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  • (identity v) fanficship
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    Đa phần về mình viết về emily với naib , joker hay vài survive khác và có hứng thình sẽ viết về otp khác ;'')) mà mong mn đừng đục hay gì tùy thui nhe :''D nếu ko cùng ship thông cảm nếu đặc hàng emily x all ( pls có vài notp mình trong đos nên thông cản )

  • Identity V Tracy x Luca
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    I honestly think this ship is cute All of the art doesn't belong to me. Me and Tracy were tinkering with something,it was nothing exciting and fascinating. I like hanging out with Tracy. I like how we think together and how we make new ideas together. I could feel electricity when I'm with her...

  • No One Loves Liar At The End [Identity V x reader]
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    [Ongoing (Slow update!)] (Y/n)(L/n)'s mother was having a fever, it's getting worse and worse. To save her mother from the death, she need a lot of money to pay the doctor. One day she received a letter that invited her to the manor to play some games. ⚠️Dark story, Blood and Violence⚠️ Let's find out who is the Liar...

  • Identity V x Reader (HIATUS!)
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    One shots Imagines Lemons (maybe) Basically anything! I really love this game so I decided to do this! Hope you enjoy! Requests = Open

  • My Love from my Photograph
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    "Dear (Y/n), Welcome to Oletus Manor, you will be able to meet the most important person in your life. Your identity is a hunter, The Musician. Hope you enjoy yourself here. From, the owner of Oletus Manor." A strange invitation that leads you to Oletus Manor, but from this odd looking manor, is revealing the secrets...

  • Identity V x Reader
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    A story of you as a new Survivor inside the Oletus Manor, working on your father's menacing and odd tasks, and keeping your identity save from both the Survivors and Hunters. Current BOC list: - Naib (Mercenary) - Lucky Guy - Joker (Smiley Face) - Hastur (The Feaster) - Jack (The Ripper) - Black and White (Wu Cha...

  • Identity V Oneshots
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    I love Identity V. I guess you could say I'm obsessed with it. I've been playing for one day and have developed a crush on Eli Clark. I play on it whenever I have the chance. Most likely most used characters: Naib Subedar Aesop Carl Eli Clark Requests are open for all characters, including hunters and female survivors...

  • Identity V One-shots/Adventures?
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    Just some random Identity V characters x reader stuff. Feel free to recommend any character and I will see what I can do. I'll apologize right now for any grammar or spelling mistakes I make 😂. also of course all characters and pictures are not mine and belong to the respectful owner. I DON'T DO LEMONS! Thank you and...

  • Identity V × Reader
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    This book is filled with romance and mystery that will tingle your stomach and take you to a ride you will never forget. Every character will have a chance the reader, leave requests or suggestions for this story to grow thank u.

  • ✨identity v oneshots✨
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    X Reader/Character x Character - Requests open.

  • || Identity V|| Stuck in a Triangle Love (Wu Chang x Reader)
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    A fancy yet seemed to be haunted manor came into (Y/N)'s view. (Y/N) came to this manor for a 'game', which rumours said that whoever the more they won in this game, the more they can earn. Questioning to herself, (Y/N) does not think this is the brightest idea she ever had, but this is her last hope...

  • Identity V (tips, updates, info, etc.)
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    Reminder: READ THIS BOOK ONLY ON WATTPAD, there are websites that copy books, such as mine, without even knowledge or permission. Don't hesitate to report if you found one. In this book, you shall see guides, tips (both for hunters and survivors), info (survivors, and hunters), and a lot more to see! I, AzuraLiz, The...