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  • Society's Blessing
    129K 5.8K 65

    In a world with a genetic hierarchy, some receive the worst of luck. To be powerful or powerless, an alpha or an omega. Yoongi is an anxious omega being put up for Selection Day, and catches the eyes of the infamous six alphas. ~~ Cover image taken from Pintrest, website homediy . co. All credits to artist

  • depression is a silent killer || √
    2.2K 83 11

    A BTS fanfiction. in which, they had given into the darkness that consumes them. ↓Trigger Warning↓ Contains: ●Depressing thoughts ●Suicide ●A bit bloody ●Curse words Please read at your own risk. Started: 13.02.2018 Ended : 14.02.2018 Rankings: #687 depressing (18.6.2019) #753 depressing (29.7.2019) #642 depressing (...

  • Catfish's Defence || NAMJIN
    191K 10K 52

    [COMPLETED] Jin pretends to be a girl on snapchat to get namjoon's attention

  • Edge of paradise ❥ VKookMin✔
    26.8K 2.9K 31

    Paradise has never been about places. It exists in moments, connections and flashes of times.. BTS_lover02 © All rights reserved [Completed] [Unedited]

    Completed   Mature
  • Ange ➳ jjk+kth
    625K 27K 56

    "The things you do to me, angel."he says huskily, eyes clouding with stifled lust. Dipping his head, his lips brush over the other's ever-so-slowly, "Makes me think bad, bad things." In which the country's most feared mafia leader was really just a big softie. ↑ jjk↓ kth mafia!au #2 in bottomtaehyung 21.05.2018 #2 i...

  • Destin [ON HOLD]
    177K 6.3K 37

    He's shunned aside. Taunted. Teased. Hurt. Ignored. And it's killing him. Slowly. One by one, a piece of himself slithers silently into the fire roaring within him, the black extending its long fingers with increasing glee. He believes that everyone hates him. Despises his very presence. He hates himself too. He ha...

    2.4M 122K 35

    [ completed ] -- ❝ i'm tired being your secret, jungkook. ❞ Where Jungkook tries to hide his relationship with Taehyung from the public. What if he's ready to let everyone know, but he's already too late?

  • blank | taekook
    240K 14K 21

    jungkook was not just an outsider. he was also an artist. began - 150812 completed - 160728 © rainmyeon | 2015

  • Your Past Never Defines Your Future (vkook||boyxboy)
    400K 12.5K 33

    "Just because the past is painful doesn't mean the future will be." Published: June 09, 2015 Completed: July 12, 2015

  • Is It Love? *Vkook Fanfic*
    819K 27.4K 17

    Taehyung and Jungkook have been friends since elementary. They're always together, but when Jungkook starts hanging around new friends, Taehyung feels something strange he can't explain. What is this? Things complicate even more when an event that they never expected happens and they start breaking apart. What wi...

    1.6M 76K 41

    - in where taehyung and jungkook are friends online, but they feel as if they've met each other before. somehow, somewhere. "hyung? hyung." completed ©UNSOBERTHOUGHT - highest ranking: #117 in fanfiction - a/n; cringey, fetus writing ⚣

  • Symphony of Desires ♕ NAMJIN ✔
    239K 17.3K 33

    ROYALTY AU!! "I want you, so be brave and want me back..." SJ BTS_lover02. All rights reserved [Completed] [Unedited]

    Completed   Mature
  • cupid → yoonmin
    2.1M 135K 41

    Jimin is a matchmaker - an assistant to Cupid - and is sent to the mortal world to make a boy named Min Yoongi fall in love with his music partner, Jung Hoseok started ; february eighteenth, 2016 finished ; july seventh, 2016 160515 - #87 in fanfiction 160523 - #75 in fanfiction 160910 - #7 in yoonmin 160910...

  • Paradise Madness | Sequel
    832K 26.9K 51

    Sequel to "Finding Love In Paradise"

  • thank you៚ sope
    68.1K 4.3K 20

    "Thank you, Min Yoongi, For teaching me the meaning of love" Started: 02/02/18 End: 03/02/18

  • Goodbye ― Jung Hoseok
    252K 17.2K 42

    We're saying goodbye. Although we promised not to say them. [#1 of the Bangtan series]

  • The King Likes Men
    5.3M 365K 75

    Korea goes into an uproar when its announced that its faceless King, Kim Namjoon, likes men and only men. In an effort to get him married off, his grandmother holds a competition in which the winner will become the King's spouse. Korea's gay men gather to win over the King's heart, but from just one look Namjoon feels...

  • Soap | Sope ✓
    1M 63.4K 19

    ❝ I'm not afraid of it anymore. ❞ In which Jung Hoseok's shower breaks so he needs to use his neighbor's, Min Yoongi. Highest Rank: #80 in Fanfiction ©blurryseok | 2018 ↳ COMPLETED.

  • My Hidden Side (vkook||boyxboy)
    237K 7.7K 20

    "I hate it when the voice on my head go silent ... I never know what they are planning." - Anonymous Published: August 04, 2015 Completed: --/--/--

  • unique |normal sequel|
    20.6K 954 19

    "you never walk alone? then why did yoongi leave me all alone."

  • normal | m. yoongi
    68.1K 2.1K 13

    nothing hurts more than hearing your idol's pleas to be normal disclaimer: contains talk of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

  • mute ; vkook
    460K 25.7K 14

    mute adjective 1. refraining from speech or temporarily speechless.

  • Finding Love In Paradise || Vkook
    1.3M 47.1K 25

    BTS go to Hawaii for a fanmeet and 1 month vacation. Will Taehyung and Jungkook be able to confess their true feelings for eachother?

  • Ugliest Professor [NamJin]
    3.5M 213K 37

    Kim Namjoon is the ugliest professor at Bulletproof University... ...or so they thought. #96 in Fanfiction 170512 #1 in NamJin 170827 #4 in Yoonseok 171026 #1 in angst 180711 Managed to stay ranked #842 in Fanfiction for 19 days straight. 161106-25 #44 in BTS 180513 (Cross-posted to AO3)

  • Orphan | Vkook
    2M 99.3K 14

    " I just want a family.. I don't want to be alone anymore " - Taehyung