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  • Falling For Derek Hale -Teen Wolf story-
    5M 96.8K 101

    Emily McCall is Scott's twin sister. Her bestfriend is Stiles. A lot of things are happening in Beacon Hills and the trio will discover so many mysteries... Season 2: A lot of things happened the last few months with Emily, Scott, Stiles, Allison, Derek, Jackson and Lydia. Emily doesn't yet what's going on with her...

  • The Fault On Our Stars (Quotes)
    57.2K 1.9K 30

    Just some of my favorite quotes from my absolute favorite book/movie by the great John Green.

    257K 7.5K 42

    ❛ you said you'd always be my white blood ❜ t. maze runner/ newt book 1

  • Fifty shades forever
    269K 6.4K 59

    Ana and Christian have a lot to learn about family life, see how their love grows and stumbles.

  • Good And Gone || The Maze Runner
    158K 2.8K 26

    Property of WICKED: Charlotte. Subject A3: The Light "Everything is going to change Nothing's going to be the same What we know is good and gone The life we lived has come undone ... So wake me from this terrible nightmare This wicked little game I never wanted to play An answers gotta be somewhere out there." C...

  • Author Interviews [FULL]
    7.6K 1.6K 201

    [ COVER BY @Laurel_Marie_Writes!! ] [FULL] As writers, we want to inspire, move, and excite our readers through our stories. But who are the people behind those stories? Thus, I've created this book, a place for readers to get to know their favorite authors and for authors to get to know one another. Fill out a form...

  • Sapphire (Lazuli Book #3) - Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Draco Malfoy)
    1.4M 45K 32

    Juliet Weasley's life is a mess. Last year, she watched a man she trusted murdered by a man she had learned everything from, she lost the love of her life to the same darkness that wanted to consume her, she had discovered that her entire life had been a lie and revealed the truth of Voldemort's immortality; a truth...

  • Riverdale | Memes
    1.1M 31K 102

    I don't own any of these memes

  • Riverdale Imagines ♡
    257K 4K 55

    Open requests! I write Riverdale Imagines for most characters, sorry Dilton Doiley, I don't know enough about you to write an imagine.

  • Daughter Of The Glade (A TMR Fanfiction)
    174K 4.3K 34

    "She's so young... are you sure she will be able to handle this much trauma?" "Believe me, Chancellor Paige, she's stronger in ways you'll never know." "What about the chip?" "If she doesn't get stung, she should be fine. But if she does, it will trigger the Syndrome in the chip." "With our plans... it will be almost...

  • Harry Styles Imagines
    361K 4.4K 112

    The first imagines sucks but later on it gets better. I swear (I even cringe when I read those). This was my first so don't judge and and just enjoy. P.S if yah don't like it, then don't read it. But trust me when I say it gets better ;) Other Works: Harry Styles Imagines~ Book 2 Captive - H.S WARNING: EXPLICIT LAN...

  • Teen wolf imagines
    5.6M 118K 208

    Teen Wolf Imagines! [#5 in FanFiction, 21/10/16]

  • Complicated Freak ✓ h.s
    210K 8.4K 72

    |✓Ongoing.| |Mature Content(18+).| She was a porcelain doll placed in his calloused hands, fragile and pure. He broke her. She fixed him. First Chapter // 15.10.18 Achievements : #1 in "boxerharry" - 19.10.19 #1 in "harrystylesfanfiction" - 29.10.19 • 100K - 2.11.19 #1 in "boxing" - 11.03.2020 #2 in "maturethemes" - 1...

  • Anguish ➸ Cedric Diggory
    188K 4.2K 20

    COMPLETE ❝ Even in your darkest hour, your friends will be there to pull you out. Remember that ❞ No one really noticed Sophie as a child, probably because she would never try to talk to anyone. She was a very shy 10 year old. Her parents couldn't show Sophie the Wizarding world due to their post in the ministry of m...

  • You're My Dirty Little Secret {Draco Malfoy}
    312K 5.5K 25

    He was a Pure-blood. She was a Muggle-born. They weren't meant to be....

  • Wonderwall (The Maze Runner, Newt)
    5.2M 157K 43

    Bree is thrown into the glade like everybody else. In a dark metal box with no memory of her past life. She soon comes to realize that her new life in the glade isn't the best one. That is, until she finds Newt. Featured in the official Wattpad fanfic Maze Runner fanfiction reading list! Book cover by soldtheworld Al...

  • Lust
    227K 7K 16

    y/n (your name) wakes up in the box with her brother, Thomas. She blacks out again and the next thing she knows she's in the glade. Thomas and Newt inform her about how Thomas had been in the glade before, how y/n is the only girl, and other important stuff about the glade. After y/n learns about how horrible what has...

  • #NancyDrew Writing Contest
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    Share an original unsolved mystery in the comments and tag #NancyDrew for a chance to win!

  • We Were Us (Sequel to Wonderwall, Newt)
    759K 2.1K 1

    **ON HOLD** When Bree, Newt, and the other gladers finally find their way out of the maze, a new danger finds it's way into their paths, and it's called The Scorch. We Were Us is the sequel to Wonderwall, so if you haven't read it, read that first! All settings and characters are owned by James Dashner except for Bre...

  • Lazuli - Harry Potter Fan Fiction (Draco Malfoy)
    4.3M 120K 36

    When Juliet Weasley tells people who her parents are, they can hardly believe their ears. All of the Weasley's have red hair, freckles, and belong to Gryffindor House, right? Wrong. When Juliet was sorted into Slytherin in her first year at Hogwarts, her parents practically disowned her, her twin brother Ron and th...

  • Simply Irresistible
    8.5M 239K 34

    Draco gave a cocky grin. "I am going to give you a makeover." "I'm sorry what?" "You heard me Granger, I'm going to give you a makeover that will make every man want you,and make Weasley die of regret. You will be simply irresistible." Now Complete!

  • Filthy Little Secret - Draco x reader
    205K 6.4K 38

    It's dark in the closet, I can just vaguely see his features and realise how close we're standing. Like, really close. My chest is toughing his and my hand is resting on his shoulder. As I realise that, I quickly remove it. "Cozy", he whispers in my ear, which make chills run down my spine. "Shut up", I whisper. "Mc...

  • Riverdaily
    2.6K 339 40

    Come into Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe and let's discuss while playing fun activities of our favorite show, Riverdale! Cover by @TTBMBFF

  • Reducto | Cedric Diggory
    267K 7.3K 53

    UNDER SEVERE EDITING "I wasn't lying when I said that I was falling for you." After Adalie Kinley found her boyfriend in a compromising position with another girl, she had vowed to stay away from relationships. But then Cedric Diggory came into her life and complicated everything. HIGHEST RANK: #1 in Cedric Diggory [...