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  • The Tale of Sloth
    13K 1.2K 22

    Lycidas, similar to the rest of the collection, has a unique ability. Possessing the ability to weaken his enemies through his mere presence, he has no intention of mating, let alone finding his beloved. The terrifying belief that he will weaken his mate to death immobilizes any desire for love or true connection. Ad...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fated
    265K 15K 44

    ****COMPLETED**** "Does that mean instead of feeling uncomfortable being touched it feels... extra good to be touched by your mate?" She asked, a blush forming on her cheeks. I couldn't help but smile at her question. I wondered how curious she was, how far I could push this. I pushed off the desk and raised an eyebr...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Forbidden Act
    6.7K 1.4K 27

    Vampires exist. And they live amongst us, hidden within the shadows and right under our noses. They are beautiful, forbidden beasts; everything I've been trained to hate and reject.. Yet, what is this that I feel? Lust? Desire? Love..? His crimson eyes pierce through my soul, holding me captive in his gaze. I cannot m...

  • Unholy || Ongoing! ||
    17K 811 12

    || ONGOING || "Oh little pet look at you" he took a moment to eye me up causing my blood to boil he knows I hate that nickname. "Pet? No get it straight I'm not yours!" hissing turning to walk away from him until it hits me what I've said before I could fix what I said I'm slammed on the wall. "YOUR MINE! Don't ev...

  • Mercy
    536 16 18

    (Book 2 in Wanted: Vampire's Girlfriend saga) 18 years after the events of Wanted: Vampire's Girlfriend, the daughter of Drake and Dani Harrison, Isabella, finally learns the truth about her family history after long years of searching. But what happens when that causes some old foes to resurface?

  • His Mortal Bride
    6.9M 271K 45

    Being kidnapped is one thing. Being taken to a Kingdom full of immortal vampires, that's another thing. To everyone, Raven is nobody. If anything, she's an average 20 year old living in the Big Apple. Overlooked by everyone, even her own family, Raven is used to being a ghost. That was until Alec came to New York City...

  • I Knew You In Another Life
    4.2K 138 25

    Felicity Smoak is a well known archeologist who has been hired to research an old mansion that is owned by the Queen Family, and wild rumors abound that the owner is a centuries old vampire. She has never believed in such tales and is excited at the opportunity to study the history behind the historic estate. However...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Luscious ✔️
    287K 9.4K 57

    " You were little, and very precious." The dark shadow spoke, it had a deep manly voice that sounded very familiar to her ears, it was very low and attractive. She watched the shadow as it moved lightly, still not showing their identity to her glowing and curious eyes, those perfect rounded eyes that everyo...

  • Vampire's Pet
    29.8M 1.2M 86

    The world had gone to hell long ago, taken over by the vampire race. In order to keep some sort of peace in our land, the Vampire Lords made a consecutive agreement. The rich and powerful humans could survive just as they had been, untouched by the vampires save for the occasional blood collections, or so they thought...

  • Obsession of a Vampire
    22.1K 1K 9

    It is the year 2070 AC and the Earth has changed, the human race has declined, vampires and werewolves are at war with one another to keep their power over the humans. However, both kinds are facing population difficulties since only males are born, and both worlds found a solution, mating with human females. However...

  • Danse Macabre
    104K 5K 16

    An all vampire ballet company comes to Florence, Oregon to perform Swan Lake. However, the vampire that timid Autumn Darling spies dancing after the performance shatters her world leaving her raw and reborn.

    Completed   Mature
  • Children of the Night
    25 16 7

    London, 1856. Ethan went into hiding for seven years after the betrayal of his beloved lord and the resulting death of his son. But those who swore to reduce London and all England to rubble during that time are back - and so is he now. To stay one step ahead of them, he has street boys around him, who keep him infor...

  • Pura
    82.4K 3.4K 28

    Was a vampire that didn't enjoy the taste of blood even a vampire? A question he asked himself more and more as the days passed. And each day the answer became more clear to him...

  • Beauty And The Vampire: It All Started With A Rose #1
    2.5M 105K 54

    A dark mysterious vampire fantasy novel * Everyone has heard of the tale of the Beauty and Beast. About a father who picks up a Rose for his daughter. About a daughter who sacrifices herself for her father. And a tormented Prince cursed by a fairy. What if Vampires weren't as sparkly as some people said them to be...

