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  • |Haikuing Through Society|✔
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    🌟Featured on the official Wattpad StoriesUndiscovered Profile! 🌟 🌟Featured on the official Wattpad Poetry Profile!🌟 -Haiku- A Japanese poem/verse consisting of seventeen syllables, most often composed, in English versions, of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. " It's not a long read But would...

  • This is Me!
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    'And that is how, Audrey Black was born.' Ten years ago, an unfortunate incident caused Jade Black to become a completely different person. From her hair colour to her name, everything had to change. She adopted a new identity. But now, she is shifting to California to, finally, finish high school with her brothers b...

  • What if.....?
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    Not a story, yet a story within itself. Welcome all to the land of 'what ifs.' This isn't the journey of a fictitious character, this is my journey as I venture around in the land of 'what ifs' (of course this is a fictional land situated in the over-thinking kingdom of my brain). These are my thoughts, my experience...

  • F***in' Arizona
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    "Nova, hope is a bitch." "I thought that was karma?" "Nah, it's hope, karma's older sister." Nova Queen and Arizona "Ari" Matthews weren't always close in high school, but after an intense and serious conversation in the library one day, the two become the best of friends until they go their separate ways their freshm...

  • One Foot In & One Foot Out ✔️
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    Disclaimer: Even though it states there are 84 parts, there are only 39 chapters+ an author's note and prologue. If you had the chance to save your older sister and younger brother from dying before your eyes, would you take it? Yes? What about if your choice to save them came with consequences that last for the rest...

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  • Alvina ✔️
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    On going (Regural updates) There are some games everybody has played at least once. And there is always a winner and unfortunately a loser. Even if that's a friendly round of poker or a boldy round of truth or dare. However, Alvina has never played. She has always been a good daughter, following the rules till she fin...

  • The Witch of Willow Lake
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    BOOK 1: Hallie Davenport wasn't your ordinary young woman. After escaping from something no one should ever have to see or live through, and suffering a tremendous loss, she meets Alicia and Emmett Paxton. The pair finally give Hallie hope, but no one could have predicted what meeting the pair meant for her. A life on...

  • Ruby's House of Horrors
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    Ruby's House of Horrors: The world's terrifying creatures of folklore and mythology. This is a collection of poems about the world's hairiest, bloodiest, and scariest monsters, from folklore and mythology. For the spirit (or spirits) of Halloween, these poems will shed a new light on the holiday's favourite creatures...

  • Melancholy Girl
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    ❝Melancholy girl tell me where you're from.❞

    Completed   Mature
  • Crescent city
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    (An idea by me and a friend, it still saddens me to this day that she deleted the server where the idea flourishes) One of the many winners for the best cliffhanger category in the make a difference awards Amazing cover by the Amazing @EmberShy In the year 20XX, technology has advanced in more ways than one, however...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ekusoshisuto
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    1st place winner of the midnight coffee awards 2019 (fanfiction entries) Best cliffhanger award of the make a difference awards (out of many other amazing books by other great authors) Winner of the Eyho awards part 2( fan fiction entries, along side many other amazing authors) Amazing cover by the Amazing @EmberShy (...

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  • Love at First Write
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    ******* #13 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 10/01/2020 #18 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 10/11/2019 #27 in HEARTSTRINGS BY 6/10/2019 #42 IN POETRY BY 1/10/2018 #33 IN POETRY BY 7/10/2018 #50 IN POETRY BY 28/11/2018 ******* #ASA2020 This is my first ever book on wattpad and in real life. So naming this book Love at First Write makes sense to...