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  • Lil Reader X AU! Sans, Chara, and Frisk
    105K 2.5K 42

    Your names (Y/N). Your an adult, well, not until you landed in a white void. You were now a cute smol child. Seriously your shorter than Sans and Frisk. Jesus Let's see how this turns out.. [[STORY IS ALSO ON QUOTEV]]

  • Triple Killers (Bittybones)
    6.5K 262 3

    Ft.Horror,Dust and Killer Sans This story takes place known as Surface City (cuz undetale) We're a regular person name (Y/n) decides to get a bitty but as a person once told me "anything can happen" so your possibility is endles as well as your future, what could happen? well its up to you reader ...

  • You're mine forever (Yandere!Cross sans x reader)
    71K 1.1K 37

    Y/n was always a kind person, but when she was walking home from school something knocked her out. im not gonna spoil much more but sorry if i write wrong -3- . Sorry if i dont update that much. plus I don't own cross sans and I don't own under verse but Jakie does and I don't own undertale either Toby fox does. I onl...

  • My Love [Yanberry x Reader]
    32.1K 849 11

    You are locked below ground where nobody can find you. Chained to a wooden post in a dark, cold room. You are left with no memory and pain all over. You are left there for unknown reasons. That is, until you are found. Someone has come to save you. And they love you very, very much.

  • yandere sans x reader one-shot
    152K 2.1K 31

    hey guys this is my first yandere story and i hope you like it and it might be short but its something right? hehe ok onwards to the story. and i will maybe update with more stories of yanderes just leave a comment below and ai will try to make that yandere ok.

  • Cheater Cheater (cheating yandere Sans x reader)
    43.5K 683 6

    You where dating Sans until you found him cheating on you with another women. So you make a decision to leave him and move on. Sans also makes a decision. A decision that you wont be leaving him. EVER.

  • | Can't escape the nightmares~| !!YANDERE Nightmare sans x female reader~❤!!
    92.3K 1.7K 61

    ||COMPLETED|| (Highest rank) #1 puppets 15/10/2019 #2 puppets 16/08/2019 #2 dreamtale 20/03/2019 #3 Nightmare 31/12/2019) (The cover belongs to me .So please don't steal it.❤) Undertale belongs to Toby Fox Dream and Nightmare belongs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Puppets on a string (Forced Destroyer! Error x various yandere AU sanses)
    54.1K 1.7K 27

    Ink finally understands why Error destroys. And Error starts opening up to lots of Sanses, Error's charming qualities, understanding, helpfulness, childlike innocence, and caring personality was enough to make them head over heels for Error. But what if they go to far with their silly little love, and make it somethi...

  • Yandere underfell mob sans x chubby singer reader
    21.9K 605 11

    You are an undercover singer. You sing backstage, you're voice heard, but unknown. You aren't the singer, sure, you can sing..but Frisk? Frisk is the true star, the true show stopper. You are just in the background, like you've always been, until a certain skeleton notices you. Now, you've caught the attention of...

  • SansXMale!ReaderXPapyrus
    13.6K 273 7

    Ok,so.... I was thinking of making this for ALOT of time now,since my favorite Undertale Characters are The Skelebros....And Frisk....And Napstablook....Yeah,i know. Welp,here goes nothing.Hope you'll like it.

  • Underfell Papyrus x Skeleton(Sans)! Reader
    8.4K 152 5

    A/N: In all my Skeleton!Reader stories, you r the opposite gender. So... no gay comments ! Also, you r like... 4-5 inches shorter then Papyrus so... HELL YOU'RE TALL! ------------------------ When you get killed over 200 times in one au, you find a way to run but... You meet... YOUR BROTHER?! and... yourself?! Your st...

  • Underfell Papyrus x (Fox)Monster! Reader
    20.1K 473 5

    After being taken and tortured by the humans for 10 years, you went back to the undergrounds to find your child hood friends. When you see Papyrus, why does everything he does cause you to blush?

  • SwapFell Sister Scenarios
    166K 3.4K 26

    So... what would happen here?

  • Gaster AU x Reader ONESHOTS
    775K 20.7K 201

    Let's get this over with... HIGHEST RANKING: #35 in Fanfiction June, 23, 2017 ALL IMAGES USED ARE NOT MINE! Cover was made by Bunnymuse on her Tumbler (I think). Bunnymuse Tumbler: bun_bunmuse (?)

  • Underfell Sister Scenarios 2
    80.8K 1.8K 16


  • Underfell Sister Scenarios
    304K 7K 34

    How would your life be as Sans and Papyrus's sister in Underfell?

