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  • Hatched
    6.5K 2.9K 31

    #1 mystery in the Rising Gem Awards #2 mystery in the Hidden Gem Awards #3 mystery in the Rising Author Awards "I need you, Robyn." He whispered, eyes pleading with hers, showing his latent emotions. So he is human, she thought, her heart sinking slightly with sympathy. "Why?" "You-you are my wings. I find myself pull...

  • Hubert Nip
    922 282 6

    "A twist on the Winter Holiday Season!" On a phantom island off the coast of Iberia is a world hidden from our own. Here is a world of magic and machine unlike anything you have known.

  • The Maggies
    1.8K 264 6

    Among the salt-licked tombstones and the blood-red roses, my mother's fragile sanity shatters and she is slowly driven to madness. My mother believes I, her only living child, is a ghost haunting her. But I am flesh and I not? A bereft mother believes her only living child is a ghost haunting her. In the gl...

  • The Water Witcher
    11.4K 1.1K 26

    🅢🅣🅐🅝🅓🅞🅤🅣🅢 🅒🅞🅝🅣🅔🅢🅣 🅣🅞🅟 ➋⓿ (Book 1 in the "Water" series) *undergoing edits offline* Corbin has been witching water since he was a young boy. It's a skill that his grandfather taught him to survive living in a time of thirst. With the country not seeing a drop of rain in years, his grandfather could f...

  • The Kids Aren't Alright
    234K 15K 78

    When four teenagers find themselves at an Alaskan reformatory camp, it becomes increasingly clear that the camp is full of secrets, no one is trustworthy - and no one is safe. *** The year is 1988, and Finn, Ronan, Becca and Jasper are spending the summer at a camp located deep in the Yukon. The camp, named Lightlak...

  • Water in a Time of Thirst
    49.5K 406 4

    🅦🅐🅣🅣🅨🅢 ➋⓿➊➑ 🅢🅗🅞🅡🅣🅛🅘🅢🅣 ~🅿🆁🅴🆅🅸🅴🆆 🅲🅷🅰🅿🆃🅴🆁🆂 🅰🆅🅰🅸🅻🅰🅱🅻🅴 - 🆆🅷🅸🅻🅴 🆆🅾🆁🅺🅸🅽🅶 🅾🅽 🅴🅳🅸🆃🆂 🅾🅵🅵🅻🅸🅽🅴~ (Book 2 in the "Water" series) During a terrible nationwide drought, desert-land stretches as far as the eye can see. Water Witchers have the ability to sense and find w...