. On the outside he's perfect, but lust is a sin after all. (Quick warning: Jimin is a big ass pervert. Like for real. Also I might never finish this book)

  • Letters From A Purple Shoebox | JinMin
    22.7K 1.8K 50

    Jimin never shared his feelings to other people- instead, he'd scribble them down on little pieces of scrap paper that he hid in his purple shoebox. When he realises that he can't keep hiding his feelings for any longer, he finally gets the courage to send each note out to his lover boy, one by one until he gets the b...

  • Truth Or Dare | JinMin, VKook
    43.5K 2K 12

    After school, a friendly game of Truth Or Dare turns into a serious, threatening game with consequences that make them wonder how long they could be put in detention for. So, what do you do now? You carry on playing, of course. Started: 15/07/2016 Finished: 29/07/2016 Edited: 20/08/2017

  • At Half Past 10 | JinMin
    185K 11.5K 89

    Jin is happily married to Namjoon...except that he's not. Namjoon is an abusive alcoholic. At half past 10 every night, Jin wins his freedom back, excessively drinking at a nearby nightclub, where he gets to do whatever he wants to whoever he wants. Started: 28/07/2016 Finished: 03/01/2017

    Completed   Mature
  • Guardian
    2.4K 164 6

    Jinmin ~~~ This was not how Jimin had planned to spend his senior year. And at this point, he didn't have a plan for the rest of his life either. ~~~

  • Monster •Jinmin•
    31.8K 1.8K 16

    Jin is a normal human who lives with his brother Taehyung. He doesn't have very much money but he does his best to support himself and his brother. Jimin is the vampire prince, who is supposed to be getting ready to be the king. What will happen when their paths cross, and will they realize how much they both need...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slidin' In Those DMs | ×Taegi×
    92.4K 4.2K 28

    If you ain't got game in real life, you can always do better online. ...probably.

  • Look, Listen | Taegi
    114K 7.7K 38

    Yoongi is deaf, and Taehyung is blind, but when they're both accepted into a high-status music school as scholars, they bond over what they have a passion for most: music. (1st place for Taegi in the Red & Gold Bangtan Awards 2017) Started: 16/09/2016 Finished: 07/08/2017 Edited: 24/08/2017

  • explosions.
    121K 8.3K 21

    "i smoke and see stars explode."

    Completed   Mature
  • Match Or Lighter | Taegi
    20.1K 1.3K 61

    "One person was more than enough to tear the whole fucking world down. We're all gonna die tonight, thanks to you." Started: 28/12/2017 Finished: 11/03/2021

  • 5150 || kth + jhs
    269K 31.2K 33

    "i'm not insane. i'm just afraid." highest rankings: #405 in mystery/thriller #835 in fanfiction cr. taenology || 2017

  • Ours; Vhope(trilogy to Mine)
    309K 25.8K 51

    Jung Hoseok has know the troubled Kin Taehyung since childhood. They were close friends for years until suddenly everything changed. He changed. He fell happily into his beta life while, unbeknownst to him, his friend was struggling at home and with the fact he was turning alpha. It broke something inside him when Tae...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidental Catfish// VHope Story
    125K 7.1K 53

    Taehyung is a "popular" boy at a prestige private school. Hoseok is a nobody in a public school. One day Taehyung texted hoseok only thinking he was Jungkook: a stunning boy that attends the same school as hoseok. What will happen when they cross paths? Started: Oct 18, 2018 Ended: April 11, 2019 Achievement: 💙 #1 i...

  • Bound; Vhope
    463K 28.9K 53

    Jung Hoseok is a slave. A sex slave. An innocent sex slave kidnapped at a young age and forced to be groomed into the perfect little submissive. Unfortunately he doesn't know this. Not until it's too late. His kidnapper took the role of Hoseok's father and forced him on strict diets and to learn as much as possible an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidental Love (BTS Suga x Jin)
    96.1K 4.6K 21

    Suga and Jin are childhood friends since kindergarten until suddenly, Jin moves away. How will Suga reunite with Jin? Fate will tell.