  • My Itty Bitties
    32.9K 1.6K 14

    A box has been left at your doorstep. thinking that someone must've given you the wrong mail, you take it inside and wait for someone to come by and claim it. When a week pasts, you're torn between opening it to see whats inside or return it to its sender-The problem? There is no return address. so you open it while e...

  • Your sheild (Yandere au sans' x Asila /oc\)
    147 1 3

    She lived in an untouched part of the anit-void. She was hated in every Au she visited. Untill one day... She had told herself that if this last Au hatted her aswell then she would give up on trying. she opend a random portal to a random snowdin. But what she didnt know.... ((A/N)) This story is inspired by of my resa...

  • He kills, but he also protects me (Yandere! Horrortale Sans X Reader)
    10.3K 305 13

    You've been living in the underground for 2 years with your underground friends, Horrortale Sans and Papyrus. Sans changed from being bad to good after you have made friends with him, and Papyrus finally warmed up to you. To be honest, Sans have feelings for you after you and him got to be friends, but you didn't kno...

    Completed   Mature
  • Romeo and Roulette (Mafiatale Sans x Reader)
    42.7K 1.3K 35

    There are certain street rules branded on the hearts of the people of Chicago. Certain rules like always watch your back. The city is thriving with mafias, all of which have a rivalry against each other. Each Mafia has there own contracts and if someone steals it they're dead meat. But what happens when the mafias ha...

  • (Underfell sans x reader (female)) UNDERCOVER
    250K 8.2K 64

    You're a human that has fallen into Mt. Ebott on the year where all humans dress as monsters...Halloween. So how will the monsters know if you're a human or not?

  • Sansmate, Vol 1: Ain't nothing like the Wicked
    15.2K 167 37

    A collection of Soulmate AUs, starring YOU and the 'Evil' Sanses. Prologue sets the stage, and then it's on! Warnings ahead for violence, gore, disturbing reads and lemons....can't have a soulmate without some smut...the letters are literally there. Prologue also introduces the closest I will ever come to inserting my...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Hot Guy And A Bunch Of Skeletons(AU Sans X Male Reader)
    19.8K 325 7

    Welp!My yaoi fan girl side is coming out. ENJOY READING THIS FIRST XMALE READER STORY

  • Yandere naj!paperjam x female!reader
    10.8K 149 9

    Hi guys! Welcome to my second book! I hope you enjoy this one just as much as you enjoy the first book I wrote.the art I used for the cover belongs to blog_the_great_rouge on tumblr (sorry if I spelled it wrong).

  • My new pet Swapfell! Sans x Reader
    230K 5.2K 53

    You fallen into the underground, lost, confused...and no memories, what will happen to you when you encounter monsters that want your soul? Swapfell! Sans x reader

    Completed   Mature
  • Crazily In Love! (AU Sanses X Classic Sans) Under Editing
    87K 1.9K 36

    Ink and the other sanses were just having their meeting when suddenly they were pulled in to a portal. When they woke up all of them were all tied up. They tried to use their powers but , it seems the one that captured them put magical hand-cuffes to block their magic. They looked around and saw a tall figure standing...

  • A Dream? AU Sans x Reader (RE-WRITE)
    3.4K 134 9

    I saw something out of my peripheral vision. I looked to my side and saw a pair of sharp... Fingers? Bones? Poking through the air, slowly cutting down and creating a portal like white blob. "What the fuCK!?" I scream, evidently confused and panicked. After a few seconds of me staring at it, I decide to get closer. I...

  • .. The new au .. Sans AU x female AU reader
    91.2K 1.8K 31

    Ink has made a new au... Being tale where every one of the aus for a character is in one, for you though. You're sans, but What happens when ink finally lets you meet the other true sans aus which you where made from? And what new power do you have, that the other sans don't, and how will it affect you? Read to fi...

  • ((Just A Maid)) Evil Sanses x Reader(COMPLETE)
    212K 4.2K 53

    i was inspired to do this.. u were kidnapped by nightmare because he needs A maid just to clean up messes that killer,dust,horror,error,cross and nightmare have..but something was off about them you will know when u read it ok -<- (this story is for females)

  • Bad Guys Need Love Too (All Sanes X Female Reader) {On Hold}
    117K 2.5K 26

    This is my first book and I'll try to update on Fridays. Anyways, this story is about a girl who was a teen when she fell down the hole in Mt. Ebott and lived with Toriel for two whole years! One day, she and Toriel were gonna cook some butterscotch pie but needed some ingredients so the girl, who is now 17 years old...