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  • Play With Me | myg
    5.3M 179K 42

    In which a girl accidentally sends nudes to the hottest boy in school - Min Yoongi cover done by the amazing @taemptaejeon 💕

  • Spark
    123K 8.6K 6

    "Of all the beings among every planet in this vast universe...why is it you?" BTS V x Reader Alien AU ATTENTION : THIS IS IN NO WAY SUPPOSED TO BE OFFENSIVE TOWARDS TAE. EVERY MEMBER IS AN ALIEN.

  • Dust Bones [Harry Styles]
    20.9M 660K 73

    Working for a world-leading mafia, Harry knows how to kill, how to hunt his victims, and how to avoid any company of any kind. He's used to a lonely, quiet, and harsh environment. He is the best at what he does. And everything he does becomes problematic when he's assigned to protect the boss's daughter from world-kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Game of Love ~ BTS
    192K 12.4K 88

    ❝If you want to get rid of me you're going to have to play my game.❞ For as long as you could remember you've been followed by a man in a mask, a man who no one else could see. At first, you were okay with it. He never attempted to hurt you. But as soon as you started waking up with scratches and bruises all over your...

  • promised - kim namjoon
    381K 22.6K 24

    "sit closer to me, that guy is undressing you with his eyes." "aren't you doing the same?"

  • wi-fi password | yoongi
    2.2M 133K 15

    "hey so my wi-fi kinda broke down and i was wondering if i could use your wi-fi? if yes, what's your wi-fi password?" in which a girl who tries to figure out her neighbour's wi-fi password.

  • pain • kth
    90K 2.8K 40

    " if it's for you, i could keep loving you even if it only brings me pain " book 1 [20180605 ー 20180624] completed✔

  • Aquiver | Taehyung
    100K 4K 49

    It all started when he decided to appear in front of her apartment one night. ―inspired by the cover song hug me.

  • Mad Love | Park Jimin ✓
    2.3M 87.5K 84

    highest rank: #37 • psychopath park jimin au • He leans forward, covering his mouth and whisper, "Only I can look at my babygirl, like that." He quickly steps back, straightening his body, the smile never leaving his plump lips. "Oh! Shut up!" I groan, turning away from him but I couldn't walk a step further as He hol...

  • Like No Other [[KTH]] ✔️
    1.1M 46.1K 48

    Kim Taehyung was a fuck boy, just like the rest of his friends. So when Hana fights back, Taehyung doesn't know what to do. HIGHEST RANKS #1 btstaeyhyung #1 btsjungkook #1 btsfanfic #11 bts #1 fanfiction #4 bangtansonyeondan Side stories: -Thirsty -Thicc -Kissed -Stripped (coming soon) cover by: chimchimicorn

    Completed   Mature