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  • Origins Of Olympus s2 Shorts and Ships
    5.9K 238 16

    Read the title o>o And uh- Requests are open! I won't do smut or incest though,so- Yeah- (Pls give me requests I've ran out of ideas lmao)

  • Once a Supernatural always a Supernatural
    2.4K 146 12

    After the wild hunt killed Brandon and Ritchie they were stock in this black obese. Emzlia the God of Life(I made that up) and Luna the Goddess of Karma(made that up) decided to give them a second chance. They would send to two supernaturals to a world with magic and other wonders so they wouldn't have to hind but th...

  • Origins of Olympus S2 Oneshots
    1.6K 77 5

    Oneshots for a minecraft roleplay Created by many wonderful people

  • Switched Places
    12.4K 670 33

    Ritchie was running away from Safe Heaven away from the ones he used to call "friends"..... [Evil] Ritchie was walking in the forest right after getting yelled at by his so called twin brother.... both not realizing that little did they know there lives were about to change!!!

  • Origins Of The Multi-Verse
    915 55 3

    This crossover between Origin series, so there may be a lot of potential for this story. Enjoy! ^^

  • Story's From The Origins Groups (One Shot) Book 1
    184K 4.1K 201

    🎉*Completed*🎊 This will have some story's From OriginZ,Origins of Olympus, Fairytail Origins,Supernatural Origins, and My Hero Origins I also do other roleplays like example Lukos Hill but long as you tell me which one so I don't do the wrong one. I will also be posting small stories if you guys ask for them of cour...

  • (On Hold, Read Desc.) Origins, SDS, CPG, Demon Slayer etc. One-Shots
    39.8K 1.1K 38

    Book is on hold till I catch up to Origin episodes, and complete a book I've been working on. If I have motivation and ideas then stories shall be done. Request are CLOSED! Anything that is Origins or side series to. Like Genesis and SDS. None of these characters belong to me! The character's belong to their rightful...

  • More one-shots
    9.9K 514 29

    This is for one-shots for other role-plays that people from the origins group do I'm not going to focus on this book it's more of a side thing though I will take requests.

  • Origins Of Olympus Loveshots
    3.1K 147 5

    Oneshots based on Origins Ships.

  • ~Origins One-Shots~
    5.5K 286 12

    It's a one-shots book for Origins series... That is literally all it is. I'll get a cover later I'm too lazy right now.

  • OoO Oneshots
    644 15 2

    Season one and season two OoO Oneshots!

  • Origins Oneshots (Or whatever garbage I happen to write)
    53.8K 1.9K 101

    This is basically going to be a collection of things I write either to practice writing or to have fun. You can request stuff, but just know most requests might not be seen/written because that's how my brain works. Have fun reading my garbage y'all. ((Also the tags may or may not be updated based on my laziness and I...

  • Origins Of Olympus & Fairytail Origins Crossover
    2.8K 155 4

    Two Origins Series As One. x+x+x+xx+x+x+xx+x+x+xx+x+x+x This is a remake of my old crossover story. So everything will be different. x+x+x+xx+x+x+xx+x+x+xx+x+x+x Always remember this rule when travelling, 'Be cautious, don't touch anything!-,' But then somebody decides to pull an uno reverse card on that rule and deci...

  • I'm No Fairy Tale
    1.2K 47 3

    In a magical world where wizards and creatures roam the world, but none were as powerful as the Legendary Xylo. A being who could cause storms with a flick of a wrist, shake the earth with a simple stomp, and tamer of any beast with his kindness and understanding. The Legend of Xylo has been passed on for generations...

  • Origins One-shots
    5.4K 243 7

    One-shots of the origins crew and their other series' because I've wanted to do this for a while and why not?

  • Origins Stuff
    18.5K 531 19

    Part of writing is building stories based on an idea that already exists, but making it unique and original. This is what I seek through this book. Feel free to request. I'm always happy to hear your ideas! I will write basically anything. Please request. I need the ideas. Please? TwT :3 I do not own any of the charac...

  • Origins Of Olympus S2 Oneshot Book
    70.4K 1.5K 50

    What the title says ~~Requests are open~~ <3

  • Origin oneshots (requests open)
    952 60 3

    Mhm, another oneshot book but this is every origin so... Request if you want!

  • The Adventures of Ligma, Blueberry and Skittles!
    1.6K 91 2

    Yes... I have created this -w- This is a mini originz one shot book for any one shots that are with these three characters all together or just two of them :3 Ligma - Lucas Blueberry - Leo/Brandon Skittles - David Please leave any requests you have for these three in this book ^w^

  • A Quest for the Lost
    4.7K 221 9

    After sacrificing himself to insure the titans don't get released Michael finds himself trapped alone in the Cave. About a year later he is given a new task by the Gods and this time more than one world is at stake. Can Michael defeat this new evil and maybe, just maybe, find his way home? So think of this kinda like...

  • Origins oneshots and more
    24K 434 16

    Just a bunch of one shots from a bunch of different Minecraft Role-plays such as Fairy Tail Origins. Pictures or characters are not mine unless said so. Cover art belongs to @laventium Requests are temp. Closed

  • OriginZ One shots
    6.3K 195 10

    Oneshots for the minecraft series OriginZ

  • The First Demigods
    1.2K 97 2

    Ritchie always said he was the first demigod in the camp, with Michael being the second. Michael always talked about he had led full armies. Kaykrae was born before the camp was even founded. The question is: just how long have they been alive to have all these things be true? Well its a bit of a long story...

  • little lightning
    958 64 2

    the guild leaders were in the middle of a meeting when Ritchie pulled out a potion he found earlier that day. It was left outside of the house he shares with his brother, so he decided to take it to the guild meeting and ask if anyone knew what it was. Before anyone could get a closer look at it, Ritchue sneezed and a...

  • Rise of the scythe and shield (au)
    1K 66 5

    I know I have a lot of stories but my mind just randomly comes up with ideas for them, and than it won't let me focus on other stories until I at least write it down. So now we have this.

  • A different story (OriginZ)
    697 26 1

    as the title says, it's OriginZ but different. the differences will be mentioned in the first part that gets published, along with some other info.

  • Lucas stories (SNO, FTO, OriginZ, And More To Come)
    529 38 1

    oneshots with Lucas as an absolute bean. and in this story, for any of the series with the smaller groups (demon slayer, scp containment breach and a few others) I'll consider making oneshots with him.

  • Landon oneshots
    424 16 1

    IMPORTANT: Any requests for SNO Landon, MUST be brotherly love, because if you haven't seen Brandon's SNO finale, he and Lucas are brothers, and I'm not comfortable writing incest.

  • Origin Z One-shots
    2.3K 66 5

    One-shots about OriginZ, that's literally it.

  • OriginZ One-Shots
    18.1K 890 20

    One shots for the MC roleplay series OriginZ~