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  • DC: The Devil's Rejects - GN Villain Reader Insert
    7.5K 406 9

    Wherever hope exists, so does fear Wherever justice exists, so does injustice Wherever order exists... So do you Who can understand the motivations of a villain but the villain themselves. You have played the role of the hero, sometimes even walked the grey line of an anti-hero, but this time? This time you will mak...

  • Marvel: Along Came a Spider - Male Reader Insert
    22K 858 14

    In this reimagining of the Marvel Universe you'll see familiar faces all around, some essentially the same, and some others in entirely different shoes, so be ready for anything! From the mystic to the cosmic, there is no doubt that our planet is full of heroes but...who looks over the neighborhood when the big guys a...

  • The Classmate (Male Reader)
    277K 9.7K 38

    Evelynn is 1/4 of Blades Academy's most popular group. The students call them The Blades, actually. She's the cheer captain, a star student, part time model, and, everyone agrees, is drop dead gorgeous. She is held in such high respect alongside her friends, Ahri, Kai'sa, and Akali. Y/N one. His grades a...

  • DC Girls X Male Reader
    826K 18.5K 67

    #1 in #dc AGAIN Author's Note has all you need to know Villain Reader Version being done by @KretinKomics

  • The life of a Spider
    212K 3.5K 23

    this is the story and adventure of y/n and his girlfriend gewn stacy aka spiderwoman but what happens when Gwen's boyfriend get spider power just stay tuned And find out

  • Life is Strange: An Unforgotten Bond
    106K 2.9K 28

    Life is strange: an Unforgotten Bond: is a story based book that revolves around the life of Y/n. A resident of Arcadia Bay as he Arrives back in his hometown. Little did he know the week will be the most important of his life. I do not own life is strange. This is purely for Reading and enjoyment purposes

    Completed   Mature
  • Borderlands: Male Reader Scenarios
    66K 639 21

    The title says it all. I write down scenarios with the various women of Pandora, and of course, YOU! This is the first time I've ever written a scenarios book, let me know what you guys think! All art and music used belongs to their respective creators.