  • I deserve it (Namjin/Yoonjin)
    38.9K 2.1K 30

    "I'm not sorry deserve to be hated." -Jin "don't make me repeat my words jin." -Namjoon In which namjoon and jin were married but soon namjoon was getting bored and decided to cheat on his husband. But it's ok Yoongi is there for Jin till the end.

    Completed   Mature
  • Misdial (YoonJin) (SugaJin) (BTS)
    9.4K 371 6

    *request* Yoongi misdials a sex hotline

    Completed   Mature
  • Hold My Hand (YOONJIN)
    26.1K 885 5

    "Let me help you Yoongi." "No you can't you'll hate me for it." "Come on I'll help you win that person's heart!" "But hyung I don't know..." "At least hold my hand until you win that person's heart." "Ok hyung...." But the person's heart I want to win is standing right in front of me, it's YOU Jin hyung

  • AGUST D (Yoonjin)
    52.2K 1.4K 14

    The bad boy of the school, he doesn't listen to what people say but isn't failing grades. His teacher mr.Kim seokjin is always trying to teach him lessons. What happens when Yoongi starts to fall for his teacher?

  • Toxic~ 2seok(a little bit of sope)
    6K 266 26

    hoseok was known as the quiet kid in school no one liked talking to him and he didn't have friends either he was just there, Jin was known for his good looks and he was also the bad boy of the school. how do you think people will react when they notice Jin and hoseok are falling for each other (NOTHING LIKE THE STORY)...

  • Let Me Know | jhs + ksj
    35.7K 6.9K 32

    Kim Seokjin is just an ordinary students in his school. He was loved by a lots of people because he is smart, kind, and friendly. He always got teased by one of his classmate named Jung Hoseok. First he got to be partner with him. That thoughts be able to put him in a bad mood. His misery wasn't stop just yet. The nex...

  • Thank You ❣ 2seok
    16.3K 968 7

    "J-hope, come out." ". . . No" 2017@bamieking

  • ❛ Crazy, Stupid ❜ - 2SEOK ✔
    44.2K 3.4K 25

    ❝Your lips tell me no, but your body says differently.❞ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ After a drunken affair, Jin's life takes a wrong turn and he's faced with challenges he never bargained for.

  • The Video| 2Seok
    12.8K 670 8

    "I'm straight I promise." "No straight man can deep throat that far." --- Started: 6/25/19 Ened: This story is written in collaboration with @McKonnet and @k1ttenGang 18+

  • Pʟᴀʏ ᴏғ Aɴᴛᴏɴʏᴍs || 2Sᴇᴏᴋ
    3.4K 253 94

    {English isn't my first language. This is a translation of one of my works. Relationships between the characters are purely platonic.} Two boys on a stage of life have to, despite their differences, find common ground, not knowing the consequences of their actions. Starring roles: • Kim SeokJin as a rich boy, who has...

  • Only You || 2seok {Jin x Jhope}
    54.8K 3.7K 36

    "I'm gay! Is that what you wanted to hear?!" Jin said looking down at the ground while his cheeks turned red "Oh honey, I already know..." Hoseok leaned in Jin looked up fluster "What, how-" Hoseok looked down at Jins pants and then back up at him. "Might want to ask your pants that question." - "I'm tired of coming...

  • Hidden Love 2Seok
    8.4K 481 7

    Jin received an text from his crush Jung Hoseok but Hoseok is straight and hates gays. he bully's them and say nasty things about them Jin just so happens to be one of the ones he bullys. Jin and Hoseok becomes friends over the internet and Hoseok begins to develop feelings for his internet friend. Warning: depression...

  • For Your Entertainment | 2Seok Mafia Au
    19.6K 867 15

    "I don't know how to get over someone as dangerous, tainted, and flawed as you." WARNING: Sexual content Mentions of rape and/or abuse Violence 2Seok TaeGi NamKook

  • expired; 2seok
    92.4K 8K 25

    where hoseok's phone contract is going to expire in 28 days.