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  • The Unknown God at First High
    46.7K 1.3K 20

    Rumor has it that there is a certain magician that even the "God of Destruction", Tatsuya Shiba, does not want to anger. The reason for this is the man's reputation for being incredibly powerful, as well as wise. His power was said to level cities and destroy fleets of ships within miles of his range. No one knows how...

  • I'm Just A Warrior For Fun (Highschool DxD X Male Reader)
    13.7K 269 4

    Y/N L/N was a normal boy with a normal life, or at least that's what he thought, turns out that the tail he had wasn't just a coincidence after all, with the Hero Saitama as an adoptive father, how will he be able to adapt to a normal high school life?

  • The Son Of Aries
    40.3K 766 13

    Every day a new comer arrives to camp Half Blood. Y/N was no different. The only difference between him and the other kids is that he had no memory of his life. It's as if he woke up and knew exactly how to find Camp Half Blood. After his first day it's clear to everyone that he will play a big role in a war to come.

  • Abused Reader X RWBY
    364K 3.2K 31

    You are the son of Summer Rose and Taiyang Xiao Long. They treat you well. But when Summer leaves and doesn't come back, Taiyang becomes horrible and he lies to Qrow about you. Ruby and Yang are forced to go along with it because they're still young and scared of what Tai and Qrow would do if they disobeyed. So the gi...

  • An Uchiha In Remnant Rwby X Uchiha Male Reader
    30.7K 426 12

    Y/n Uchiha the son of Sasuke Uchiha he has his fathers prowess and your extremely gifted one day you get attacked by a unknown ninja who uses a jutsu who teleports you to a world called Remnant and you lose your memories but not your powers there you meet two girls named Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao Long they become like...

  • Cold Hearted, But Still A Hero:RWBY Harem x Bullied Male Reader
    41.6K 578 7

    "I've lost everything precious and extremely important to me. But this goal...I'm NOT losing this! Not to the likes of any of you!" F/n IceBrooke is a young male who lost everything he cherised immensely, especially his parents and his little sister. Even after, he's been forced to survive in the harsh world of Remnan...

  • A Story of Ice Cream and Fire (Neo x Reader x Yang)
    48.4K 1K 10

    Set in the normal world where no Grimm exists. (y/n) gets a blast from the past and a certain someone doesn't like it one bit.

  • The black death (RWBY x Male Gamer reader)
    21.9K 429 15

    In the year of 2012 the end of the world actually happens. The Earth is splitting, waves are crashing and during all of this...a young 7 year old Y/N is abandoned in a car. He dies shortly after only to wake up on a table with a light in his eye. He was the worst. place. ever. I don't own RWBY, the picture...

  • Descendant of the azure (Blazblue male reader x highschool dxd)
    10.4K 151 10

    You! The male reader have a very unique sacred gear which lets you tap into the powers of the characters in blazblue and is apart of the peerage of Rias gremory, replacing issei, what would happen to the dxd world when someone who can pretty much seem like he can use multiple sacred gear abilities is apart of it? Read...

  • What the fuck is Remnant!? (Earthling Male reader x RWBY)
    6.2K 130 5

    A young boy, 16 years old (deal with it), was sent to a world he knows nothing about with only what he had on him. He doesn't know why he's in this strange new and dangerous world but he feels like there's something he must do.... not sure what but he has to do something, not like he has anything left to lose right?

  • From Good To Evil (Highschool DxD X Male Betrayed Saiyan Reader)
    36.1K 489 4

    Y/N L/N was usually a cheerful boy, Happy with his friends and his master, Rias Gremory, but one day, Y/N's cheerfulness got somehow annoyed Rias and her peerage, What will they do now?

  • Royal 5 [Rwby x MaleReader]
    839 28 3

    Y/n Pendragon is the son of King Arthur. Also known as Arthur Pendragon, he lives in the 5th century and always wanted to become a knight. One day an Evil Witch called Cyrene Trevils land an massive attack on the castle where King Arthur lives, King Arthur quickly took Y/n to where Merlin is and merlin transfer his ma...

  • I Scream (Book 1)
    139K 3.5K 36

  • Yandere Koneko X Male Kitsune Reader X Yandere Ophis (ON HOLD)
    154K 1.6K 16

    Y/n was shy and innocent kitsune when Yasaka found him she asked her if she wanted to go with her Y/n said yes and Yasaka was so happy that he had his own son she decided to train and teach him to suppress his power to that of a human so nobody can detect his power about the supernatural so he can be ready when the ti...

  • Bullied/ neglected berserker male x rwby x dxd x kagura x mha
    43.4K 368 9

    Ketsueki Was a simple student but never could find his power or his sacred gear armed with his ancestor armor of the berserker guts and weapon that was given to him from his parents after their death which led to his abuse and bullying and even the teachers won't do anything his heroes turn away from his when he is in...

