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  • Song For Gaelphaxes Book One {Nim's Dragon Series - A Seedworld Novel}
    5.3K 1.7K 34

    The waters surrounding Dragon's Roost are rising, children are going missing, and a power struggle between the Dragon-riding Forkbeard clan of Northburg and the Blacktongues of Ostergyd grows more tense with each passing day. In the centre of it all, a young girl risks everything to save a three-hundred-year-old Drag...

  • Birthright
    5.5K 361 50

    Nothing can stop his obsession. Killian Cattiveria attacked, overthrew and name himself king. Elyena O'Connell ran, leaving her captured sister behind at her prompting to escape him. He has searched tirelessly for his princess for three years. Where was she hiding? Would he find her? **** Wattpairs 2019 entry Cover...

    Completed   Mature
  • Time
    21.2K 1.5K 31

    We are told "time heals all wounds" and "only time will tell". Time is a precious thing. It's a gift. Time decides so much. It can change quickly or seem to morph in slow motion. Time is undefined. What would happen if we travelled through time? What if who we are is still to be defined? Only time will tell. How...

    Completed   Mature
  • Deamon within
    88 14 12

    A (dark) fantasy story about a young woman Ava from 18 years, loses the reality she knew and need to discover the truth. Meanwhile she's getting accused for a crime committed by her, she actually doesn't remember she did. The more she discovers, the more she gets wrapped into this new reality which only existed in her...

  • The Gorgos Crown: A Seedworld Novel {EDITING}
    4.4K 1.1K 65

    General Galbraithe Gracchus is a simple soldier. His brother Caius may be Emperor of Tarsus, but Galbraithe sticks to what he does best; drinking, seducing women and occasionally bashing someone over the head with his trusty gladius. However, when Caius is poisoned and in danger of dying, Galbraithe is compelled to...

  • Dating Father Time's Daughter
    4.2K 970 55

    Joe Means was the prototypical "average-Joe," until the day he met a Time Keeper named Pixie. Ever since, he's gone from flipping burgers to twirling scythes and ensuring the balance of time. This is "Dating Father Time's Daughter" Cover made by: royalhues KB2 Pro...

  • The Serpent's Tale
    505 168 4

    Who doesn't like going on adventures with close friends or close crushes? Enter Franz Dalembert, a regular teen embarking on a spectacular and CREEPY journey with his good friend, Chantale. What begins as a search for a "mythical snake" (Damballa) for Franz, quickly transforms into a search for both the truth and the...

  • Flying High
    3 1 1

    This is about a dragon called Jess, she is a skeleton who is champion racer and and a lightning type is wanting to learn her skills and talent but all goes sideways when he beets her in the next race. . .

    13 4 2

    The world has changed and the greed for knowledge and power is at the bar. Now monsters are coming and the whole of the human race are introverts. But something is off. And a government conspiracy may change everything.

  • The Last Hour
    84 11 5

    The Master Clock- a divine invention made with the purpose of preventing the world from collapse. One day, without warning or credence, the hands fall still, plunging The City into chaos and despair. Our hero is trapped in the gears, racing against time itself in an attempt to translate a series of clues; hints left...

  • Cecily Black
    231 49 12

    Unnoticed, quiet, a loner. It's not her fault. It's what happens when you move into a new city and start school midway through the year. It doesn't help that her sister Molly makes friends instantly. When Michael asks Cecily to go to Disneyland after school, she can't believe that she is noticed by one of the cutest...

  • Graded
    145 25 12

    We are Grades. Can you smile? Can you laugh? Can you make friends? The placement test will tell you your grade, your place in society. As for me, I'm an A. I don't tell people the things I think. I don't tell them the rage that sometimes takes me. Those are qualities of the F's. I'm not an F. I'm a A. I'm friendly...

  • Dungeons and Dragons: The Vial of Purity
    201 28 14

    The Nentir Vale is a realm of hardship and toil. The mighty empires of old have crumbled to dust, leaving the races of the world fighting for survival in isolated communities surrounded by ferocious monsters and vile magics. But it is also a place of great opportunity, for those who brave the horrors of the world may...

  • Wattpad's Aspiring Writers Book Club
    761 123 20

    Are you tired of not having the deserved recognition for your book? Do you believe that your book have great potential and deserves millions of views and acknowledgement? Well, you have come to the right place. The Aspiring Writer's Book Club is here to help you. ~~ As newbies in this multi-awarded industry, it is oft...