  • Renaissance Love
    56.1K 2.2K 27

    Maria Kennedy, 24, has finished college and is now home. Her friend invites her to the Texas Renaissance Festival. There is an "acting" vampire, Kieran Morningstar, who has his eyes set on her. When she leaves, Kieran is disappointed and begs a gypsy to turn him into a real vampire. His wish is granted and is now lus...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiss Me at Midnight
    271 46 12

    A New Year's Eve masquerade at a haunted mansion- what could go wrong? ...What could go right? Brenna has always loved everything dark and spooky. But when she's dragged to a party at the local "haunted hotspot", she is thrust into a world she never imagined. A centuries-old curse, secrets, and a love triangle with...

  • You're My Light
    3K 584 20

    Previously Titled as Vampiric World. Adelle's life changes when she got turned into a vampire. Well that's obvious. Anyone's life would be changed. You'd have to drink blood instead of eating food. Well some will find it gross. But let me tell you what you are missing. It tastes all sweet and fruity IF you're a vampir...

  • Blood: The Third Course
    5.7K 728 51

    Spencer, Vince, and Edeline are still missing, no news of them but a trail of bodies that has now returned home. Now, for the first time in a hundred years, the vampires and the werewolves must work together to stop a war that is just starting. But, with the casualties already coming in, can they put aside their diffe...

  • Turn: Three Short Sirings
    640 74 7

    Before Thomas became a vampire, Spencer, August, and William all went through the same thing. Well... almost the same. Enjoy these three short stories of sirings from the TEETH series.

  • I do care!
    95.2K 2.4K 18

    Molly have always known that she is nothing. That her life will never be much nor long. She is sweet little human girl in a big world filled with supernatural creatures. But what someone offers her a home? But what will the cost be?

  • Shadowbrook: Once Hungry, Twice Bitten (Slowly Editing)
    17.5K 3.4K 66

    If you like mystery and solitude, then Shadowbrook is the town for you. One rule, don't stay out after dark. Oh, and try not to get bitten. Erika Smith is a shy girl diagnosed with cancer, only to have her world changed as she wakes up in a strange town. What she doesn't know is that Shadowbrook isn't like any ordi...

  • Who Wants to Live Forever? [editing]
    492 65 23

    Bridget Sheehan has three major problems. 1. She is a vampire, and has no idea how it happened. 2. Someone is trying to kill her (most likely witches) 3. The handsome vampire who offered her sanctuary wants to... date her? After waking up in the middle of nowhere with partial amnesia, Bridget is whisked away to a ma...

  • Vampire Café
    2.5K 89 4

    A loud thud and clatter of dishes caught my attention, and I immediately turned to the direction the noise came from. The sound was followed by the shuffling of feet and quiet groans. 'Was I going to witness something my poor eyes shouldn't be seeing?' I thought but the idea soon vanished from my brain as I heard plat...

  • Sweet Silent Night.
    842K 23.7K 34

    *BEING WORK ON TO CHANGE TITLE-ORIGINALLY TITLED HE'S ENGAGED AND I'M ALONE...KINDA* It's been three months. Dorinda back on earth and with her parents. She should be happy, right? Well, she isn't. She's depressed. Lonely. Breaking contact with the world when she's not working. Dorinda misses Lucas and everyone she k...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Vampire Prince And Me.
    725K 17.8K 38

    Dorinda finally happy. She has Lucas and she's getting married. Life going great for her. She has her vampire best friend, Kayla, as her maid of honor. Her werewolf best friend, Cain, is in training to become a guarding or an Alpha to a pack the Rebels changed. And she has Lucas, her vampire fiance who she can't wait...

  • I Owed The Vampire Prince.
    2.2M 55.2K 34

    When Dorinda Bennett was walking home from a college party that her best friend, Kayla, dragged her to, she get harrassed by a school mate. When he start to undress her, she is saved by a guy she has no idea is. She than tells him she 'owes him' for saving her. The next day, he tells her what he's wants, he wants her...

  • Scarred
    135K 6.7K 37

    Whoever heard of a scarred vampire? Keeping to the shadows, Michael has spent hundreds of years hiding the scars left on his body when betrayed by a former love. Will he be able to love and trust again? Fair warning - this story will contain mature content, and by mature I do mean more than just kissing and feeling so...

  • His Eternally
    71.3K 1.4K 25

    "You are mine, only mine, forever, and eternally" // © 2018 sweetmetallic_x. All Rights Reserved. ♛ #1 hisgirl 8/22/19

  • Blood Bond (A Vampire Menage Romance) (also free on Radish)
    114K 5.3K 27

    Time Travel, Vampires, and Virgins... Roxanna Collins is a Vegas singer waiting for her big break. She's alone, broke, and uncertain where her future lies. She's also a cutter - a long-term cutter for whom pain has become pleasure. When a vampire from 1815 brings her back in time, she thinks she's lost her mind. But...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Plus Sized Vampire
    107K 5.4K 17

    Completed   Mature