  • From Weak to Strong (abuse male reader x Rwby)
    12.9K 130 2

    Y/n Xaio Long was the son of Tai yang and Raven. Tai died from protecting y/n from an attack and the family blamed him for it. from his suffering he decided to leave and be feared by all with his demonic sword

  • The Worst one Raven Branwen X Malereader
    54.5K 833 36

    Lives kicks everyone to the ground, nothings different for Y/N L/N, being exiled from noble family members the life of a unlicensed hunter comes at a price of life and death. But as chance would have it an old man Ozping gives Y/N a chance at a fresh start. With family secrets coming to light, and life at a new school...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saga of Twilight:Advent RWBY
    14.5K 136 26

    The world of Remnant, a land filled with strife and danger, a land with history long known, stretching into the ancient past, as well as extending into the future, a story already written, now to be re-written all due to the interference of one person, Why is he here? What are his plans? And most importantly, who is h...

  • "The lost brother" Rwby x male stand user reader (on hold)
    25.4K 283 15

    Y/n Xiao Long the twin brother of Yang Xiao Long Y/n life was a normal one but one day tragedy struck 7 years later y/n returns but he's does not recognize his old family I don't own jojo bizarre adventures or rwby all rights go to their repetitive owners

  • A Grimm Fate
    45.6K 953 22

    [RWBY X Grimm Oc] This is a remake of one of my previous storys so I hope you guys will like this one alot more that the previous one. Plus there might be some things that I won't change as well

  • A Different Beginning (To Love Ru X Male Reader)
    4.5K 79 3

    I DO NOT OWN TO LOVE RU OR ANY OF THE IMAGES THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS BOOK It started on a rainy night, I was asleep in my room. I woke up due to the sound of a huge explosion it wasn't at my place but in town, I hurriedly changed out of my pajamas and onto my casual clothes then bursted out of my house. I climbed a hi...

  • Broken Arms (FOR ADOPTION)
    20.1K 422 5

    Broken Arms (unORDINARY x OFA! Male reader)

  • Male! Abused/neglected Saiyan reader X RWBY
    74K 934 29

    Your name is (Y/n) Rose. You had a family you once trusted for over a year but that began to change when their focus was more on your older sister Yang and your younger sister Ruby. You've copped nothing but abuse and neglect for the past three years and wish that you were dead. But one day, you meet a man and

  • Never Again (Neglected And Abused Rose Male Reader X Yandere Team RWBY) AU
    67.6K 607 4

    Y/N Rose, wasn't really considered a Rose to his sisters but more of a nuisance to them. They hated him, but when an they take it too far, they won't risk losing him again. No matter what it takes.

  • The Dark Archer (RWBY X Brother Of Blake)
    44.5K 485 7

    During a mission to stop a dust robbery, team RWBY and JNPR run into one of the deadliest fighters in Remnant. The Dark Archer, AKA (Y/N) Belladonna

  • Time of the Keyblade (KH OC Story) [COMPLETED]
    13.3K 110 44

    On a world where the inhabitants are masters of time, Arcturus Farron lived as an ordinary teenager, until a accident occurred, resulted in awakening new powers and becoming a Keyblade wielder. Now, under recruitment of a time agency, Arcturus travels to other worlds in different times to fight the darkness, gain new...

  • A Torn Ace
    39.8K 481 22

    Ace Xio Long, Younger Brother to Yang and Older Half-Brother to Ruby. His home life is hell, being used as a training dummy and a slave. He's starved, beaten, burned, shocked, and all kinds of brutal attacks. Eventually, Ace has had enough and runs from home. He eventually finds a family that's not only appreciates hi...

  • Rise Of The Shadow Knights
    106 0 12

    The story takes place with a young man named Jake Campbell Winchester who supposedly The Reincarnation of the Angel War having set on his journey where he meets a girl named Yang Xiao long and through unforeseen turn of events they are separated but Jake required item from Yang what she lost it so Jake has made it his...

  • The Elemental Rose (Male Uchiha X RWBY)
    1K 9 4

    Y/n or As everyone calls him:Azure a master of all the elements, used yin and yang release has been transported into the world of RWBY. But he has been transformed into a 4 year old. And he let's adopted into The Rose/Xiaolong

  • RWBY x Roxas (RWBY and Kingdom Hearts FanFic) (slow updates)
    3.3K 29 11

    I DO NOT OWN KH AND RWBY ALL CHARACTERS,PICTURES,AND SONGS BELONG TO THERE RESPECTIVE OWNERS PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE. Roxas is sent to the world of Remnant on the behest of Yen Sid to help train/find two new keybladeweilders, as well as study there ways. what kind of adventure awaits our favorite son? wh...