  • The Slightest Touch
    715 273 18

    Olivia Scott, a New York girl who thought her life was edging perfection with a loving family, luxury, and friends. But little did she know it was far from fairytail, and let alone ordinary. Born with the powers far more dangerous than any, she was led to believe her life was anything but special. Living in a world of...

  • Wolf Child
    10.8K 732 27

    ●A cursed infant ◆ A wolf pack ◆ An ancient prophecy ◆ An unforgettable adventure● Ferhia knew nothing about her past, nor did she know about her parentage. For nearly fourteen years she lived with the Pack, but she knew the wolves were keeping something away from them. ●●● Kilfer feared for his sister. In fact, th...

  • Breath Of Life
    10.1K 2.9K 11

    " Shall I bury the river in your eyes to give the world to you?" - William Wilderson ••••• •••••••• • How far this story reached ? #28 Juliet #79 Ego

  • Shadows in the Rain (Based on a True Story) | ENGLISH | Completed
    6.5K 522 19

    "3 days more, I'll be back, love. We'll talk then." I've been reading his last message over and over again. But it's been almost a week now and I haven't heard back from him. The waiting time feels like an eternity, making me wonder... Will he really come back to me? I miss him terribly. Unspoken words. Soundless tear...

  • Star Child. From Orion
    947 302 24

    Dedicated to all those who feel that they are not enough. ''It's strange how everything you have done in your life so far has led you to this moment. Only one small decision for the entire life to turn upside down.'' Stella Fisher is a regular sixteen year old whose life is filled with driving lessons, school, homewor...

  • Underdogs
    13 0 2

    The city of Mukport, a golden port for trade and a cesspool of crime and cruelty. In a city where the rich rule and the poor are forced to fend for themselves it's not uncommon to see the occasional mugging or murder. The Aristocracy cares little for the welfare of the lower classes and as such many live in fear for t...

  • Whispers ( On Hold)
    1.5K 316 22

    Just because someone handles it well doesn't mean it ain't heavy. she sank deep in the ocean as the golden question was asked a little too much. was the ring worth it??

  • Embers and Ashes
    358 72 18

    There is evil inside all of us. Just as there is good inside all of us. Whether we were born evil or good we all have the qualities to balance our choices of light and dark. I have made decisions that were and are a mixture of good and evil. Even the choices that were made for me were filled with both. Love. War. It'...

    221 54 12

    May starts figuring out that life isn't all about cup cakes and rainbows so she struggles to find her new life but will she got two best friends who she really can trust now they see them selves as family but something tragic happen and guess what read the story to find out

    Completed   Mature
  • AFIRE: fight for the Earth begins✓
    7.5K 1.6K 136

    Earthen Series Part One**Follow Aija, Zuri and Ze, as they are plunged into the dark world of aliens who are working to destroy the human race and take over the Earth; as they are faced with difficult decisions regarding love, feelings, abilities, the meaning of friendship, and most importantly - saving the human race...

  • Hybrid (H20Vanoss bbs)
    7.4K 198 32

    This is a story about a man named Delirious who is a Hybrid, and so is his best friend and they both end up escaping the institution that they were in and goes to a college to lay low and Delirious runs into the Alpha of the school named Evan or A.K.A Vanoss.

  • Yaatra Hombre
    111 2 14

    In the year 3013, mankind has now settled in new systems of planets based off the former countries of Earth. After hundreds of years of wars between systems and planets, a central government is now trying to keep the peace in the galaxy but have little power and limited funds, so to catch criminals they rely on bounty...

  • The Rochwood Academy
    720 149 9

    Rochwood Academy...This ivy covered, huge castle is the dream of all prestigious students. But they have no idea what kind of secrets this school can hide. When her first year as an acedemy student began, Melody Abertfield's only goal was to be a good girl with good grades. But the moment she laid eyes on a unpredicta...

  • The Titan's Clock
    38 12 6

    A depressed highschool student, Alexander Claw, faces extreme bullying to the point of being beat to the point of passing out. The new girl at his school, Jessica Harrison, falls in love with him, but Alexander runs away from home, heading off into the woods. He explores the unfamiliar lands and encounters a black wol...