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  • Sistinas(Glenn Danzig Fanfiction)
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    A one shot in which you're living in the house of your boyfriend, Glenn Danzig. Just a cute sort of thing I put together because there's a significantly low amount of Glenn Danzig fanfiction in the world and that needed to change, hope you enjoy! :) ~Toxic Rocket {WARNING!! Some adult content, don't like, don't read}

    Completed   Mature
  • The Lost Boys Imagines
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    Imagines for The Lost Boys characters. I will be doing Michael, Star, Marco, Dwayne, Paul, and David. I just don't really feel comfortable writing imagines about the children so I'm leaving them out. Key: 💖 - fluff 💔 - angst 💝 - smut Requests are open! Comment or message them to me! :)

  • 80's One Shots
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    *DO NOT REPOST ANY PORTION OF THIS STORY* *YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO USE ANY PART OF MY STORIES CLAIMING THEM AS YOUR OWN* *On Hold* A collection of 80's one shots & some late 70's one shots (75% Depeche Mode) New Wave, Hair Metal, Metal, Alternative, Punk, Rock, ect. Request closed.

  • Glenn Danzig imagines
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    Most all of these are off of my Tumblr, I've just extended some of them. Extended imagines have a skull 💀 in the title, and exclusive imagines have a rose 🌹.

  • The Outsiders Imagines
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    Do you ever imagine what your favorite Outsider characters are thinking and doing behind the scenes? Look no further. There is a chapter for everyone. The Outsiders Imagines, preferences, and visuals ... all in one. What better book could you ask for. Follow, comment, and like! finished